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Trivia. Somewhere around Season Three, the importance of Floyd The Barber in the show decreased because Howard McNear had suffered a stroke and consequently had to change his delivery of dialogue for Floyd from fast-paced to slower and slower as time went on.

Simply so, Why is Otis always in jail? In the episode “Ellie For Council,” Otis is jailed for assault — during a fight with Rita, Otis tries to hit her with a leg of lamb, misses, and hits his mother-in-law in the mouth (much to his delight). … Toward the end of the series, Andy mentioned that Otis is now doing his drinking in Mt.

Was Floyd married on The Andy Griffith Show? Later Floyd’s surname was established to be “Lawson.” Early in the series, Floyd has a son and a wife, although in at least one episode (“Floyd the Gay Deceiver”) we are led to believe that he is single.

Who was Aunt Bee married to? However, according to a few other sources, she never married. She paired herself with respectable gentlemen and managed her affairs without significant assistance from Andy. Aunt Bee logged more Mayberry years (ten) than any other character.

Did Clint Howard have a stroke?

Howard McNear’s painful last scene

After his 1963 stroke, McNear returned to work on The Andy Griffith Show in 1965. Two years later, however, he had another stroke that ended his life. … “Finally poor Howard died. I’m sorry because there was never anyone like him.

Secondly What did Thelma Lou do for a living? She is apparently self-sufficient; her occupation is never revealed despite references to a never-seen “office”, yet she lives in a roomy and well-decorated house of her own. Like most Mayberry ladies, she is an accomplished cook, being especially celebrated for her “cashew fudge” (a favorite of Barney’s).

Did Hal Smith ever play on Little House on the Prairie? Hal Smith Played Otis Campbell on ‘The Andy Griffith Show’

His tenure on the beloved show lasted from 1960 until 1966 – several years before he played Trumble on “Little House on the Prairie.”

What did Andy Griffith died of? Griffith died on July 3, 2012, from a heart attack at the age of 86 at his coastal home in Manteo, Roanoke Island, in Dare County, North Carolina.

Was Floyd the Barber paralyzed?

In 1961, McNear was cast as the vague, chatty barber Floyd Lawson on The Andy Griffith Show. During the show’s run, he suffered a stroke that rendered the left side of his body nearly paralyzed. He left the series for nearly a year and a half to recover. … He left the series in 1967.

Did Floyd the Barber have a wife? First of all, the actor who played Floyd Lawson the barber on The Andy Griffith Show, Howard McNear, died in 1969. Further, at the time of his death he was survived by his wife of 43 years, Helen McNear, and their marriage was never associated with any type of controversy.

Is Andy and Barney Cousins?


In short: Yes, Andy and Barney are related. In fact, they’re cousins!

Did Aneta Corsaut marry? Personal life and death

Corsaut never married or had children. According to the 2015 book Andy & Don: The Making of a Friendship and a Classic American TV Show, she and Andy Griffith, who was married at the time, had an affair while working together on The Andy Griffith Show.

Why did Helen Crump leave The Andy Griffith Show?

Helen Crump wasn’t meant to stay on the show

According to Griffith himself, the show just didn’t know how to write for female characters, and the schoolteacher’s character wasn’t planned to be a long-term one.

Did Frances Bavier like Ron Howard?

In a chat with the Andy Griffith Show podcast fan show “Two Chairs No Waiting,” Rance shared his thoughts on the Aunt Bee actor. “Frances Bavier, she was terrific,” Rance recalled. “Frances was everyone’s aunt. She loved Ron.

Did Ron Howard get along with Andy Griffith? According to Amomama, Andy Griffith once revealed the nature of their behind-the-scenes relationship. Griffith said, “Ronny never considered me a father figure – he considered me his friend.” Ron Howard and Andy Griffith remained friends until Griffith’s death in 2012.

What is Ron Howard’s religion? Howard and his producing partner Brian Grazer produced that movie, scheduled to be released October 21. The writer also has some background with the history of the LDS church: he grew up in a Mormon household.

Did Ron Howard get along with Frances Bavier?

Even Ron Howard, who was just a kid, remembered an unspoken tension between the two. The actor turned future director remembered Bavier keeping to herself. But Howard and Bavier remained friends until her death. He had nothing but positive things to say about Bavier and their time on the show together.

Who played Otis brother on Andy Griffith? Adams played Otis Campbell’s brother on an episode of The Andy Griffith Show; the character berated Otis for being the town drunk but turned out to be an alcoholic himself.

Stanley Adams (actor)

Stanley Adams
Occupation Actor screenwriter
Years active 1951–1977
Spouse(s) Florence Harriette Fellner ( m. 1941; div. 1973)
Children 3

Why was Andy Griffith buried so soon after his death?

The Griffith family specifically requested that he be buried right away. There doesn’t seem to be many details as to why though. The Andy Griffith Show actor lived a notoriously private life. So he and his family may not have wanted a public service of any sort.

Was Howard McNear a smoker? Howard McNear (Floyd the Barber) smoked prior to suffering the major stroke that caused him to leave the program for nearly two years. Following his return, he no longer was shown smoking.

Was anyone married on The Andy Griffith Show?

Answer: The two characters did get married, but it wasn’t part of “The Andy Griffith Show.” They got married in the first episode of the follow-up series “Mayberry R.F.D.,” in an episode titled, appropriately enough, “Andy and Helen Get Married.” Don Knotts also guest starred in the episode.

Who does Thelma Lou marry? Thelma Lou’s last name is never given on the show, though in her last appearance on the series (“The Return of Barney Fife”) she is married to a man named Gerald Whitfield.

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