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Who is the scariest person? :

  • Maximilien de Robespierre (1758-1794) © The Famous People. …
  • Gilles de Rais (1404-1440) © Blogspot. …
  • Timur (1336-1405) © Tarihnotlari. …
  • Ilse Koch (1906-1967) © Tumblr. …
  • HH Holmes (1861-1896) © Youtube. …
  • Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614) …
  • Belle Gunness (1859-?) …
  • Vlad the Impaler (1431-1477)

1. Richard Trenton Chase. One of the scariest killers in the world history is Richard Trenton Chase, who was called the Vampire of Sacramento, because he used to drink the blood and eat the body parts of his victims. He was kept in a mental asylum, but was released later.

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Regardless of the scary ones with fangs and claws in nature, mankind are the real monsters. Terrorising, manipulating, torturing each other for their own sadistic pleasure as well as doing it for what they believe is some warped ‘better good’.


THE UKRAINIAN MOBSTER. Who: Semion Mogilevich – Ukranian-born crime boss believed to be the “boss of bosses” of most Russian Mafia syndicates in the world, who operates without borders. Where: Russia. What he wants: Money and power.

The sect came to the world’s attention with April’s kidnapping of 223 Christian schoolgirls who BH say won’t be freed until an “army” of fighters are released from Nigerian jail cells.

How many victims did Thug Behram have?

Thug Behram (1765-1840) © Hammer Films. Aside from being a shockingly prolific serial killer, with at least 931 victims to his name, cult leader Thug Behram makes this list of monsters for the particularly chilling method he used to dispatch his victims; strangling.

You see, Herman Mudgett is known today for being America’s first serial killer (in the modern sense of the term at least). After moving to Illinois around the time of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, H.H. set about constructing a three story hotel for weary travellers, complete with built-in torture chamber.

After his arrest in 1440, de Rais was put on trial and eventually found guilty of the abduction, torture and murder of more than 140 children (though many believe the total number of victims was closer to 800). © Wikia. 3.

Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614) © Hammer Films. You don’t get dubbed “The Blood Countess” without doing some serious dirty deeds to earn it, and it’s the story behind this nickname which earns Elizabeth B·thory a comfortable place on this list.

How many women did the Queen kill?

While these rumours only appeared after her death, she supposedly tortured and killed over 650 women during her lifetime in secret chambers in her house; so drinking and bathing in blood doesn’t seem quite as radical when you think about how she loved to surround herself in death…


Humans are conscious beings with a moral compass that can go from Saint to Scary frighteningly quickly. With the flick of some internal switch, someone can turn with such ferocity and violence that you’d scarcely think was possible, regardless of their relationship to you.

But Bathory got a bit carried away and pretty much killed them all, which must have inspired some pretty frank discussions at the local servants Union office. As potential murder victims stopped applying to work for her, she expanded her horizons and began to kidnap local peasant girls to torture.


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