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Adam Demos Wife Is Adam Demos married? He is not married. However, he is dating Sarah Shahi. They began dating in 2020 after meeting on the set of the Netflix series Sex/Life. In the series, Sarah Shahi stars as a married mother-of-two who is caught in a love triangle with her husband and an ex Brad, played by Adam Demos.

Who is Adam Demos’s Wife? Adam is currently dating Sarah Shahi, a Sex/Life co-star. Following her divorce, they began working on the production of Sex/Life and quickly fell in love.

The Sex/Life actor Adam Demos is madly in love with his co-star Sarah Shahi. By MD Writer Good news to all the Sex/Life fans, The heart stealers Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi are now real-life lovers.

Where was Adam from?

DOB, Age, and Early Life. Adam was born on 24 th May 1986 in Wollongong, Australia. There is no information about his family or where he spent his childhood. However, he went to Dapto High school, and when he was old, Adam worked as a contractor in his hometown. He later joined his father’s demolition business.

His Wikipedia Biography. Amad Demos is a 34 years old Australian actor, Model, and social media personality. He is best known for his cast in the romantic comedy film ‘Falling Inn Love’ on Netflix.

Adam has had a successful acting career since his debut in 2009 in the film ‘Home Away.’ He has appeared in several films quite notably include, ‘Winners and Losers’ 2013, ‘Janet King, an Australia TV drama, 2017. He was present in seven episodes of the third season of the show, taking a recurring character, and unreal’ an American TV drama series, 2018. In this series, he took a significant role ‘August Walker’ and appeared in eighteen episodes in the third and fourth seasons. His role as Jake Taylor in the movie ‘Falling Inn Love’ was, however, his major acting achievement. The movie was released on 29 th August 2019 and had a 5.6 rating on IMDb

Fun Facts. Adam loves traveling, but he had never gone to New Zealand until the filming of the movie ‘Falling Inn Love.’. Its also interesting to note that in the film, he volunteers to help Gabriela (Christina Milan), knowing that he was once a contractor and also worked in the demolition project.

Adam Demos Is Not Married to Wife Yet. Adam has it all that women look for in a man. He is tall, well built, and has a charming look. Coupled with a successful career that is yet to pick, the guy has not yet met his perfect match. He is single and is focusing on his acting career.

Who is Adam Demos dating?

Adam Demos is dating his Sex/life co-star Sarah Shahi. In fact, Adam and Sarah met in the makeup trailer and fell in love on the set of Sex/Life. In an Instagram post about Adam, Sarah wrote: “Not exactly sure how two people on opposite sides of the world could have more in common, were meant to meet, were meant to be together.

Adam Demos is 35 years old. He was born on May 24th, in 1986. If you were wondering, that makes him a Gemini. [Paul Archuleta/Getty Images]

Adam Demos’ first on-screen role after he graduated from acting school was in Australian soap Home and Away. He appeared in one episode, as a character called Justin. [via Instagram]

Yep, Adam Demos is on Instagram, and you can find him at @adam_demos. On his grid, you’ll find loads of behind-the-scenes photos from his time on the set of Sex/Life and other projects, photos from his day to day life and a whole bunch of selfies of him and girlfriend Sarah Shahi. [via Instagram] 6.

He was born in Wollongong, a city just south of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. He grew up there, and went to school there, studying acting at Screenwise Film & TV Acting School. In an interview with TheFIX, Adam revealed that he’s also half-Greek.

[Netflix] 10. Adam Demos does full-frontal shower scene in Netflix’s Sex/Life. Yes, that really is Adam Demos doing a nude, full-frontal scene in Sex/Life.


Before Adam Demos arrived on our screens as Brad in Sex/Life, you may have seen him on screen before. Back in 2019, he starred opposite Christina Millian in Netflix’s Falling Inn Love. He also played August Walker in Lifetime’s UnREAL and Nate Baldwin in ABC Australia series Janet King. [Netflix]

Did the actor in the show have a body double?

‘No. That’s not a body double.

Series creator Stacy Rukeyser was recently questioned about the actor’s private parts, telling website Collider that he did not have a body double in nude scenes. ‘No. That’s not a body double.

Adam Demos’ hometown friends come forward to reveal the TRUTH about his sizeable manhood after he stripped naked for racy Netflix series Sex/Life. Adam Demos shocked viewers with the size of his manhood following a nude shower scene in the Netflix drama Sex/Life. In fact, it appeared to be so large that many people have speculated …


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