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Tony is mostly known for being the husband of Dr. Emily Thomas. He did not get to be a member of Dr. Pol’s staff, only got to be on the show as a vet assistant, helping his wife do her job. This caused him to appear in 20 episodes from 2016 to 2019. After coming to a consensus to leave for Virginia, Tony and her family also left the show.

Dr. Pol staff who are still on the show. Brenda Grettenberger is a 53 years old veterinary doctor from Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Brenda became Dr. Pol’s staff in 1992 after completing her studies from Michigan State University College.

Ouch! Additional terms used in reference to Dr. Pol by fellow vets include “atrocious,” “appalling,” “absolutely unforgivable,” and “embarrassing.” Many vets view Dr. Pol’s reality show as part of the failure of mass media; the show seems to condone his “old world” ways of treating animals, even when it’s obvious the animals may be suffering.

Cable TV’s famous veterinarian has faced charges of negligence and incompetence since his show first aired. Dr. Jan Pol may look like the wonderful ol’ family farm vet, but his medicine is outdated. Photo: Nat Geo WILD

What happened to Dr. Pol’s wife?

Dr. Pols’ wife, Diane Poll has been going through a hard time after the death of her grandson. the cause of her death has still not been brought to the public scene but Diane is doing perfectly now and will also star in the upcoming season.

Brenda Grettenberger, known as Dr. Brenda is not leaving the show she is actually starring in upcoming episodes of the series – producer Charles Pol addressed in a report.

he has been in and out of court with almost a ruling in his favor most of the time. However, 2020 didn’t go in his favor as his license was put on a hold.

Why was Jan Pol fined?

Then, in 2015, arising from a separate incident, the state medical board once again found him negligent, asserting that he was guilty of not meeting required minimum standards of veterinary care.

This pet health content was written by a veterinarian, Dr. Debora Lichtenberg , VMD. This article was originally published in 2012 and is regularly updated.

What happened to Elizabeth Grammer?

What really happened? Doctor Elizabeth Grammer acquired her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia, and soon after started working as a veterinarian at the Southside Animal Hospital.

Unfortunately, on the 30 th December, Robert Grammer was taken off life support and passed away on the same day. Since then, there has been an ongoing investigation into Robert’s death, Elizabeth’s suicide attempt, and medication misuse which is being conducted by the local District Attorney in Georgia. Dr. Grammer has since told the police that she has never knew her husband intended to use the medication on himself, and that giving him the medication was wrong.


Since then, Dr. Elizabeth Grammer has unsurprisingly decided to leave the TV show, and remove herself from the spotlight.


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