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The cause for Mangle’s severely mutilated state, as noted by Phone Guy from the second game, is due to the exposure to toddlers, who would constantly rip them apart, piece by piece, forcing the staff to reassemble them after every shift.

Also, Is Glitchtrap a boy or girl?

Glitchtrap takes on the form of a man wearing a Spring Bonnie costume – who is a grinning, bipedal, golden-yellow rabbit.

Accordingly, Who is Foxy’s girlfriend?

Mangle is Foxy’s girlfriend. She is very important to him. When Foxy was feeling down, Mangle helped cheer him up and they kissed.

in the same way Is mangle a dead dog?

from the books we also know that William Afton was experimenting with Remnant this dog, mangle was the first successful experiment. … and look at the similarities between the dead dog that we can see in fruity maze and mangle, both are missing an eye, and both have body parts spread around.

Why does mangle have two heads?

Mangle has only one head because you can see that the eye missing on the endoskeleton head is the missing eye on Mangle’s mask. Also it only looks like two heads because the tail was placed in the wrong spot, due to children playing with her/him, and the endo-skeleton head was placed on top.

Is Glitchtrap Afton’s brother?

Trivia. It is clear that Glitchtrap is somewhat related to William Afton/Springtrap, being the digital manifestation of him or his soul due to his mannerisms and how he tries to lure the player. This is even further supported when Glitchtrap (presumably) stuffs the player into a Freddy Fazbear suit.

Why are Ballora’s eyes closed?

A Balor is a demon that keeps its eye shut, but when opened it wreaks destruction. Ballora never opens her eyes until after she does everything else. She jumpscares us, her faceplates open, then she opens her eyes. Her closed eyes have no meaning then.

Is Glitchtrap a virus?

Glitchtrap (also called The Virus, Malhare and Springbonnie) is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted. He is a strange, sentient virus created from the programming of the old animatronics (presumably Springtrap’s programming).

Is mangle toy Foxy?

Mangle, known as Funtime Foxy in FNaF World and possibly formerly as “Toy Foxy”, is an animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. … They are a reimagined version of the original Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Is mangle a girl?

Fandom. MANGLE IS A MALE! Mangle is a boy! If you listen/read what the Phone Man says, he says “the employees literally had to put him back together again.”

Who Bonnie’s girlfriend?

Classic Toy Chica is one of the protagonists (alongside Classic Toy Freddy and Classic Toy Bonnie) in the 1992 film, Five nights at Freddy’s 2, and one of the tritagonists of Five nights at Freddy’s 3 and FNAF World. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Is there a shadow mangle?

Nightmare Shadow Mangle is an animatronic in Nightmare Files. They are a dark and twisted version of Mangle, corresponding to but predating the introduction of Shadow Mangle in The Museum.

Is the Afton family real?

The name is for William’s wife, which isn’t even mentioned once. Charlie has many similarities to Michael Afton from the game series. afton family is real.

Who is the most strongest FNaF character?

Probably Frieza. His power level is far above any of the Saiyan warriors in exile.

What is Mangle’s real name?

Mangle, known as Funtime Foxy in FNaF World and possibly formerly as “Toy Foxy”, is an animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.

Is Nightmare mangle a boy or girl?

so, basically, mangle is confirmed to be a guy. EDIT: never mind, mangle has been confirmed to be a yes.

Does mangle have a soul?

Also, the toy animatronics do have souls, and they are possessed. Mangle is possessed by a dog, which just so happens to be the Afton dog, and a child. The phantoms are not possessed, but they are the phantoms of the children in the real animatronics, you could say.

How did Afton died?

Michael Afton is the oldest son and he died last from Ennard (Controlled by Funtime fox). he start working in Circus Baby’s Pizza World. His name given to him by the HandUnit was Eggs Benedict. On the fifth night he went to the Scooping Room that was for animatronics, where Ennard scooped out Mike’s organs.

Is Chris Afton real?

Chris Afton is a fanmade character, and it’s michael that is the “crying child”

Is Michael Afton nightmare Foxy?

Nightmare Foxy is theorized to represent him. It is highly speculated that he is Michael Afton, the main protagonist of the games until his death in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator.

Did Ballora get scooped?

The Sound of Ballora getting Scooped on Night 4. WARNING! SCOOPER EXTREMELY LOUD! The Sound of The Player getting scooped on Night 5 in the Real Ending.

Is Ballora hair purple?

First Appearance

Out of all the animatronics in the series, Ballora seems to be the most human-like animatronic, represented as an actual ballerina. She has white skin, blue/purple hair tied in bun, and a magenta skirt.

What is the scariest animatronic?

Top 10 Scariest Animatronics in “Five Nights at Freddy’s”

  1. Nightmare. First Appearance: FNaF 4.
  2. Springtrap. First Appearance: FNaF 3. …
  3. Bidybap. First Appearance: Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. …
  4. Circus Baby. …
  5. Nightmare Freddy. …
  6. Nightmarionne. …
  7. Ballora. …
  8. Nightmare Mangle. …

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