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Since Big Chief is a prominent figure in varying ‘Street Outlaws’ shows, his absence from the ‘Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings’ can only be a temporary absence for him to relax and recharge himself before getting back to the tracks for the show.

A fan said: “ Big Chief quit America’s List first night of filming because he and Jackie got into an argument with Precious .” It has been said that Jackie was also involved in the feud between Precious and Big Chief. As reported by Xtr Horse Power, the argument happened at the very beginning of the season – at the first driver’s meeting.

Big Chief is not racing as often in No Prep Kings, despite his previous appearances at the competition. This explains why he has been absent from the recent Street Outlaws season. But he did add that he went out of town in the 405 show, hinting that he is likely to be reappearing, but could not say much about the next season.

The street racer, whose real name is Justin Shearer, has been surprisingly absent from the new season, despite Team 405 being present. Why is Big Chief not on Street Outlaws anymore?

Who is the biggest star on Street Outlaws?

Justin Shearer, also known as ‘Big Chief, who acts as both the host of the show and mediates the competition among the loud-mouthed racers, is perhaps the biggest star of ‘Street Outlaws’. Fans and dedicated viewers simply can’t imagine what the show would be like without him. Aside from hosting, Justin is also one of the best drivers, …

Born 9 December 1980, in Louisville, Kentucky, Justin expressed an interest in racing from a young age, beginning his lifelong hobby at the age of nine. Under his father’s influence, who owned an auto repair shop, Justin began learning about mechanics and cars around the same time he started racing, and with the support of his family, ‘Big Chief’ chased down his dream.

Fans recently raised another question concerning development in ‘Street Outlaws’ and ‘Big Chief’s racing career – his split from long time business partner and friend, Shawn Ellington, who is perhaps best known as ‘Murder Nova’.

0. ‘Street Outlaws’ is an American reality television series that premiered on Discovery Channel in June 2013. The series documents the supposedly illegal street racing circuit of Oklahoma City, following the fierce competition between street racers competing for the top ten spots on the Oklahoma list of elite racers.

From time to time, some of the seasons may also feature racers from neighbouring states such as Texas and Arizona, but the main focus of the show has always stayed centred on Oklahoma racing. Currently in its seventeenth season, ‘Street Outlaws’ has amassed a large following among viewers, and although it draws the outlaw aspect …

Regardless of all the rumours, fans can rest assured that Justin will remain a part of ‘Street Outlaws for the time being. After all, the show would not be the same without him, and considering that ‘Street Outlaws’ might suffer great losses if ‘Big Chief’ ever decided he’d had enough, it seems unlikely for the show to terminate him.

For nearly the better part of nine years, Justin and Shawn co-owned MidWest Street Cars. Together they constructed some of the most astounding street rods to grace the streets of Oklahoma. Their announcement, as can be expected, was quickly followed by growing speculation and rumours online.



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