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Josey Montana McCoy is the English dub voice of Kaeya in Genshin Impact, and Kōsuke Toriumi is the Japanese voice.

Herein, Who is Oikawa’s English voice actor?

The name of Toru Oikawa voice actor is Daisuke Namikawa, who is essentially the Japanese voice for Oikawa, while Chris Patton is responsible for making Oikawa’s parables and intentions clear for the English-speaking audience.

Accordingly, How old is Diluc?

Genshin Impact characters’ ages, heights, and birthdays

Characters Ages Heights
Diluc 22 6’1″ / 185.4cm
Diona 12 4’5″ / 134.6cm
Eula 5’8″ / 172.7cm
Fischl 16 5’0.5″ / 153.6cm

Who talks Oikawa?

Chris Patton is the English dub voice of Toru Oikawa in Haikyū!!, and Daisuke Namikawa is the Japanese voice.

Consequently Who voices Sugawara English?

Adam Gibbs is the English dub voice of Koshi Sugawara in Haikyū!!, and Miyu Irino is the Japanese voice. TV Show: Haikyū!!

Who is Hisokas VA?

Keith Silverstein is the English dub voice of Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter (2011), and Daisuke Namikawa is the Japanese voice.

How old is ganyu?

This led me to become curious about their age. The majority of the results I found are google say that Ganyu is approximately 3000 years old, while Xiao is 2000 years old, making Ganyu older.

How old is Beidou?

Genshin Character Statistics Chart

Character Age Height
Albedo Approx 18¹ 5’3″ / 161cm
Amber 18 5’1″ / 156cm
Barbara 16-17 5’2″ / 158cm
Beidou 21- 27² 5’6″ / 168cm

Is SAYU a child?

Character Details

Sayu is a special existence in the Shuumatsuban. She has been raised in the Shuumatsuban since she was a child, and is extremely loyal to the organization. That said, her most prominent trait is not “loyalty”, but “laziness.” Lazing around is what Sayu does best.

Do hisoka and Oikawa have the same voice actor?

Daisuke Namikawa is a Japanese voice actor known for voicing Hisoka, Jellal Fernandes, and Toru Oikawa.

When was Toru Oikawa born?

Oikawa’s birthday, July 20, is thought to be a reference to Alexander the Great, who shares the same birthday and is also commonly referred to as “the Great King”.

What episode of Haikyuu does Oikawa say IWA Chan?

Who voices Shinichi in Parasyte?

Adam Gibbs is the English dub voice of Shinichi Izumi in Parasyte -the maxim-, and Nobunaga Shimazaki is the Japanese voice.

Who is the voice actor of Bokuto?

Ryōhei Kimura (木村 良平 Kimura Ryōhei) is a Japanese voice actor who is best known for his roles as Ryouta Kise in Kuroko’s Basketball, Bokuto Kōtarō in Haikyū!! series, Akira Takizawa in Eden of the East series, and Kaito Yashio in Robotics;Notes.

When was hisoka born?

However, Hisoka was born on June 6 (6/6), thus completing the sequence. Because of this, astute fans have decided that the jester is the unofficial fifth protagonist of the series.

How old is hisoka right now?

5 Hisoka Morrow (28 Years Old)

Who is Peppa Pig narrator Japanese?

Daisuke Namikawa
浪川 大輔
Born April 2, 1976 Tokyo, Japan
Alma mater Tokyo International University
Occupation Actor voice actor singer

How old is Mona?

Genshin Impact: All Character Age + Height

Lisa June 9 32
Mona August 31 19
Ningguang August 26 26
Noelle March 21 15

• May 14, 2021

How tall is Scaramouche?

Scaramouche’s Age, Height & Voice Actor:

His height is 5’4″ ft or 1.63 m.

Is ganyu the Coco goat?

She fondly remembers the word coco, goat, milk and adepti thus by linking these words together she believe at the time of her death she was looking for a milk from a cocogoat, a legendary adeptibeast. In conclusion, Ganyu is the cocogoat.

Is Ayaka a 5 star?

Ayaka is a 5-star Cryo Sword character in Genshin Impact.

How old is venti from Genshin?

How Old is Venti in Genshin Impact. Venti’s body seems to be 15 years old. However, he is at least 2,600 years old. He is most likely the second oldest character in Genshin Impact.

How old is Kaeya?

Genshin Impact: All Character Age + Height

Ganyu December 2 3,000+
Hu Tao July 15 19
Jean March 14 20 / 21
Kaeya November 30 20

• May 14, 2021

Is hisoka’s voice actor in jail?

On July 30, 2015, Freeman was convicted and sentenced to three years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. … Freeman served his sentence at the Joe F. Gurney Unit in Anderson County, Texas until he was paroled in 2018. Freeman currently lives in Papillion, Nebraska.

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