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Anais Cruz, the mother of 17-year-old Juan Carlos Rivera, spoke out Wednesday, a day after 19-year-old Andy Rodriguez was found guilty in the murder. Is chiquis Rivera married?

Anais Cruz, mother of Juan Carlos Rivera (at right in photo), asked for permission from her native Cuban government to travel to the US for the services for her teen son who died earlier this week after a violent altercation outside the Miami-Dade school.

How long was Juan Carlos Rivera in prison?

Juan Carlos Rivera, 36, stared blankly ahead in silence as the victim and her mother watched Rivera ordered to state prison for 15 to 30 years. “I’m here to tell you good-bye,” the victim, now a student at Manheim Township High School, told Rivera.

Juan Carlos Rivera. It was an emotional day in court Monday for a local teenager who was sexually abused by a caretaker for years. It also was emotional for a mother who cried while explaining her daughter’s descent into depression and self-loathing.

The girl was 7 when she was first abused, according to testimony. The abuse went on until last spring. “I can’t understand what prompts anyone to take advantage of young victims like this,” Reinaker told Rivera, of Lititz. “You’ll have plenty of time to contemplate all the misdeeds that you have done.”.

Rivera didn’t look at the girl as she wept while discussing the repercussions from years of rape and other abuse. “I waited many years for this day to come,” the girl said. “I no longer live a normal life.”. The girl then turned to Rivera for a moment.

Stein diagnosed Rivera as a pedophile with anti-social behavior disorder – both incurable illnesses, the doctor noted. Stein stressed Rivera’s 18-year history of criminal offenses as one reason for his opinion that he’ll re-offend.



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