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Why did Cristal leave the CW?

On one hand, she was grateful to the CW and she enjoyed working with her Dynasty castmates. On the other hand, the work and stress, including being based in Atlanta caused her personal issues and was all overwhelming to her health. She will be keeping in touch with the creatives in charge of the CW show.

News, Scripted. Dynasty’s second Cristal, Ana Brenda Contreras, spoke exclusively to the Spanish language version of People on Saturday, breaking her silence on why she left the CW show.

Why did Cristal leave the show?

Contreras, arguably the favorite version of Cristal, reportedly left due to “ personal reasons ,” with rumblings suggesting the departure had to do with her health, including increased stress and the fact that she did not want to stay in Atlanta where the series is filmed.

This is where the second Cristal comes in, who was written in to technically be the first. Kelley’s version of Cristal was actually a woman named Celia Machado who fled Venezuela and assumed the identity of Cristal. Learning of Celia’s death, the real Cristal, last name Jennings, decided to try and insert herself into Blake’s life and reveal her true identity. Surprise, surprise: Blake fell in love with her, at first as part of grieving the loss of Cristal No. 1 but then as the real thing.

It was later revealed that Steven’s long-lost half-brother Adam was behind the whole thing. Yet oddly, there has been no mention of Steven since.

It’s unclear if Hollis is still part of the show or not, but her character hasn’t been seen for some time and fans are predicting she might not come back. After announcing that she would be taking a trip to New York to open up a new club there, Monica’s stepsister Vanessa and mother Dominique began to get a lot of screen time.

It’s un clear if Ashley might pop up again or not, but she is seemingly officially out of Liam’s life, first as his girlfriend then as his fiancé . She only appeared in a handful of episodes, the funniest one when Kirby and Sam gave her a botched facial that took off half her eyebrow.

The series kicked off with a story centered around the murder of Claudia’s husband and her mental breakdown. At first, viewers felt sorry for her. But soon, her unstable nature shone through and it was clear she didn’t really deserve pity. It turned out that Claudia was certainly mentally ill, but she didn’t really have a brain injury from a car accident like she claimed.



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