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Christopher Duntsch was just a regular guy who became Dr. Death after he decided to be a neurosurgeon. To become a neurosurgeon, one typically has to complete over 1000 surgeries in residency, but somehow, reporter Laura Beil discovered that Duntsch only completed 100.

The nurse realized he’d seen that hole for three straight days — Duntsch apparently hadn’t changed his scrubs all week. Kissinger also noticed that Duntsch had pinpoint pupils and hardly seemed to blink.

Joshua Jackson as Christopher Duntsch in “Dr. Death.” (Peacock/Scott McDermott/Peacock) The real Duntsch, a Texas-based surgeon, maimed or killed 33 of 38 surgical patients between 2011 and 2013.

This is notably weird, considering Christopher Duntsch trained under Dr. Boop, so you’d assume that they operated together as part of the whole learning surgery process. While applying to Baylor Regional Medical Center in Plano, TX, Duntsch also provided Dr. Jon Robertson as a reference. Like Boop, Dr. Robertson also gave Duntsch a great review.

What happened to Dr Christopher Duntsch?

Dr Christopher Duntsch had a habit of botching his surgeries and maiming his patients Credit: WFAA-TV. 13. Mary was left wheelchair bound after he treated her for back pain. Two victims paid for his brutal negligence with their lives, while two more have been left paralysed forever.

Dr Death is made by Wondery, the creators of LA true-crime podcast Dirty John. The hit series tells the story of John Meehan – a malicious and predatory con-artist who was killed by his victim’s daughter in 2016.

Patient Philip Mayfield was left paralysed by horror doctor Christopher Duntsch. But while Duntsch is adapting to his new life behind bars, many of his victims are still picking up the pieces of their own.

While the drug claims are disputed, it is well documented that Duntsch had a warped ego which could have driven him to harm the people he was meant to protect.

What was the reason for Duntsch’s success?

One teammate remembers Duntsch struggling with basic drills and attributed Duntsch’s success to “sweat equity.” (Via Facebook) “He had his goal, his sight on a goal and whatever it took to get there,” said one classmate, who did not want to be named.

Glidewell, now 54, had been living on disability because of an accident a decade earlier.

Then he discovered that one of Efurd’s nerve roots — the bundle of nerves coming out of the spine — was completely gone. For some inexplicable reason, Duntsch had amputated it. The operation was so botched, Henderson recalled thinking Duntsch had to be an impostor passing himself off as a surgeon.


Who is Christopher Duntsch?

Joshua Jackson as Christopher Duntsch in “Dr. Death.” (Peacock/Scott McDermott/Peacock) The real Duntsch, a Texas-based surgeon, maimed or killed 33 of 38 surgical patients between 2011 and 2013. In February 2017, he was sentenced to life in prison for intentionally causing serious bodily injury to an elderly person — Mary Efurd, …

Advertisement. “It would be easy to toss a black hat on the guy and call it a day because it would make us feel better to be able to just say he was a psychopath, ” Macmanus told the Daily News. “But the truth of the character is he was more complex.

Dr. Christopher Duntsch was either a serial killer, sociopath or dangerously incompetent. Or all three. From the moment showrunner Patrick Macmanus began writing “Dr. Death,” the Peacock miniseries premiering Thursday — based on a Wondery true crime podcast on the spine surgeon’s downfall — he knew one thing: It’s impossible to know why Duntsch …


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