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While Australian actor Brenton Thwaites played Prince Phillip in the first film, English actor Harris Dickinson is stepping in as Aurora’s charming love interest this time around. No, it wasn’t a matter of who could do the most regal accent, it was simply because of scheduling conflicts.

Simply so, Is Brenton Thwaites a dad? Brenton Thwaites has welcomed a baby with his girlfriend Chloe Pacey! The 26-year-old actor recently welcomed his first child into the world and Chloe shared a photo of him holding the little one in a park by the beach.

Is Diaval in love with Maleficent? Diaval is the tritagonist in the 2014 live action Disney film, Maleficent and also its 2019 sequel Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. He’s Maleficent’s friend, partner, loyal servant, and pet raven. After being saved by Maleficent as a raven, he agreed to be her servant and act as her “wings.”

Portrayed By Sam Riley

Who played the Prince in the second Maleficent? He is portrayed by Brenton Thwaites in first film and Harris Dickinson in the sequel. Phillip is a young man that met Princess Aurora in the forest, where them two fell in love.

Why was Brenton Thwaites not in Maleficent 2?

Thwaites was unable to reprise his role in the upcoming Maleficent II, due to scheduling conflicts with Titans, leaving it taken over by Harris Dickinson.

Secondly What does Chloe Pacey do? Chloe Pacey is an Australian artist and also a naturopath student. Little was known about her until she started dating the famous Australian actor Brenton Thwaites. She is also known for her love for nature and strong advocacy for breastfeeding on social media.

What is the meaning of Brenton? Brenton is an English place name and surname. The surname Brenton indicates that one’s ancestors came from a place called Brenton near Exminster, Devon, south West England, the original meaning of which was “Bryni’s homestead”. Bryni was an Old English given name based on the word bryne, “flame”.

Is Prince Philip Aurora’s cousin? However, he and the other royals witness Maleficent placing a curse on the child, the wedding plans were delayed to the point of Aurora and Aurora’s younger sister, Dawn being born and hidden in the forest. Philip grew up as an older brother figure to his cousin and a man who loves adventures.

Are Aurora and Phillip related?

She is the only daughter and only child of the deceased King Stefan and Queen Leila, and the “goddaughter” of the fairy Maleficent. Aurora is also the wife of Prince Phillip.

Who does Aurora end up with in Maleficent? Prince Phillip. Prince Phillip is Aurora’s true love, voiced by Bill Shirley. Phillip is based on the prince from the original French fairy tale that appears a hundred years after the princess is put to sleep by Maleficent’s curse, having heard the story of the sleeping princess, and entered the castle.

Who played Prince Philip in the first Maleficent?

Brenton Thwaites: Prince Phillip.

Who wakes up Aurora in Maleficent? It’s a significant departure that Aurora (Elle Fanning) is awakened not by a kiss from Prince Phillip (Brenton Thwaites), but instead by a kiss from the villainous Maleficent (Angelina Jolie).


Will there be a Maleficent 3?

There’s no official word on Maleficent 3 yet, though that may very well have to do with the fact that Mistress of Evil was released on October 18, 2019, and soon after it finished its theater rounds, the COVID-19 pandemic sent the movie industry in disarray.

How old was Elle Fanning in Maleficent?

When Fanning signed on for the first “Maleficent,” she was only 14, playing the goddaughter of the titular dark fairy played by Angelina Jolie.

Is there a third Maleficent movie? Maleficient 3 will not be released until 2022 at the earliest, owing to the franchise’s ambitious production scope. If Disney maintains its current production timeline, a 2024 release date appears to be the most likely.

Does Brenton Thwaites have Instagram? Brenton Thwaites (@brentonthwaites) • Instagram photos and videos.

Is Brenton a male or female name?

The name Brenton is primarily a male name of English origin that means From Bryni’s Town (Town Of Fire). From an English surname.

How do you pronounce Brenton?

What is the meaning of the name Branton?

English: habitational name from places called Branton in South Yorkshire (formerly in West Yorkshire) and Northumberland or from Braunton in Devon. The first and last are named with Old English brom ‘broom’ + tun ‘farmstead’, ‘settlement’.

What is Cinderella’s prince’s name? There is no given name for Prince Charming.

While he may be named in published versions of the story, Cinderella’s intrepid shoe-discoverer is only known as “Prince Charming” in the film, much as the prince in Snow White is only known as “The Prince.”

What is Sleeping Beauty’s real name?

In keeping with the brothers Grimm adaptation of the story, the princess Aurora (her name derived from the Tchaikovsky ballet production) now was using the name Briar Rose in private.

Who wakes Sleeping Beauty? Instead of dying, the Princess will fall into a deep sleep for 100 years and be awakened by a king’s son (“elle tombera seulement dans un profond sommeil qui durera cent ans, au bout desquels le fils d’un Roi viendra la réveiller”). This is her gift of protection.

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