Why did William Farley leave My Three Sons? – Celebrity

William Frawley left the show because of his health; the studio could no longer get insurance on him. Frawley passed away, at age 79, about a year after leaving.

Considering this, Was Fred MacMurray married?

MacMurray was married twice. He married Lillian Lamont (legal name Lilian Wehmhoener MacMurray, born 1908) on June 20, 1936, and the couple adopted two children, Susan (born 1940) and Robert (born 1946). After Lamont died of cancer on June 22, 1953, he married actress June Haver the following year.

Did Tina Cole and Don Grady date? Don Grady almost left the show when Tina Cole was cast as Katie. In an interview, Cole revealed that Grady felt she wasn’t his type. As it turned out, they eventually fell in love in real life and almost got married not once, but twice.

Accordingly, Why did Vivian leave the Lucy show?

11 She left ‘The Lucy Show’ because of the commute. After three years of commuting from Connecticut, where Vance moved with her fourth husband, to Hollywood, where The Lucy Show was filmed, Vance grew tired of the long-distance commute and only made guest appearances until the show’s end in 1968.

What happened to Fred MacMurray?

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Fred MacMurray, who played the wise, pipe-smoking father on television’s ″My Three Sons″ and starred in dozens of films including ″The Absent- Minded Professor,″ died Tuesday of pneumonia.

Did Fred MacMurray ever live in Wisconsin?

Fred MacMurray – American actor; born Frederick Martin MacMurray on August 30, 1908 in Kankakee, Illinois. … Before MacMurray was 2 years old, his native Wisconsin parents moved to Madison, Wisconsin where his father worked as a music teacher.

Why did Tim Considine leave My Three Sons?

The Scoop Behind Why Mike Moved Away

After a few seasons on My Three Sons, he wanted to spread his wings and direct as well as act, but producer Don Fedderson dismissed him. The two had a serious falling-out and Tim left the show, which meant the writers had to marry his character off and have him move away.

Who played the Douglas triplets?

The brothers did not remain in Hollywood and went on to military careers. Robbie and Katie will Robbie, Steve, and Charlie Douglas. The television series MY THREE SONS ran on ABC and later CBS between 1960-1972. It was the second-longest-running TV show of its era with 12 seasons.

Did Lucy and Viv get along?

Lucille Ball was there for Vivian Vance until the end

After “I Love Lucy” ended in 1957, the four main performers still appeared together on “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour” until 1960. After that, Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance’s friendship remained strong for nearly another two decades.

What happened to Ethel on The Lucy Show?

Vivian Vance, the Ethel Mertz of I Love Lucy and one of the most beloved comediennes in television, died Friday at her home in northern California after a long fight against cancer. She was 66.


Were Vivian Vance and William Frawley friends?

Although the two actors worked well together, they greatly disliked each other. Most attribute their mutual hatred to Vance’s vocal resentment of having to play wife to a man 22 years her senior. Frawley reportedly overheard Vance complaining; he took offense and never forgave her.

Who is Kate MacMurray?

Kate MacMurray is the daughter of famed Hollywood actors Fred MacMurray and June Haver. Kate was just six-weeks-old when her parents brought her to the incredible ranch that had been in the MacMurray family since 1941. She grew up here, riding horses and playing amid the oak trees.

How much did Fred MacMurray get paid for My Three Sons?

Family fare like My Three Sons and The Shaggy Dog built that fatherly, cardigan-clad image of the MacMurray. It turns out, however, the film title on his resume that best described his life was The Happiest Millionaire. In 1943, MacMurray raked in $420,000 in salary.

How old is Barbara Stanwyck?

Barbara Stanwyck, Actress, Dead at 82. Barbara Stanwyck, the luminous star of such classic movies as ”Stella Dallas,” ”The Lady Eve” and ”Double Indemnity” and the award-winning western television series ”The Big Valley,” died of congestive heart failure late Saturday at St.

Was Fred MacMurray in the service?

Fred MacMurray had serious ear problems that led to him being rejected for WWII military service – he stayed in Hollywood making movies and working actively with the war efforts.

Where is Tim Considine now?

Considine, who left the Disney fold in 1960 to play the eldest son on “My Three Sons,” phased out his acting career more than a decade ago and is now a producer, writer and author of two sports books.

How old is Fred macmurray?

He was 83 years old and lived in Los Angeles. He died of pneumonia after being admitted to the hospital on Monday afternoon, said Sarah O’Meara, a family friend.

Why did they change the cast of My Three Sons?

Along with the change in networks and the transition to color, Tim Considine (who had earlier worked with Fred MacMurray on The Shaggy Dog), playing eldest son Mike, had chosen not to renew his contract due to a clash with executive producer Don Fedderson over Considine’s wish to direct but not co-star in the series.

Who played Ernie Douglas?

Barry Gordon Livingston (born December 17, 1953) is an American television and film actor, known for his role as Ernie Douglas on the television series My Three Sons (1963–72). He is the younger brother of actor/director Stanley Livingston, who played Ernie’s older brother “Chip” on the show.

Did Tina Cole have triplets in real life?

Christina Yvonne Cole (born August 4, 1943) is an American actress and singer.

Tina Cole
As Katie, with triplets in My Three Sons, 1968
Born Christina Yvonne Cole August 4, 1943 Hollywood, California
Occupation actor, singer, theatre director

How old was Ethel Mertz in I Love Lucy?

Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz) — 42

Why did Cate Blanchett leave Lucy?

As the story goes, Blanchett was attached to play Ball in the film, but the actress left the project due to “scheduling conflicts.” And according to one of the film’s producers, Lucie Arnaz (daughter of Ball and Arnaz), that took the winds out of their sails. “It just took too long and we lost her,” Lucie Arnaz said.

Who inherited Lucille Ball’s estate?

Her estate was split among her two children, Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill and Desi Arnaz Jr., and her second husband, Morton. He went on to remarry, seven years after Ball’s death, to Susie McAllister, a professional golfer (via Distractify).


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