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Who is Brandy baby daddy Robert Smith? In 2002, when Brandy announced she was pregnant, she also said that she had secretly married the baby’s father, producer Robert Smith, a year earlier. Now, two years after daughter Sy’rai was born, and a year after the couple announced their split, Smith says they were never really married.

Singer Brandy Norwood once told the truth to Oprah Winfrey about her fake marriage to her baby-daddy, Robert Smith, and the reason why she lied about it. Advertisement In a 2014 YouTube broadcast by the Oprah Winfrey Network, R&B singer Brandy Norwood came clean about her lie about being married.

Who Is Brandy’s Baby’s Father? All the way back in 2004, Sy’Rai Iman Smith’s dad, Robert Smith, admitted that he and Brandy had lied about their reported marriage. Sure, he and Brandy were together, and they welcomed their baby as a couple.

It seems that ever being outed by her ex-husband/baby daddy, Robert Smith, about their past fake marriage, Brandy has gained a high level of ‘I-don’t-give-a-you-know-what.’ She no longer cares what you or I think about her and lives her life in truth, which brings me to her ex-fiancee, Ryan.

Who is Brandy Norwood’s daughter?

Who Is Brandy’s Daughter, Sy’Rai Iman Smith? The singer may have ducked out of the spotlight, but Brandy’s daughter Sy’Rai Iman Smith is making her own way. It’s been a while since most ’90s-era fans have heard from Brandy Norwood. In fact, after she quit ‘America’s Got Talent,’ it seemed like maybe she was done with Hollywood.

All the way back in 2004, Sy’Rai Iman Smith’s dad, Robert Smith, admitted that he and Brandy had lied about their reported marriage. Sure, he and Brandy were together, and they welcomed their baby as a couple. But not too long after, Sy’Rai’s parents split.

It’s been a while since most ’90s-era fans have heard from Brandy Norwood. In fact, after she quit ‘America’s Got Talent, it seemed like maybe she was done with Hollywood. But it turns out that star power runs in the family, and Brandy’s daughter is showing hers off.

Where is Brandy Norwood from?

Norwood was born on February 11, 1979, in McComb, Mississippi, the daughter of Willie Norwood, a gospel singer and choir director, and his wife, Sonja Norwood ( née Bates), a district manager for H&R Block. Brandy is the older sister of entertainer Ray J, as well as a cousin of rapper Snoop Dogg and WWE wrestler Sasha Banks. Raised in a Christian home, Norwood started singing through her father’s work as part of the local church choir, performing her first gospel solo at the age of two. In 1983, her parents relocated to Carson, California, and Norwood was schooled at the Hollywood High Performing Arts Center. Norwood’s interest in music and performing increased after becoming a fan of singer Whitney Houston at the age of seven, but at school, she experienced trouble with persuading teachers to send her on auditions as she found no support among the staff. Norwood began entering talent shows by the time she was eleven, and, as part of a youth singing group, performed at several public functions.

Brandy went on to sell over six million copies worldwide, and produced three top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including ” I Wanna Be Down ” and ” Baby “, both of which reached the top of the Hot R&B Singles chart and were certified gold and platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Norwood was awarded an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Youth Actor/Actress for her performance. In 1997, Brandy, Ray J, and their parents started The Norwood Kids Foundation, which helps disadvantaged, at-risk youths in Los Angeles and Mississippi through the arts and self-help programs.

During the early production stages of her debut album, Norwood was selected for a role in the short-lived ABC sitcom Thea, portraying the daughter of a single mother played by comedian Thea Vidale. Initially broadcast to high ratings, the series’ viewership dwindled and ended up running for only one season, but earned her a Young Artists Award nomination for Outstanding Youth Ensemble alongside her co-stars. Norwood recalled that she appreciated the cancellation of the show as she was unenthusiastic about acting at the time, and the taping caused scheduling conflicts with the recording of her album. She stated, “I felt bad for everybody else but me. It was a good thing, because I could do what I had to do, because I wanted to sing.”

Who is Brandel’s daughter?

There is no proper record of what outcome they faced, but it looks like Brandel’s daughter Zion seems to like spending time with her mother. During Fantasia’s concert, Zion danced with her mother on the stage. Brandel’s daughter, Zion, has completely transformed her looks, which have caught the media attention lately.

It’s been over 16 years since the couple moved apart, and Brandel shared during the news of custody that he couldn’t have his daughter for more than 13 years . Child Custody is always complicated. However, it was decided that the couple would wait for Zion’s interest.


Fantasia Barrino and her ex-boyfriend, Brandel Shouse. Image Source-Quite Romantic. But some sources revealed that they parted ways due to domestic abuse.

Brandel has a low profile compared to Fantasia, who has subsequently made her fame in music. There is less trace of Brandel, but as far as we know, the couple dated from 1998 to 2003.

The couple had their first daughter on August 8, 2001, when Fantasia was seventeen years old. As of now, Fantasia has been married to Kendell Taylor since 2015 and also has an 8-year-old son, Dallas Xavier Barrino. Now, let’s not waste any time and know more about Fantasia Barrion’s ex-boyfriend cum baby father, Brandel Shouse.

According to Celebrity Insider, Fantasia and her baby father, Brandel Shouse were together when their daughter, Zion graduated from high school. Zion’s parents were probably so happy to see their daughter graduating from high school.

Fantasia And Brandel Together With Their Daughter On Her Graduation. The American singer-songwriter, Fantasia Barrino ’ s ex-boyfriend Brandel Shouse is the father of her first child, Zion Quari Barrino, and she is a beautiful grown-up seventeen years old teen now. Brandel and Fantasia have known each other since they were in high school.


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