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“You don’t run this prison. I do.” Bea Smith is a former inmate of Wentworth Correctional Centre. Before Smith was sent to Wentworth she was a simple housewife from the suburbs who had a job as a hairdresser. Smith’s home life with her husband Harry Smith (Wentworth) was abusive, but they stayed together for their daughter Debbie Smith (Wentworth).

Bea initially suspects the “Red Right Hand”, a vigilante group against domestic violence who thought of Bea Smith as their hero. Bea then comes to understand that Governor Joan Ferguson was actually behind it and her henchman Nils Jesper was the one who killed him. In the original series, Bea shoots and kills Harry in episode 2.

“Stop writing, stop calling!” Harry Smith was the husband of former Wentworth Correctional Centre inmate Bea Smith and father of Debbie Smith (Wentworth) . Harry can be charming and popular, and in the early years of their relationship, it’s easy to understand why Bea fell for him.

In the original series, Bea did not die on-screen as she transferred to another prison and her fate was confirmed later to have died in a prison riot. In Wentworth, Bea is stabbed to death by Joan Ferguson . As of Bea’s death, none of the immediate Smith family are alive.

Who did Bea kill in the movie?

Bea wins the fight, turning down the opportunity to kill Franky using a box cutter, and instead slices her owns arms and ends up in the hospital. Bea then escapes from hospital gets a gun from a recently released Liz and shoots Brayden Holt.

Bea was 18 and pregnant when she married Harry Smith. He was an abusive husband who would beat and rape her throughout their marriage. Bea worked as a hairdresser. She had a very close relationship with her daughter, Debbie . Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle.

In Season 3, Bea is sentenced to life without parole for the murder of Brayden Holt.

The Governor cuts her supply off, releases her from solitary and removes her from Cell Block H. Bea struggles with images of Debbie, refusing to believe she has died as she dreams of her. Liz comforts Bea, who decides she is going to get revenge by killing Brayden Holt.

To Bea’s surprise, Debbie covered for Bea by telling the operator it was an attempted suicide. The family agreed to cover it up as a suicide but police were suspicious and arrested Bea. She was sent to Wentworth, on remand for the attempted murder of her husband.

Without Bea’s knowledge, Jacs tells her son Brayden, who was approximately the same age, to seduce Debbie, get her into drugs, and eventually kill her with a deliberate overdose.

Bea is attacked by Boomer under Franky’s orders, in an attempt to display dominance over her and solidify her position as the new top dog. Simone Slater returns to the prison, and eventually forms a friendship with Bea, who is using her to get at Brayden.

What was Bea charged with?

Which then Meg Jackson walked in asking Bea to hand over gear and Bea was then charged for trafficking drugs. Bea was also accused of murdering Meg Jackson during the riot between Franky and Jacs’ gangs, as she was found covered in blood after tripping over Meg’s body. Police later cleared her of the charges.

In “To The Moon”, Bea learns that her daughter Debbie has died of a drugs overdose.


Alarmed at the scene, she tried saving Harry. Bea stopped her, and then finally realising her actions, told Debbie to call for an ambulance as she took off the tape from his wrist and face. Bea is sent to Wentworth on remand. Bea was then approached by Franky to sign a visitors request form.

She was introduced in the first episode of the series “ No Place Like Home “, broadcast on May 2013. Bea is notable for her storylines of being abused by her husband Harry, avenging the death of her daughter by murdering Brayden Holt and being the top dog in Wentworth Prison.

Bea was being abused and raped by Harry but stayed because she didn’t want to upset Debbie. One day Bea tried to murder Harry and make it look like suicide which eventually led to her arrest. Bea’s arrival at Wentworth led to her needing to be sedated, after panicking about whether her daughter Debbie was safe.

Bea then stabs Jacs in the neck with a pen causing her to bleed out and die. After this, she presses the duress button, and is escorted away by two guards as her fellow inmates watch in shock and confusion. This scene contrasts Bea entering the prison in 1×01 being escorted by guards.

In the episode Failing Upwards, Bea makes agreements with Ferguson about the consequences of the riot, drugs and privileges. Bea also gets the women pizza for breakfast. Bea finds out that Harry was murdered. Bea also burns Boomer’s hands on the steam-press.


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