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Ruby Mitchell (Rarriwuy Hick) (seasons 6–8) is an inmate at Wentworth, and the younger sister of Rita Connors. She is a boxer, and is revealed to have accidentally killed the son of Marie Winter. She later forms a relationship with Allie Novak.

As well, Did Ruby know Rita was a cop?

In episode three Ruby learns that her father has cancer and she breaks down when she tells Allie that she can’t do it without Rita. Ruby reveals the truth about Rita to her father, and says that she was the trouble maker not Rita as Rita was an undercover cop.

Then Is Rita Ruby’s mum?

In episode 6×01 it is revealed that Rita is Ruby Mitchell’s sister, and she got herself arrested just to help her. It is revealed as well that ‘Rita Connors’ is not her real name.

Therefore, Who is blackmailing Vera in Wentworth? The stalker is revealed to be Brenda Murphy and she demands the money from Vera or she will give the photos to the police.

What did Latrelle do to Ruby? He shot Ruby and killed Olivia although the shooting was targeted to kill Cesar. Latrelle couldn’t aim at Cesar because of many people in the way at Olivia’s Quince. He has a crush on Monse, as said in Season 1 when he rolls up on her and Cesar.

Why does Rita need the phone in Wentworth?

It was revealed that she was an undercover cop. Lou took the phone outside with an incriminating recording on it, promising to play it for the women gathered around. Unfortunately for Rita, the prisoners hear it and she attempts to persuade them that the recording was inauthentic.

Does Rita become top dog?

Rita is voted in as top dog (602) and forms a gang of her supporters, which she decides to call “The Wentworth Warriors”.

Why does Rita wear regular clothes in Wentworth?

The reason is that Rita, like Bea in Season 1, is technically on “remand” and hasn’t been convicted yet. And instead of preferring to blend in, Rita likes to show her personality with her clothing.

Where did Erica Davidson go?

Erica was a former lawyer turned prisoner advocate who was placed into Wentworth under the boards decision by General Manager Derek Channing and the decision was not taken well by governor Meg Jackson. Erica used her position to call in a favour that led to her promotion to Governor.

What is a wet cell in Wentworth?

Solitary confinement is now known as a ‘Wet Cell. ‘ The Laundry would be nothing without its obligatory ironing press, it’s here complete with a foot pedal.

Who kills Marie on Wentworth?

However, following Ruby to get the phone brought Marie into a trap set by Lou, and while she saved Ruby, she bore the brunt, with Lou fatally stabbing her with a kitchen knife. And things become more tragic when Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva), Marie’s one-time lover, sees her body and can’t help shedding a tear.

Does Ruby get out of Wentworth?

Thankfully, when she finally wakes up, her sister Rita is by her side. So Ruby doesn’t die, though it’s a close call. We end the season with her returning to Wentworth — hopefully cured — but having to give up her dream of boxing in the Philippines.

Why does Olivia live with Ruby?

Olivia was born in Texas to immigrant parents from Mexico. Being a friend of Ruby’s family, they take her in after her parents get deported back to Mexico and she becomes a member of the friend group.

Do Ruby and Olivia survive?

Ruby and Olivia were dancing together when the Prophets, lead by Latrelle (whose life Cesar had just spared) rolled in and began shooting. Both Ruby and Olivia were shot, but last we saw, they were both alive.

Why is Latrelle in jail?

Latrelle is in jail for shooting and killing Olivia in season 1 episode 10 of On My Block. Latrelle was the antagonist during season 1 of the show, starting off as a bully towards the protagonists, despite previously being friends with Cesar and Ruby when they were kids.

Is Boomer pregnant Wentworth?

It’s so rare to see a moment of joy in the teal-coloured confines of Wentworth Correctional Centre that we nearly fell off our seats to see that Boomer’s wish was granted – she’s pregnant!

Do they find out Rita is a cop in Wentworth?

Rita’s worst fears were realised this week, when her identity as an undercover cop was finally exposed – and not just to one person, but the entire prison! Rita (Leah Purcell) always knew it was just a matter of time before her secret was uncovered and the ramifications of being a screw behind bars would not be pretty.

Why is Ruby in jail Wentworth?

We also learn that Ruby is plain-clothed Rita’s sister, and that Rita pretty much got herself into Wentworth to help Ruby get out. Anyway, Ruby is in for charges of assault, resisting arrest, and breaking and entering — but is hiding a bigger crime.

What happens to Marie on Wentworth?

Marie takes the path to redemption by protecting her son’s killer Ruby Mitchell from being attacked by Lou Kelly’s cronies, Marie is tragically stabbed in the chest by Lou as revenge for Reb’s death.

What happens to Bea on Wentworth?

In the original series, Bea did not die on-screen as she was transferred to another prison and her fate was later confirmed to have died in a prison riot. In Wentworth, Bea is stabbed to death by Joan Ferguson. As of Bea’s death, none of the immediate Smith family are alive.

What is Rita chanting in Wentworth?

Tonight’s song in Wentworth was called “Bura Fera”. “Bura Fera”, also known as “Ngarra Burra Ferra”, is a traditional Yorta Yorta song, the language spoken by the Indigenous peoples of the Goulburn Valley and Murray Valleys in North East Victoria, Australia.

What happens to Judy in Wentworth?

While hacktivist Judy Bryant (Vivienne Awosoga) was found dead in the rubble, having been impaled through the chest by falling debris, general manager Ann Reynolds’ (Jane Hall) death was far more befitting of the villain she turned out to be.

Why was Boomer in Wentworth?

Katrina almost didn’t get the role of Boomer, a character who was original
ly supposed to only make a guest appearance in Season 1. But the actress’s performance was so strong and audiences loved Boomer so much that the writers decided to make the character a mainstay of Wentworth.

What happens to Vera on Wentworth?

Vera maintained a friendship with fellow officer Will Jackson and had a relationship with officer Jake Stewart, the later would result in Vera carrying Jake’s baby named Baby Grace. Grace was born during the Siege of Wentworth. Vera survives the prison explosion.

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