Who died from Coming to America cast? – Celebrity

In “Coming to America,” Louie Anderson, who lost his battle with cancer at 68, played Maurice, the aspiring assistant manager of McDowell’s who enthusiastically worked his way up the ladder by learning the finer points of fast food.

Considering this, Who were the barbers in Coming to America?

The four My-T-Sharp barbershop characters in Coming to America, all set to return for the sequel, are barbers Clarence, Morris, and Sweets, plus their seemingly always present regular customer Saul, an old Jewish man.

Who did Akeem sleep with in Coming to America? While Coming to America centers Akeem in his quest to find, fall in love with, and marry the woman of his dreams (Lisa, played by Shari Headley) who would rule alongside him in his home country of Zamunda, the sequel shifts most of its focus to Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler), the son he never knew he had.

Accordingly, Who was the old white guy in Coming to America?

Louie Anderson was the ‘token white guy’ in ‘Coming to America. ‘ And he loved that. Louie Anderson, seen in 2016, had a memorable role in “Coming to America” and its sequel. Louie Anderson landed a part in “Coming to America,” Eddie Murphy’s 1988 cult classic, because of a kind gesture.

Are all the barbers Eddie Murphy?

All of the characters in the barber shop, including the Jewish man, were played by Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Clint Smith, and Cuba Gooding Jr.. … They chose Anderson because Murphy and Hall were fans of his stand-up comedy. They didn’t reveal who the other two options were.

How did Hakeem get a son?

But their happy ending is interrupted somewhat in the sequel. In “Coming 2 America,” which has a screenplay written by Kenya Barris, David Sheffield and Barry Blaustein, Akeem discovers that he fathered a son during an encounter with a woman (Leslie Jones) in New York back in the 1980s.

Is the wife the same in Coming 2 America?

Lisa McDowell is the same strong woman in finer clothing

Celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, Akeem and Lisa are quite the happy couple in Coming 2 America. … Apparently, Akeem slept with a woman during his first visit to America before he met Lisa.

What happened to Akeem’s mother?

Sinclair died on December 20, 1995, after a 13-year battle with leukemia. Her remains were cremated and her ashes were scattered in her hometown in Jamaica.

Who is the old man in Coming 2 America 2?

Arsenio Hall brings a new character to life in Coming 2 America. As Baba — which carries such translations as “father,” “grandfather,” and “wise old man” — Hall is a wrinkly, wide-eyed old man with long white dreadlocks. He’s a shaman, of sorts, with the ability to see the truth — or so he claims.

Does Eddie Murphy play multiple characters in Coming to America?

In Coming to America, Murphy stars as the kind-hearted Prince Akeem Joffer, who moves from Africa to New York City in search of love. He also portrays three Brooklyn residents named Clarence, Saul, and Randy Watson, all of whom have big personalities.

Where was Coming to America filmed at?

Terminal 7, JFK International Airport, Jamaica, Queens, New York. South 5th Street and Hooper Street, Brooklyn. Akeem’s Apartment, 392 South 5th Street and Hooper Street, Brooklyn. Barber’s Shop, 392 South 5th Street and Hooper Street, Brooklyn.


How old is Joe Louis Coming to America?

You know what Frank told me, he said “Hey, Joe Louis is 137 years old.” A hundred and thirty-seven years old! Sweets: Oh.

Who is the female barber in Coming to America 2?

Eddie Murphy’s Barber Stacey Morris Takes Her Talents to Zamunda in “Coming 2 America”

How does Coming to America 2 have a son?

Prince Akeem finds out that he has a son who lives in Queens and was conceived on his last trip back there 30 years ago. … He is successful in convincing his son to come back with him to Zamunda along with his mother. After a little family drama, Lavelle is accepted by the family.

Why wasnt there a Mom in Coming to America 2?

Queen Aoleon is also not in the sequel, though this is because Madge Sinclair sadly passed away seven years following the release of Coming to America. However, she is still mentioned and honored in Coming 2 America.

How old is Lisa McDowell?

Shari Headley
Born July 15, 1964 Queens, New York, U.S.
Occupation Actress model
Years active 1977–present
Known for Lisa McDowell – Coming to America

Are Lisa and Akeem still together?

The daughter of a fast-food restaurant owner, Cleo McDowell (played by John Amos), Lisa ended up marrying Akeem at the end of Coming to America. So, for the sequel, she’s known as Queen Lisa Joffer.

Why was Allison Dean not in Coming to America 2?

Jackson’s character, who held up McDowell’s restaurant in the first film, nor Frankie Faison’s landlord from the original. Queen Aoleon is also not in the sequel, though this is because Madge Sinclair sadly passed away seven years following the release of Coming to America.

Is Allison Dean in Coming to America 2?

Played by Allison Dean, Patrice is introduced as Lisa’s younger sister in Coming to America. … However, Patrice is nowhere to be found in Coming 2 America. Besides an old picture of her and Lisa, Patrice isn’t mentioned at any point throughout the film.

Is Kevin Hart in Coming to America 2?

Last night (March 5), after the momentous release of Amazon Prime’s Coming 2 America, the Internet erupted with comparisons between the film’s lead Eddie Murphy, and Kevin Hart — who did not appear in the movie. … The sequel to Murphy’s 1988. Hart has appeared in over 45 flicks, including his stand-up specials.

How much was Eddie Murphy paid for Coming to America 2?

Eddie Murphy Salary Highlights

In 1984 he earned $14 million for the first installment of Beverly Hills Cop. He then earned $8 million for Beverly Hills Cop II. He earned another $8 million the next year for Coming to America.

How much money did Eddie Murphy make from Coming to America 2?

For his work in the film, Murphy earned a salary of $8 million. He also earned 15% of film rentals. We’re sure the actor’s salary is even larger for the film’s sequel.

How did coming 2 end?

King Akeem learns that he has to keep both his kingdom and family in mind. He makes his daughter Meeka the Queen and makes Lavelle the Ambassador to America. The movie ends up on a happy note and peace prevails in the African kingdom of Zamunda.


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