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Chloe describes herself as partially deaf, and she starred in Love on the Spectrum season 1 as a 19-year-old who’d never experienced romantic love. Chloe had dated in the past and shared that she was dumped as soon as her partner found out that she was on the spectrum. In Love on the Spectrum season 1, Chloe went on dates with Marcus and Lotus.

After watching Love on the Spectrum season 1, Chloe thought she might hit it off with castmate, Mark Radburn. The pair did go on an adorable dinner date during season 2. They went on several more dates, and Chloe even spent Christmas with Mark’s family. They exchanged gifts, and Mark gave her a bracelet. Chloe gifted Mark a Lego dinosaur set.

Season 2 of Love On The Spectrum aired its fifth and final episode last night and viewers are feeling all the emotions. Tuesday night’s double-episode finale saw Mark and Chloe have a whirlwind romance before deciding to stay friends instead. We met Jayden and followed his journey on two dates, with sparks flying with Dan.

She has found dating on the Spectrum hard and revealed that her ex broke up with her because she told them she had autism. She wants to find somebody who will accept her for who she is – you go, girl! Check out her Instagram below! 30-year-old Mark was also featured in season 1 of Love On The Spectrum.

How old is Chloe from Love on the Spectrum?

Amongst the lovely bunch of daters is 19-year-old Chloe, who wants to find love with someone of either gender. Love on the Spectrum fans loved the young Australian for her sweet demeanor.

Because she has more experience than the other singles on the show, Chloe isn’t new to having her heart broken by both lovers and haters alike. When she was diagnosed with autism at 11 years old, Chloe began to experience difficulties far greater than those of the average child.

Love on the Spectrum clearly celebrates love and diversity, especially with unique stories such as Chloe’s. Everyone deserves romance and intimacy, and Love on the Spectrum proves that even the least experienced individuals can find deep connections with others—and maybe even love.

On the show, Chloe briefly dated Marcus, but the admittedly awkward connection between them never blossomed into anything greater.

One of those subjects is Chloe, a bisexual who, unlike the other stars, is not new to dating. Because she has more experience than the other singles on the show, Chloe isn’t new to having her heart …

Next: Everything to Know About Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum. All episodes of Love on the Spectrum are now available to stream on Netflix. Saylee Padwal is a Features and News Writer for Screen Rant where she covers Reality TV.

She later went on an adorable date with Lotus, where they picked sunflowers and agreed to meet again. However, at the conclusion of Love on the Spectrum, it was revealed that Lotus wasn’t ready for a relationship. After this revelation, fans wanted to know if Chloe ended up finding her ideal lover.



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