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They chose, after a short discussion, to let her stay, because Mr. Benedict said she was a key to their plan. She ended up soon being an integral part of the mission. She also “named the crew,” The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Simply so, What age is The Mysterious Benedict Society for? The Mysterious Benedict Society books are appropriate for ages 9+ and up – though a canny 9, if that makes sense.

How did Kate get her bucket back? Mr Curtain spares Martina and tells his team to take Kate to the Brainsweeper. He also gives Kate her bucket back. … They defeat Mr Curtain’s security and get inside it. Milligan surrenders himself to Mr Curtain and tells him that Mr Benedict will stop his emergency plan.

What is number twos real name? Number Two is another character whose real name we don’t know, but not because she can’t remember it (like Milligan) or because it just never gets used (like Mr. B’s first name). The reason we don’t know Number Two’s name is because, as Rhonda explains, “She prefers we use her code name.

What did Constance Morse code?

Trivia (1) The Morse code word Constance spells out (to which Reynie responds, ” I’d rather not say that word”) is “tushy”.

Secondly Is Mysterious Benedict Society scary? Mysterious yes, but also creepy. The story becomes more “adventure and mystery” once you know the reason behind the tests and the mission. But you have to get through the long beginning, not knowing where the story is leading.

Is The Mysterious Benedict Society good for adults? The adults are great too. Mr Benedict, a kind of trustworthy Willy Wonka figure (though he does suffer from narcolepsy and cataplexy and is liable to pass out at moments of high tension, so you have to keep an eye on him) is played with perfectly blended verve and compassion by Tony Hale.

Is The Mysterious Benedict Society for adults? The show is clearly geared towards younger audiences, but there’s still a lot to appreciate here for audiences of all ages. The eponymous society is made up of four children: Reynie Muldoon (Mystic Inscho), George “Sticky” Washington (Seth B.

How old is sticky Washington?

George “Sticky” Washington is also a twelve-year-old boy. He is characterized by his intelligence and ability to remember everything he reads—hence his nickname, for everything sticks in his mind.

Does Reynie Muldoon like Kate Wetherall? Kate and Reynie are very good friends. Reynie has always been impressed with her athletic ability, and the same thing goes for her with his brains. They have both been very protective of each other, always looking out for one another.

How does Constance destroy the whisperer?

Constance Contraire uses her psychic powers to destroy the Whisperer.

Is Duskwort a real plant? Duskwort (Translucidus somniferum) is an extremely rare plant. A Nordic legend says that a band of Vikings came upon a village of sleeping inhabitants who had inhaled smoke from a fire into which a small portion of duskwort was thrown.


What is Mr. Benedict’s first name code?

Trivia. Mr. Benedict’s first name, Nicholas, is not revealed until the second book, unless the reader cracks the piece of Morse code in the back cover of the first book. However, his name is stated in the first episode of the TV show.

What is Constance Contraire gift?

Another Aptly Named Character

Constance Contraire is, as her name implies, both constant and contrary. When told to bring one pencil to a test, she brings thirty-seven.

How did Constance prove her loyalty to the team? Constance proved her loyalty to the team by eating a disgusting piece of licorice from Kate’s foot in order to keep Kate’s investigation a secret.

Is Mysterious Benedict Society dystopian? Everything about this series is superb: its acting, its storytelling, its wonderfully immersive dystopian world. Fans of Roald Dahl’s Matilda or the Lemony Snicket books will fall in love with this adaptation of the Benedict Society books.

What is Constance Contraire’s accent?

While her name sounds French, she speaks with a Russian accent, as her actress is from Russia. Her last name, Contraire is based on her contrary opinions and personality.

Will there be a season 2 of Mysterious Benedict Society? The Mysterious Benedict Society Gets Renewed for Season 2 at Disney+ Look forward to seeing Tony Hale, Kristen Schaal, and the orphans come back for another adventure. Disney’s The Mysterious Benedict Society’s success is no mystery as the series will be coming back to Disney+ for a season 2.

Is Mysterious Benedict Society funny?

Kessler is utterly hilarious and steals several scenes. But because the foundation of the series is still forming within the first half, it’s up to the adults to propel the plot forward and, thankfully, everyone is on their A-game. Hale, especially, is great in a dual role.

How does Mysterious Benedict Society end? The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 8 ends with Milligan and Kate sharing a heartwarming moment, hinting that he will adopt her. Reynie tells Ms Perumal that he wants to stay with her. Sticky decides to go to the Boatwright Academy, and Constance will stay with Mr Benedict.

Is The Mysterious Benedict Society animated?

Director James Bobin (Flight of the Conchords) gives lively energy to the tests facing the main characters, using animation, split-screens and other visual flair to capture how the main characters problem-solve and what makes them gifted.

What time period is The Mysterious Benedict Society set? Also based on a book series for young adults and set in a similar time period (seemingly the late ’60s, by the look of its technology and fashion), both stories focus on a small group of intelligent children tasked with taking down a secret, evil organization.

Where is The Mysterious Benedict Society set?

The story is set in the fictitious metropolis city of Stonetown where the majority of the plot takes place. All of the main characters live in Stonetown at some point during the four books.

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