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Successful MasterChef winners often brought inspiring stories to the table. Season 3’s Christine Hà, for example, cooked while nearly completely blind, and season 8 winner Dino Luciano has spoken openly about his struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. You’ll find these and other contestants below on this list of past MasterChef winners.

Andy Allen The season four winner was as famous for his food as he was for his “bromance” with fellow contestant, Ben Milbourne. After the show, the best mates travelled the world, cooking up a storm and sharing it all on YouTube.

MasterChef has aired for 10 seasons already, crowning a different home cook each season as the big winner. But how do they all rank? MasterChef is one of many reality series currently on television as part of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s culinary growing empire.

Since its original series launch in 1990, and reboot in 2005, MasterChef has taken the world by storm. More than 50 countries have adapted the show, and it has become Australia’s most-watched television series.

Who won season 3 of The Kitchen?

1 Christine Ha (Season 3) Ha remains the most impressive winner in the show’s history because of her incredible skills despite being different abled: Ha is blind yet still navigated her way around the kitchen as though she had 20/20 vision.

2 Dino Angelo Luciano (Season 8) By far the most memorable contestant on the show ever, Luciano caught everyone off guard as a dancer with bleached blonde hair, a tattooed body, and a deep voice with a thick New York accent who called everyone “baby doll.”.

His Italian accent and insistence on always injecting his Italian flair into everything he did made Manfe an entertaining contestant to watch. Already working in the restaurant business as a manager, it was his cooking skills that really captivated the judges.



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