Who Is Jimmy Girlfriend On Yellowstone? – Celebrity

Yellowstone: Mia is in a relationship with ranch hand Jimmy. (Image: Paramount Network) Who plays Jimmy’s girlfriend Mia? Jimmy’s new girlfriend is portrayed by 26-year-old actress Eden Brolin. She is probably best known for starring in sci-fi series Beyond which is available to watch on Netflix.

A recent ‘Yellowstone’ episode captured Jimmy’s first encounter with Mia, his new girlfriend. “An Acceptable Surrender” saw Mia handle Jimmy’s romantic advances with unparalleled grace and sophistication. Instead of shunning him, she tried her best to make his job easier by strongly encouraging him to ask her out on a date.

Who is Jimmy’s Girlfriend Mia on ‘Yellowstone’? Meet Eden Brolin. By Josh Sorokach. Twitter. @ joshsorokach Jul 13, 2020 at 11:15am 208 Shares. Photo: Paramount Network.



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