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About a week ago, the Chrisley Knows Best YouTube account uploaded a video dedicated to Nanny Faye and her sister Francis. The video continued the duo’s most hilarious moments on the show. With the passing of her sister Francis, Chrisley Knows Best fans assume these video clips are also some of Nanny Faye’s fondest memories.

Is Nanny Faye’s sister Francis sick? Aunt Francis died at the age of 85 years old, after battling cancer since November 2020. Aunt Francis was a common character on the show and was often seen up to hilarious antics with her sister Nanny Faye, who is Todd Chrisley’s mother.

Todd Chrisley shared heartbreaking news on Instagram as he revealed Nanny Faye’s sister Francis was dead. A quick Google search reveals not a lot on aunt Francis is known. This seems to include the spelling of her name. Official Chrisley Knows Best accounts across social media and on YouTube spell her name Frances.

Nanny Faye is such a gambling aficionado that in one Instagram post, in which she posed with grandchildren Chase and Savannah Chrisley — who’s undergone a stunning transformation — she wrote a hilarious caption about the important things in life. “Love these children,” she shared. “But I like them more when they go gambling with me.”

Nanny Faye has a net worth of approximately $500,000. She has made her income from her career as a reality TV personality. Faye was married to Gene Chrisley before he passed on in July 2012.

On the show, she is mainly known as Nanny Faye. Her family would describe her as kind, humorous, and a serious gambler. Nanny Faye is quite the Character. At the age of 76 years, she is still able to entertain viewers on Television.

What is the rumor about Nanny Faye?

According to The Celeb Info, that rumor was debunked. There was also a rumor that Nanny Faye was suffering from cancer. This rumor swirled after Nanny Faye discussed having lumps on her chest during an episode of Chrisley Knows Best with Julie.

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Turns out, Todd Chrisley’s brother Randy frequents a Chrisley Knows Best fan group on Facebook. Randy periodically keeps fans updated by posting in the group. He tries to do his part to debunk rumors. Back in May of this year there was a rumor going around that something happened to Nanny Faye. She was ill.

There is a member of the family in need of prayers. About a month ago, Randy Chrisley revealed on Facebook that Francis was having surgery. He didn’t dive into any details. But, he wanted Chrisley Knows Best fans to keep her in their thoughts.

What happened to Nanny Faye in Season 1?

After all, everyone deserves love. In Season 1, Nanny Faye tried moving on by going on a coffee date with a man — but that didn’t work out. Then in Season 5, Nanny Faye attempted to join a dating app with the help of her grandson Chase Chrisley.

In one episode of Chrisley Knows Best, Nanny Faye gets visibly upset with three of her grandchildren: Grayson, Chloe, and Chase.


To that end, in Season 7 of Chrisley Knows Best, Chase Chrisley tried to teach Nanny Faye tried to learn how to swim, but it wasn’t working. But, once Chase hired a different swim teacher for his grandmother, she seemed pumped about learning.

In one episode of Chrisley Knows Best , Nanny Faye has had enough with Todd Chrisley’s rude remarks about her dog, Miley. “I would never leave her here with that hater,” she says, as she struggles to find a place for Miley to stay while she goes on a trip.

Julie called Todd to tell him that she took Nanny Faye to the hospital to run tests because the doctors found a lump in her breast. Obviously, everyone was worried, but the doctors ran tests right away.

Nanny Faye actually had two other sons in addition to Todd: Randy and Derrick Chrisley. Randy is still alive, though he’s got his own drama going on, according to Radar Online. As for Derrick, he sadly passed away when he was just a baby, as noted by Networth Reporter (via TV Show Space ). It‘s unclear how, but Derrick reportedly died back in 1971 when he was only 4 months old.

Nanny Faye Chrisley lost one of her children when he was a baby. Though the Chrisley clan is super close-knit, that doesn’t mean the family is without its drama. And for Nanny Faye Chrisley, whose family is significantly larger than the cast of Chrisley Knows Best , there’s a tragic story there, too.


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