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Josh Brener
Born Joshua Max Brener October 1, 1984 Houston, Texas, U.S.
Alma mater Harvard University
Occupation Actor
Years active 2009u2013present

Considering this, Who played the mad scientist in Sky High?


At Sky High School, Mr. Medulla was a mad scientist.

Will there be a Sky High 2? The closest thing to news of a “Sky High” sequel came in July 2020, when Mark McCorkle, one of the film’s writers, sat down for an interview with Inverse. … For the time being, however, there are no plans in place for the production of a “Sky High 2.”

Accordingly, Was Machine Gun Kelly in Sky High?

Sky High is a 2005 American superhero comedy film directed by Mike Mitchell and written by Paul Hernandez and Kim Possible creators Robert Schooley and Mark McCorkle. The film stars Michael Angarano, Danielle Panabaker, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kelly Preston and Kurt Russell.

How old was Michael in Sky High?

Fourteen-year-old Will (Michael Angarano) is afraid to tell his superparents — Commander Stronghold (Kurt Russell) and Josie Jetstream (Kelly Preston) — that his own powers have not yet appeared.

How tall was Zach in Sky High?

Appearance. Zack is 6’7” in height, he is a supposedly self-confident boy, with bleached white-blond hair.

Who played the guinea pig in Sky High?

Magenta, sometimes referred to as Maj, is one of the main characters in Sky High. She is one of Will’s friends, and she is a sidekick. She is portrayed by Kelly Vitz.

How old is Will Stronghold?

Height: 5’7” Weight: 135 lbs. Age: 14 (in 2005, when the story takes place).

What’s Will Stronghold power?

Supersonic Flight: Will possesses the power to fly which he inherited from his mother when surprising Royal Pain (and himself) after falling through a window.

Who was the fire guy in Sky High?

Steven Strait portrayed Warren Peace, the son of a supervillain. He and Will started out as enemies, but became friends later. Warren could create and manipulate fire, and had a reputation as a bad boy at Sky High.

Did Nicholas Braun Date Dakota Johnson?

Nicholas Braun and Dakota Johnson starred in ‘How to Be Single’ In 2016, Braun appeared in How to Be Single as Johnson’s college boyfriend. Though she breaks up with him at the beginning of the movie, he continues to appear throughout the film. … In part, Braun was drawn to the film because he can relate to its plot.

How tall is Hirsch?

It doesn’t help that, at 6ft 7in, he is not inconspicuous in public.


What happened to Kelly Vitz?

Vitz had a short-lived acting career that began in 2002 when she made an appearance on the show “Lizzie McGuire.” Her next role came in “Sky High,” and after that she landed roles in “Eye of the Dolphin,” the horror film “Simon Says,” “Nancy Drew,” and “Teenius.” Her final film role was as Ailes Gilmour in the 2010 …

Can Will Stronghold fly?

Supersonic Flight: Will possesses the power to fly which he inherited from his mother when surprising Royal Pain (and himself) after falling through a window.

How old is Gwen Sky High?

Gwen is actually Will’s parents age or older with the name Susan Tenny, but was turned into a baby by her pacifier exploded during her fight with The Commander, years before Will’s birth. She was then adopted by Stitches and had the identity of 17 year old Gwen Grayson.

What are Mr boys powers in Sky High?

Powers and abilities

All American Boy can leap across vast distances, as shown when he caught Jetstream when the latter was Pacified, before she could fall to her death, a fall which would have been fatal owing to the fact she was a baby.

Do Will and Layla get together in Sky High?

Will and Layla are a couple at the end of the movie and are seen kissing and floating in mid-air outside the homecoming dance, as well as Will revealing they are dating at the very end of the movie.

Was Warren Peace a hero?

Type of Hero

Warren Peace is a false antagonist (later tritagonist) in Sky High, and Will Stronghold’s former “arch-nemesis”. He is a very feared student in the school, mostly because his father was a supervillain named Baron Battle, and his mother was a superhero with an unknown name.

What is cousin Greg?

The first cousin once removed to Kendall Roy, Roman Roy, Siobhan Roy and Connor Roy, he is referred to by family members as “Cousin Greg.” His mother is the daughter of Ewan Roy, Logan Roy’s estranged brother.

How do you get B single?

Who is Warren Peace father?

Warren Peace’s father was the supervillain Barron Battle. His mother was a hero whose name was never give, but it is likely that her surname was “Peace.” Years ago, the Commander arrested Warren’s father, who was convicted and sentenced to four life sentences.

Who plays Estella in Sky High?

And if his cut from taking scores helps him impress the beautiful, sassy Estrella (Carolina Yuste), who happens to currently be seeing Poli, then all the better.

How strong is the commander Sky High?

Character information

The Commander (Steven “Steve” Stronghold) is one of the two tritagonists and a famed superhero who appears in the film Sky High. The Commander is a famous superhero who has powers of superhuman strength and invulnerability.

Who plays Gwen’s dad in Sky High? Grayson, also known as Stitches, is a secondary antagonist of Disney’s 2005 movie, Sky High. He was played by Jim Rash.

Where did they film Sky High? Sky High Filming Locations. Actual Southern California locations where “Sky High” was filmed. When it isn’t floating, the “Sky High” school is really Oviatt Library at Cal-State University Northridge (CSUN), which is located at 18111 Nordhoff Street, in Northridge, CA (in the San Fernando Valley.).


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