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Drosselmeyer is Clara’s kind but mysterious godfather. He entertains the guests at the Christmas party with magic tricks, such as presenting clockwork toys which seem to move independently and floating objects in the air! He entrusts Clara with the Nutcracker doll, which is very special to him.

Considering this, What does the word Drosselmeyer mean?

Drosselmeyer is the godfather for Fritz and Marie. German word “Drossel” or “drosseln” means “throttle“(choke), also bird “thrush”. “throat” is the same source with them.

What is the deal with Drosselmeyer? This is Godfather Drosselmeyer, a clock and toymaker who, depending on the production, either entertains the children or genuinely frightens them. Either way, he soon takes over the night’s festivities. He produces uncanny, life-sized clockwork toys, which seem to come alive and dance for the guests.

Accordingly, Who was Mr Drosselmeyer?

According to the literary source of the story, Drosselmeyer is the uncle of the Nutcracker prince, who has been transformed into a wooden doll by the Mouse King. Everything that happens on stage is Drosselmeyer’s attempt to break the spell and bring his handsome nephew back to life.

Is the Sugar Plum Fairy evil?

Character information

The Sugar Plum Fairy (also known simply as Sugar Plum) is the main antagonist of Disney’s 2018 live-action film, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. She is a bitter and devious fairy who seeks to conquer all Four Realms, using Mother Ginger as the pawn in her schemes.

Is Drosselmeyer a magician?

Origin. Drosselmeyer is the mysterious magician-like figure in Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Nutcracker. Called affectionately “Uncle Drosselmeyer”, he is the godfather of Clara Stahlbaum, the heroine of the ballet (or Marie, as she is called in the original story).

Does Clara become the Sugar Plum Fairy?

Clara. In English National Ballet’s Nutcracker, Clara herself transforms into the Sugar Plum Fairy at the end of the ballet. After her many adventures, and after the Mouse King has been defeated, she transforms into the Sugar Plum for the lavish celebration that takes place in an enchanted garden.

How old is Clara supposed to be in The Nutcracker?

Clara is based on Marie Stahlbaum, a girl who’s 12-years-old from the original “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”‘fairytale.

Who is Dewdrop in The Nutcracker?

Dewdrop, the fleet, luminous leader of the Flowers in “George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker,” is a dream part for Tiler Peck of New York City Ballet. “She’s a fairy, a pixie,” Ms. Peck said. “She flies and flutters.

How do you pronounce Drosselmeyer?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Drosselmeyer. drosselmey-er. Dros-sel-meyer.
  2. Meanings for Drosselmeyer.
  3. Translations of Drosselmeyer. Russian : Дроссельмейер

What is the true story of The Nutcracker?

The story of The Nutcracker is loosely based on the E.T.A. Hoffmann fantasy story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, about a girl who befriends a nutcracker that comes to life on Christmas Eve and wages a battle against the evil Mouse King.

How big are the dolls that Drosselmeyer presents at the party?

Drosselmeyer draws everyone’s attention as he presents two life-size dolls. They are the delight of the party, each taking a turn to dance.


What does the Sugar Plum Fairy symbolize?

Naturally, the Sugar Plum Fairy is the first role that many young ballerinas-to-be aspire to. She is not only a symbol of seasonal splendor and hope, but the symbol of childhood dreams, and, for some dancers, the first childhood dream-come-true in their ballet lives.

Is Clara in love with The Nutcracker?

Clara has a loving relationship with the Nutcracker since she first received him as a gift and immediately fell in love with him, despite being saddened by the story that Drosselmeyer told her about how his nephew Hans was cursed to become the same nutcracker that he gave her.

Is Clara the lead in The Nutcracker?

He chose to refer to Clara as “Marie.” Because The Nutcracker ballet developed from two versions of a single book, the lead role of the story is sometimes named “Clara” and sometimes “Marie.” However, in most ballet versions of the story, the little girl who dreams of a living nutcracker is referred to as “Clara.”

What happened to Clara’s mother?

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Clara is the middle child who was born into a very wealthy family. Unfortunately, her mother, Marie, died when she was 6, though it’s known to have been years after she had left the Four Realms. … Clara returns, and follows the only golden thread.

Are Clara and Marie the same person?

He chose to refer to Clara as “Marie.” Because The Nutcracker ballet developed from two versions of a single book, the lead role of the story is sometimes named “Clara” and sometimes “Marie.” However, in most ballet versions of the story, the little girl who dreams of a living nutcracker is referred to as “Clara.”

How tall do you have to be to be Clara in the Nutcracker?

Clara is typically a Level IV student and must be under 5’2” to audition.

Who is Dewdrop WWE?

Kimberly Benson (born 6 May 1991) is a Scottish professional wrestler. She is currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Doudrop.

Is Snow Queen a big role in Nutcracker?

The Snow Queen often performs a second role in Act II of The Nutcracker. What other roles do you perform and how do you switch modes? It’s very typical and standard issue of The Nutcracker that we all do multiple roles, so it is a bit of a reflex.

What are the parts in The Nutcracker ballet?

  • Clara. A young girl. …
  • Sugarplum Fairy. A beautiful fairy who resembles Clara’s sister Louise.
  • The Nutcracker. Clara’s toy that comes to life. …
  • Uncle Drosselmeyer. Clara’s mystical Uncle. …
  • The Mouse King. The mischievous King of the Mice. …
  • Cavalier. The handsome partner of the Sugarplum Fairy.

Was The Nutcracker originally a book?

The Nutcracker (Histoire d’un casse-noisette, 1844) is a retelling by Alexandre Dumas, père of the Hoffmann tale, nearly identical in plot. … The story was issued as a storybook and tape in the Once Upon a Time fairy tale series.

What country is The Nutcracker set in?

The Nutcracker
Characters Clara Drosselmeyer Nutcracker Prince Mouse King Sugar Plum Fairy
Designs by M. I. Botcharov K. M. Ivanov Ivan Vsevolozhsky
Setting Act 1: Christmas Eve in 19th century Germany Act 2: The Land of Sweets
Genre Fairy tale

Is there a kiss in the Nutcracker? The Nutcracker comes to life along with Fritz’s army of soldiers as they try to defend Clara, while the Mouse King lead
s his mice into battle. … She kisses him and, at that moment, the Nutcracker wakes up and turns into a prince. Clara and her prince are both extremely happy as they dance together.

Is Clara the Sugar Plum Fairy? Already famous as a ballerina, Clara is presented to the Tsar and Tsarina at an imperial ball. As prima ballerina, she makes a triumphant debut as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker. At the height of her joyous existence, the 1917 revolution breaks out and her beloved must leave for war.


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