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Rickey Smiley Reveals Claudia Jordan Was Fired From His Show Due To ‘RHOA’ Backlash, Praises Porsha Williams & Da Brat For ‘Dish Nation’ Ratings Increase [Video] Posted January 14, 2017 “Dish Nation” cast member Frank Kramer took the Minneapolis Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Minnesota last weekend..

Accordingly, Is Rickey Smiley sick?

Rickey Smiley Released From Hospital: “It’s Been A Rough, Rough Month” Comedian, radio-host and reality TV star Rickey Smiley has been released from the hospital after doing a three-day stint undergoing an unknown procedure. Smiley revealed Thursday morning that he has been discharged and is at home resting.

Moreover, Why did juicy quit the morning show?

She says that the actual reason for her departure was because she wasn’t offered a new contract when the show changed over to the Urban AC market in Joyner’s slot. “My lawyers worked very hard to get them to offer something – anything – and was offered nothing,” Juicy said.

Also Was Claudia Jordan fired from Rickey Smiley?

First, word got around that she would not be retuning next season on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but now she has been fired from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” …

How much is Miss Juicy worth?

Reality television personality Shirlene Pearson has an estimated net worth of $0.5 million.

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Who is Grayson’s mom?

Grayson Alexander Arroyo-Smiley, born on the 16th of May, 2000, is the son of Slade Smiley and Michelle Arroyo. Slade Smiley is a TV host, and he featured in the reality TV show titled “The Real Housewives of Orange County”.

How old is Miss juicy baby?

Juicy Baby was born on 5 January 1972. Ms. Juicy Baby is 49 years old.

Where is Headkrack now?

Headkrack and The Morning Hustle, the syndicated Radio One/Reach Media morning show based in Atlanta will be heard in The ATL for the first time on Hot 107.9 WHTA-FM. The show will replace The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. The Smiley show will move to Classix 102.9 on January 11, 2021.

What is MS juicy net worth?

Reality television personality Shirlene Pearson has an estimated net worth of $0.5 million.

Where is Claudia Jordan today?

Claudia Jordan is a TV and radio host who recently moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles. She is currently working as a co-host on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and a frequent contributor on HLN’s Dr. Drew On Call.

Did Claudia Jordan date Rickey Smiley?

I was [dating] and we just broke up last week,” she revealed. The hosts then turned their attention to Jordan’s exit from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” and she explained that she had a difficult time trying to fill the shoes of former host Ebony Steele, who was replaced by Jordan.

How much is Claudia Jordan worth?

How much is Claudia Jordan Worth? Claudia Jordan Net Worth and Salary: Claudia Jordan is an American actress, model, television, and radio personality with a net worth of $1.5 million.

What is Minnie’s net worth?

Minnie Driver Net Worth and Salary: Minnie Driver is an English actress and singer/songwriter who has a net worth of $16 million.

What happened to Ms juicy?

Juicy was a member of The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, an American syndicated radio show. She was on the show since 2008. She left the show in 2019, because she was not offered a contract renewal for the year 2020. Juicy has also been on the American reality TV show, “Rickey Smiley For Real”.

Does Brandon Smiley have a child?

[PHOTOS] Congrats are in order for Rickey Smiley’s son, Brandon, who welcomed his first child into the world last week – a beautiful baby girl.

Who is Slade’s ex wife?

Michelle Arroyo, Slade’s ex and mother of his son Grayson Smiley, is speaking out against him in a new interview.

What happened to Slades son?

Slade Smiley’s son is still battling brain cancer. “Real Housewives of Orange County” alum Slade Smiley’s son Grayson continues to battle brain cancer. “He’s hanging in there,” Smiley told Page Six on Tuesday. Grayson was first diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2006, per a support website run by his mom.

Who is Minnie boyfriend?

Ms. Minnie’s boyfriend, who goes by the name of SleakBeatz on Instagram, posted a series of photos of the couple after she tragically passed away on Monday. Along with a picture of him kissing her head, he wrote: “The moment I saw you, I just knew it.

Did Amanda Salinas have a baby?

Though Andrea had made up her mind not to rush into a marriage with her then-boyfriend, Chris Hernandez, her children played a big part during their aunt’s ceremony. Her then-6-year old son, André, became the ring bearer, and her then-2-year old daughter, Aubrey, became the flower girl.

How did Ms Minnie die?

“Little Women: Atlanta” reality TV star Ashley Ross, known to fans as Ms. Minnie, died on Monday at 34 after a car accident, her publicist announced. … She was brought to Grady Memorial Hospital, where she died on Monday evening, Dixson said.

How old is HeadKrack?

It is one of the national dishes of Hungary and a symbol of the country.. Its origin traces back to the 9th century to stews eaten by Hungarian shepherds.

What does Headcrack mean?

More than just a play on words, Head Crack, stands for ultimate success and greatness. To sum things up, In the dice game “Cee-lo”, you get three dice. Rolling a “4,5 & 6” represents an automatic win, the term for that undefeated roll is called “Head Crack”.

What is the morning hustle?

The Morning Hustle is the freshest program in broadcast with an entertaining, humorous and informative take on urban pop culture from the Millennial and Generation Z point of view, meant to wake up its audience to the beat of today’s Hip Hop.

Did Miss Minnie have baby?


In the show, Minnie’s biggest storyline was that of her faked pregnancy. On season 2, she revealed she was expecting a baby with her then-boyfriend, rapper Pastor Troy. However, she later revealed during a surprise baby shower that some of her castmates threw for her that she had a miscarriage.

What are the tiny twins net worth?

Therefore, reality television personality Amanda Salinas has an estimated net worth of $0.75 million, whereas Andrea Salinas has an estimated net worth of $0.6 million (due to more expenses since she has three children).

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