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His girlfriend, Enza Sambataro, was once the girlfriend of Ben Affleck. After that, she shared a marriage ceremony with ex-Red Sox Kevin Youkilis, but never filed paperwork to make the wedding official. Now, Ernie and Enza have a baby daughter together.

Accordingly, Does Ernie Boch still own Boch Toyota?

But very quietly, Boch has just turned over his crown, sort of. He’s sold Boch Honda, Boch Toyota, Boch New To You, and the other Route 1 dealerships to a group led by Dan Dagesse, who’s been the day-to-day chief executive of the dealerships since 2011. Ernie Boch Jr.

Moreover, How old is Ernie Boch?

Boch, 63, has often been at odds with his family and neighbors. So when it comes to his death, he isn’t leaving anything to chance.

Also What is Boch?

Boch is a clever, conniving, ruthless, irreverent and sarcastic mercenary who’ll do anything to get the job done.

How many dealerships does Ernie Boch Jr?

But he is also CEO of Boch Enterprises, an independent distributor for 64 Subaru dealerships in the six New England states — Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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Who owns DCD Automotive Holdings?

But maybe not for much longer — at least not if Chris Dagesse has anything to say about it. Chris and his father, Dan Dagesse, through their firm DCD Automotive Holdings, are rolling out the Nucar brand throughout most of the car dealerships they own — and the ones they are buying.

Who owns Nucar?

The new owner, Dan Dagesse, is chair of the Nucar Automotive Group and longtime friend of the Gaudet family, He has long been a major player in the New Hampshire automotive market off and on for more than four decades.

Who is Dan dagesse?

Who is Dan Dagesse? He is the Chairman of DCD Automotive Holdings. He was born in 1952. He is married to Elaine Dagesse.

What happened to AutoServ?

TILTON — The Gaudet family, who helped turn Exit 20 into the new car destination for central New Hampshire, is leaving the auto sales business. They’ve announced a deal to sell the AutoServ group of dealerships to two men with their own deep roots in the business.

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