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Love Live!: School Idol Project (TV Series 2013–2014) – Sora Tokui as Nico Yazawa – IMDb.

Also, What is love live sunshine on?

Love Live! Sunshine!! (TV series)

Love Live! Sunshine!!
Original network Tokyo MX
Original release July 2, 2016 – December 30, 2017
Series chronology
List of episodes

Accordingly, What is Nico Nico NII anime?

It’s a catchphrase from the anime Love Live! created by the character Yazawa Nico. She’s a member of the idol group μ’s, which is actually pronounced “muse,” and is the group’s wardrobe designer, according to the anime’s Fandom.

in the same way What does Nico Nico mean in English?

“Niconico” or “nikoniko” is the Japanese ideophone for smiling.

Why did V say Nico Nico NII?

What is the meaning of Nico Nico nii? … Only in Japanese there is the expression niko niko にこにこ which is the onomatopoeia of smiling, so basically it is saying that you are smiling in your heart.

Who is the leader of guilty kiss?

Members. Guilty Kiss is a sub-unit under Aqours. The unit consists of three members, namely Riko Sakurauchi, Yoshiko Tsushima, and Mari Ohara.

Does Muse appear in Love Live sunshine?

Muse appears as a cameo in this second fanmade Love Live! Sunshine!!

Is Love Live sunshine a good anime?

If it weren’t being compared to its predecessor, Love Live Sunshine would still be one of the best idol anime produced. I have no problem with it, stumbles and tumbles aside, and can see both Love Live fans and newcomers to the franchise having a great time with it.

What does Neko Neko nee?

While yes, it’s the catchphrase of Niko in Love Live and also part of the name of Nico Nico Douga, it’s actually a common thing in Japan as well. … In other words, “niko niko nii” means “Say cheese!”.

How old is Nico Nico NII?

Nico Yazawa is a 17-year-old, third-year high school student and a true idol otaku.

What is a Nico?

A NICO plan is a subdivision or consolidation by the registered proprietors of two or more titles held in different ownership. … A NICO title is a title created from a lot on a plan of subdivision or consolidation where the land is owned collectively by different registered proprietors of former titles.

How old is Nico love live?

Nico Yazawa is a 17-year-old, third-year high school student and a true idol otaku.

Is Nico a good name?

Nico is one of the great nickname names, full of charm, energy and effortless cool — a neo Nick. … As a unisex nickname name, Nico is associated with the German-born single-named Velvet Underground singer (nee Christa) promoted by Andy Warhol.

What does Nico Nico NII mean in BTS?

“Nico-nico-nii”, “Yazawa Nico-nico~ Nico-nii” and “Nico ♡” all just refer to her cute and charming persona (herself). This is pretty common in all idol anime. A catchphrase is meant to be catchy, it doesn’t have to mean something particularly meaningful.

What does Nico Nico kneecaps mean?

it is a slang term and usually used for meme purposes. ‘ Nico Nico’ is taken from the popular anime Love Live! It is supposed to be a threat of breaking someones knees but by adding in the ‘Nico Nico’ it is supposed to be a cute way of threatening someone.

How old is Riko sakurauchi?

Riko Sakurauchi
Sakurauchi Riko
Age 16

Who is the leader of azalea?

Azalea Gym

Azalea Gym ヒワダジム Hiwada Gym
Location Azalea Town
Gym Leader Bugsy
Badge Hive Badge
Dominant Type Bug

Where is Mari Ohara from?

Mari is of mixed descent. Her father is an American who runs a hotel-chain in Italy, while her mother is Japanese. She does not feel she is very suited to become an idol. She has a bright personality and often prefers to take action by herself.

How old is honoka in love live sunshine?

I’m Honoka Kosaka, 16 years old.

How many love live groups are there?

All three groups at the time performed at this concert, including μ’s, which was their first performance after a three-year hiatus since their “final” concert in April 2016. Another spin-off titled Love Live! Superstar!! was announced in 2020 as an anime television series.

Is love live real?

Beyond the smartphone game, Love Live! is a cultural phenomenon. It’s more than just an anime series or game — it’s a talented group of real-life performers who put on sold-out concerts in Tokyo and rank among other talented musicians on music charts.

Why does Yoshiko call herself Yohane?

Yoshiko is a first-year student who tries to erase her chūnibyō and attend high school like a normal student. She refers herself as “Yohane” (ヨハネ?), claiming that she was a fallen angel for having angered God, and wants everyone to call her that (though nobody actually calls her that).

How old is Kurosawa?

Ruby Kurosawa
Kurosawa Ruby
Age 15
Gayness 7

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