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DUCK Dynasty’s Jep Robertson dropped $289,900 on a Texas home with his wife Jessica after moving away from his family and overcoming his battle with drugs. Jep, 43, and his wife Jessica, 41, moved from Louisiana to Texas in 2017 with their five children to launch their food truck Jep’s Southern Roots.

As well, Does Duck Dynasty drink alcohol?

They’ve run afoul of Christian groups

Robertson’s alcoholic past has clearly affected him and his family—and drinking has continued to have an impact on their financial bottom line.

Then Is Duck Dynasty scripted?

The cast of Duck Dynasty has admitted their reality show wasn’t taken from real life. They call it “guided reality,” and spend a lot of time coming up with scenarios alongside the producers. Despite the way everything gets presented to the public, the reality of the family is very different.

Therefore, Are Willie and Korie Robertson still married? Earlier this month, Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson celebrated 30 years of marriage to his wife Korie. Their daughter, Sadie Robertson Huff, also recognized the accomplishment and pointed out something striking about her and her father.

How did JEP and Jessica meet? She’s a true friend of mine. FOX411: Jep baptized you? Robertson: When I first met him I was just hanging out with him and his buddies, a group of people from church would hang out and do Bible studies. We met in March 2001 and in April he baptized me in the lake and then we started dating in June.

How old is Phil Robertson’s daughter Phyllis?

Miss Kay’s reaction: ‘I always wanted a daughter’

The sons said all of them and family matriarch “Miss Kay,” who suffered from Phil’s philandering in the early days of their marriage, have welcomed the 45-year-old daughter, Phyllis, and her husband and children into the family.

Is si an alcoholic?

Si, who no longer drinks alcohol, is a recovering alcoholic. When he was younger, he served in Vietnam, which he recalls being a difficult time in his life. During this dark time, he began drinking constantly, and became heavily addicted to alcohol.

Do the Robertsons really work at Duck Commander?

Willie and Korie Robertson starred on Duck Dynasty along with their six kids for five years from 2012 to 2017. Since then, the duo have branched out and launched an empire of their own. Willie runs a Duck Commander store, which sells hunting gear and apparel.

Is Bella Willie biological daughter?

Bella is the youngest of the biological children. The now 18-year-old has been keeping a pretty low profile since Duck Dynasty ended, occasionally appearing in her sister’s YouTube videos. Bella’s only acting role was when she made an appearance in I’m Not Ashamed alongside her sister.

Are the Robertsons Mormon?

The Robertsons are part of Churches of Christ, a conservative denomination of 13,000 U.S. congregations that says that “God remains consistent in His condemnation of homosexuality as He does for all other sins.”

How did Willie Robertson meet his wife?

She met Willie in third grade when he asked her to go on a moonlit hike at summer camp. They got married a year after high school and now have five children: John Luke, Sadie, Lil’ Will, Bella, Rowdy, and foster daughter Rebecca.

Is Jase Robertson still married?

He is the COO of Duck Commander, and co-hosts the podcast Unashamed with Phil and Al Robertson.

Jase Robertson
Born Jason Silas Robertson August 16, 1969 Bernice, Louisiana, U.S.
Occupation COO of Duck Commander, businessman, television personality
Television Duck Dynasty
Spouse(s) Melissa Robertson ( m. 1990)

How long have Willie and Korie been married?

Willie Robertson
Years active 2002–present
Television Duck Dynasty
Spouse(s) Korie Robertson ( m. 1992 )
Children ( 6 incl. Sadie)

Who is Phyllis Robertson’s husband?

Phil Robertson
Robertson in 2015
Born Phil Alexander Robertson April 24, 1946 Vivian, Louisiana, U.S.
Alma mater Louisiana Tech University
Occupation Hunter, businessman, reality television star

Is Sadie Robertson a twin?

We all know Sadie Robertson and her older brother John Luke look alike, but in this photo, they look like identical twins! Their mom, Korie Robertson, posted an amazing photo on Instagram of her two kids from five years ago. “Popped up on my feed from 5 years ago today. Twin day at school.

What was Uncle Si job in Vietnam?

Military career

After dropping out of Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana after three quarters, he was drafted into the United States Army during the Vietnam War.

Why does Si always carry a cup?

Uncle Si: I’m always just carrying a Tupperware cup, ever since my mom went to a Tupperware party and got ’em. I’ve left them strewn all over the U.S. and Europe.

Is Si retired?

Since retiring from Duck Commander Si has been working on his music career with his band, “Si and the Si-cotics,” working on improving his Texas Hold ‘Em game, and of course, when duck season rolls around, you’ll find him in a blind. Uncle Si has proven to be one of the most popular characters on Duck Dynasty.

How is Asa Howard related to the Robertsons?

Asa is Korie and Willie Robertson’s nephew, and many of his cousins also made time for the ceremony.

How many grandkids do Willie and Korie Robertson have?

In total, Korie and Willie Robertson have five children and four grandchildren.

Does Martin still work at Duck Commander?

Martin, who works now as Duck Commander’s general manager, says he secured a job with the iconic call company through a friendship with Duck Commander’s CEO, Willie Robertson.

Why did Jes
sica and Jep move to Austin?

Another huge reason for moving to Austin is because of their food truck Jep’s Southern Roots. The food industry in their new hometown is booming and they wanted to take advantage of that. We wish Jep, Jessica and the rest of their family the best of luck in their new hometown, Austin, Texas!

What religion is the Robinson family from Duck Dynasty?

The Robertson men—brothers Phil and Si, and Phil’s sons Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep—are known for their long beards and their conservative, Evangelical Christian views which is why the show is often considered to be a part of Christian media.

What Bible does Phil Robertson?

NKJV, Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible by Phil Robertson.

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