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At the end, one chef will win the opportunity to work at one of the Voltaggios’ restaurants in a guest-chef takeover. “The level of talent, diversity and passion of the chefs in Battle of the Brothers is unrivaled.

Bryan and Michael Voltaggio will star in a new discovery+ cooking competition series Battle of the Brothers, premiering next month. The Top Chefalums welcome eight aspiring chefs into their kitchen for the ultimate culinary showdown — and PEOPLE has a first look at the trailer.

‘Brothers Conflict’ is a rather strange anime that presents a reverse Harem story which also slightly touches upon incestuous themes. Animated by Brain’s Base Studio, which also known for creating other well-known anime like ‘ Durarara! ‘ and ‘ Baccano! ‘, ‘Brothers Conflict’ is certainly not for everyone.

The English dub of ‘Brothers Conflict’ is available on Funimation. Ema Hinata, the protagonist, is a cute young girl who only lives with her father but her life turns upside down when he decides to get married to Miwa Asahina, a wealthy fashion designer.

Who are the brothers in the Voltaggio competition?

Renowned chefs, restaurateurs and sibling rivals Bryan and Michael Voltaggio mentor America’s next great chefs in an intense team competition. The brothers mentor their teams and then square off to save their chefs from elimination. The final chef wins a priceless guest-chef takeover of a Voltaggio restaurant.

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Brothers Bryan and Michael Voltaggio are mentoring eight of the country’s most promising chefs who are competing for their big break. The winning chef will take over a Voltaggio restaurant to develop a menu based on their cooking style!



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