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So, according to the Garage Squad team, the costs are covered by the show as well as sponsors. How long does Garage Squad work on a car? Online sources reveal that it takes the Garage Squad crew around a week to carry out the work on a vehicle.

Is Garage Squad real or fake? Garage Squad first began airing on MotorTrend TV in 2014. The show does appear to be real as applicants can submit their cars via the Garage Squad website here. Given that the MotoTrend TV show is technically ‘reality TV’ there may be some elements of the show which are arranged and scripted.

Acceptance of submission is not an indication of interest or a promise to include your car. With your submission you will be automatically enrolled in the Garage Squad newsletter/loyalty program and eligible to receive offers and updates from Garage Squad and show personalities.

Well, Velocity Network’s Garage Squad would be the place to go. The series, which celebrates car culture as one of America’s treasured pastimes, stars a set of auto professionals who work around the clock to transform vintage cars brought in by American families.

How many seasons of Garage Squad?

Garage Squad is a Chicago-based show which has aired for seven seasons. Its producers have spoken out publicly against accusations of staged scenes and events over the years. Let’s break down the claims against the show.

She made tireless contributions to Garage Squad as co-host across four seasons however. in 2018 after 45 episodes on the show, Heather departed from Garage Squad. Fans later discovered from a Facebook post by the star that the show let go of her.

While there aren’ t hard facts to rule out that Garage Squad is fake, undoubtedly, reality shows are synonymous with adjusting scripts and choosing pretentious characters to increase viewer ratings. This would not be the first or the last time a vintage car reality show gets thrown under the bus for fictional narratives.

When will Garage Squad season 6 be released?

Garage Squad season 6 premieres on the MotorTrend network on August 28, with a slight change in the lineup. Joining NHRA driver Bruno Massel and lead mechanic Joe Zolper is car enthusiast Cristy Lee. Heather Storm, who has co-hosted the show since 2015, won’t be returning when season 6 premieres. Everyone’s curious to know what happened …

MotorTrend Announces Heather Storm Won’t Be Part of Garage Squad. In an April 2019 press release, Discovery announced that MotorTrend had renewed Garage Squad for season 6. While Bruno Massel and Joe Zolper were confirmed to return, the same statement said that Heather Storm wouldn’t be in season 6.



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