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Ysabel Jordan is the twin sister of Victoria Jordan. She is the youngest member of her family. This lovely kid is the daughter of famous model Yvette Prieto and American player of basketball Michael Jordan. the father of this cute princess is a businessman and a chairman of Charlotte Hornets. Most of the people love to listen to the news about these cute girls because they are the big fans of their parents.

Ysabel Jordan is twinning with her sister Victoria Jordan. Although they have step-siblings as well. People are loving this princess because her face resembles with her parents and she will also gain fame and name as her parents after grown-up.

Ysabel Jordan Wiki, Biography, Age, Siblings, Information & Contact

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Ysabel Jordan Biography


Ysabel Jordan entered into the modern world on February 9, 2014, with her twin Victoria Jordan. Both the sisters are luckiest on earth because they have got famous personalities as their father and mother.

The legendary basketball supremo Michael is very happy with his daughters and enjoying his life with them. Cuban model Yvette Prieto is proud of these twins and she wants to see them as beautiful adults of an era. The ethnicity of Ysabel Jordan is African-American but her birth country is America. She is mainly an American national. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. This lucky girl is of 5years old and enjoying her school life.

The meaning of Ysabel is Gift of God so her parents decided to put this name because they think that Ysabel is really a big blessing and gift of nature.

Net Worth and Statistics

One of the big benefits of being born to celebrity parents is that of inheritance of their property. Ysabel is going to spend a luxurious life like her parents and will inherit the property also. This little princess relishes a big amount of net worth by her parents. Michael has a net worth of $1.65 billion while Yvette has a net worth of $5 million. It means that this cute fairy is the richest child in the world.

Private Life

This cute star kid is quite small and people are looking forward to knowing the fortune of this star kid with her twin sister Victoria. The cute smile of this beautiful girl can not be compared with any money.

Her father did first marriage with Juanita Vanoy. They spent 17 years of their life together. He has three children. In 2002 they split away and separated. In 2006, the couple filed a divorce because of unhappy relationships and this ended their relationship forever. Now, Michael is living a happy life with his twins and second wife. Ysabel is enjoying with her parents and this beautiful kid is the talk of the town. Most of the people love to watch the story of Michael and kids on television. 


Ysabel is nowadays the hit headlines of many news channels because this beautiful girl is the daughter of a celebrity. In history, Jordan is considered as one of the best basketball players in the world and this makes this little princess a proud daughter of a famous personality.

Michael is the third richest African-American in the world. Ysabel attracts attention because of these famous personalities. The career of Ysabel is still unrecognized because she is just 5 years of age and in her playing stage. It is a known fact that the career of this beautiful girl will be bright and the parents are doing a great effort for the bright future of this beautiful girl.

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Ysabel Jordan is the beautiful kid of this century who along with her twin sister has other step-siblings as well. The future of this cute princess is going to be happy and luxurious because her parents know how to build a future as they are career-oriented.

It is interesting to know that Ysabel and Victoria are twins and it is difficult to identify them. Since their birth, they are receiving much attention because of celebrity kids. The birth of Ysabel is documented in People’s Magazine.

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