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So far he has only appeared in one episode. Brody is portrayed by Billy Unger .

Brody Carlson.

Other Information
First Appearance
The Wrath of Swan
Portrayed by
Billy Unger

Herein, What episode is prom in kickin it?

“The Wrath of Swan” is the 20th episode of Season 1 of Kickin’ It.

Accordingly, What episode of Kickin It is there a school dance?

The Wrath of Swan. Jack declines Kim’s invite to a dance, so she takes a new boy at school, who turns out to be a black dragon. Milton and Jerry discover they have hot dates.

What lab rats episode is Leo Howard?

Troy West is a character who appeared in the episode Bionic Action Hero. He is one of the Androids and an antagonist who is self absorbed. He was killed by Bree. He is portrayed by Leo Howard.

Consequently Is there going to be a kickin it Season 5?

The release date for Kickin’ It season 5 has not been scheduled .

Kickin’ It season 5 status and viewing details.

Premiere Date: PENDING
Start Time: 8:00 PM EST
TV Channel: Disney XD
Episode Runtime: Approx. 30 minutes

Who played Troy in Lab Rats?

“Lab Rats: Bionic Island” Bionic Action Heroes: Part 1 (TV Episode 2015) – Leo Howard as Troy West – IMDb.

How old is Leo Howard Kickin It Season 4?

Howard was certified as the youngest TV director ever by the Guinness World Records for his work on the episode “Fight at the Museum” in the fourth season of the Kickin’ It TV series at age 16.

Does Olivia Holt like Leo Howard?


Leo Howard went on to appear on the second season of Shake It Up, whereas Olivia Holt played the protagonist in I Didn’t Do It. Despite keeping themselves inside the Disney Channel loop, however, their relationship was never actually romantic. They were just friends.

Is Kim in Kickin It Season 4?

In Season 4, Kim does not return because Olivia Holt is working on her Disney Channel Show I Didn’t Do It. Kim is now in the Otai Academy in Japan. but comes back to Seaford to visit Jack in Seaford Hustle. Kim returned in the series finale.

Where is Eddie from kickin it now?

He is currently a member of the Wasabi Warriors and attends The Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy for lessons in self-defense and karate.

What episode of Lab Rats does Leo get bionics?

In Mission Mania we see Leo going on missions (Due to an ad he created). In Space Elevator, Leo is promoted to Advanced. He gets bionics in his leg in due to his injured leg getting crushed.

How tall is Jack from kickin it?

He is 5’9.

Did they do their own stunts in kickin it?

Leo Howard did almost all of his own stunts on the show. … Leo Howard, Dylan Riley Snyder and Mateo Arias are the only cast members to appear in all episodes of Kickin’ It.

How much did kickin it make?

Kickin’ It Old Skool
Country United States
Language English
Budget $25.7 million
Box office $4.7 million

Who is micayla Johnson?

Micayla Johnson is a nurse in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care unit (CVICU) at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. She is studying for a doctorate in nursing practice at the University of Florida.

Did Jack and Kim from Kickin It dating in real life?

Kick is the official romantic pairing of Kim Crawford and Jack Brewer. It is the show’s most popular pairing. For the real-life pairing of Leo Howard and Olivia Holt, see Leolivia. … Kim and Jack are now a couple.

Are Austin and ally dating in real life?

Let’s be real: diehard Austin & Ally fans shipped these two pretty hard. For those who forgot, their characters were couple goals in the show, but no, the actors never actually dated IRL.

How many episodes are there in Kickin It Season 4?

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired
2 23 April 2, 2012
3 22 April 1, 2013
4 18 February 17, 2014

Why did Eddie from kickin it leave the show?

When asked why did he leave Kickin’ It, he said that overtime, he became really busy with his personal, family life such as school studying at the University of Alabama, taking care of his grandparents, etc and unfortunately, he could not do both and his parents could not afford him to get home schooled.

Why did Eddie from kickin it leave?

When asked why did he leave Kickin’ It, he said that overtime, he became really busy with his personal, family life such as school studying at the University of Alabama, taking care of his grandparents, etc and unfortunately, he could not do both and his parents could not afford him to get home schooled.

Why was Eddie taken off kickin it?

Why did they leave Kickin’ It? Alex Christian Jones (who plays Eddie Jones) did not reprise his role as Eddie in Season 3 or 4. In the last episode, Oh Christmas Nuts, it is implied that he quit the dojo or he got kicked off the dojo by Rudy because he had low karate ratings and wasn’t as flexible and ultimately left.

What is Leo Dooley real name?

Tyrel Jackson Williams (born March 16, 1997) is an American actor. He starred as Leo Dooley in the Disney XD series Lab Rats.

Who is Leo Dooley real dad?

Leo Do
Parents Donald Davenport (Step-Father) Tasha Davenport (Mother)
Siblings Chase Davenport (Adoptive Step-Brother) Adam Davenport (Adoptive Step-Brother) Bree Davenport (Adoptive Step-Sister) Daniel Davenport (Step-Brother)
Relatives Marcus Davenport (Android step-cousin) Douglas Davenport (Step-Uncle)

Who played Sam in kickin it?

Sam. Sam (Rio Mangini) is introduced in “Dueling Dojos”, where Rudy originally adopts him to look good in front of Grandmaster Po and tries to put Milton and Kim in charge of him. When Sam makes enemies out of all three of them, Rudy decides to give him back.

Where is kickin it filmed?

Kickin’ It (TV series)

Kickin’ It
Location(s) San Jose, California (setting) Hollywood Center Studios, Hollywood, California (taping location)
Camera setup Videotape (filmized); Multi-camera
Running time 23 minutes
Production company(s) Poor Soul It’s a Laugh Productions Disney XD Original Productions

Who does Milton date in kickin it?

Relationship Information
Characters: Kim Crawford Milton Krupnick
Status: Close friends karate partners Kim used to spar with him until she “broke up” with him in Kim of Kong Kissed twice
First Interaction: Wasabi Warriors (episode)

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