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“In loving memory of Craig Charles Henderson, 1947-2019,” reads a title card appearing at the end of an episode in Season 5B of Lucifer. Unfortunately, Craig’s connection to the crew isn’t crystal clear.

Arthur Melbourne Hooper was neither of these things, however, he was a relative of one of the cast members. In fact, he was actually Tom Ellis’s (who plays Lucifer Morningstar) maternal grandfather, who sadly passed away last year, 2020.

Little is known about Craig, but it is believed he could be some relation to Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson, who follows someone of that name on Twitter. The account has been inactive since 2018 but it was a vocal supporter of the Save Lucifer campaign, sending out messages such as: “Never giving up save Lucifer.”

Season 5B of Lucifer also paid tribute to lead actor Tom Ellis ‘s grandfather, Arthur Melbourne Hooper. Arthur died in 2020.

Who is the stunt coordinator on Lucifer?

The series finale sees another dedication, this time going to Merritt Yohnka (1958 – 2020), who served as stunt co-ordinator on Lucifer’s third and fourth seasons.

The first tributes at the start of Lucifer season five part two, which is dedicated to the memory of Craig Charles Henderson (1947 – 2019) and Arthur Melbourne Hooper (1920 – 2020).

Who is the creator of Lucifer?

The creators of ‘Lucifer’ paid tribute to Craig Charles Henderson. “In loving memory of Craig Charles Henderson , 1947-2019,” reads a title card appearing at the end of an episode in Season 5B of Lucifer. Unfortunately, Craig’s connection to the crew isn’t crystal clear.

Craig only had a few followers on Twitter — one of whom was Joe. What’s more, Craig almost exclusively tweeted about Lucifer. He predominantly used the social media platform to call on fellow fans to keep their eyes peeled to the latest Lucifer episodes and do everything in their power to help get the show renewed.

Who is the co-showrunner of Lucifer?

There are not many details about Craig but Lucifer’s co-showrunner Joe Henderson is the only follower he has on Twitter. In May 2019, Joe shared a picture with Craig and other family members on his Instagram profile which he captioned with the words: “Henderson boys together”. Craig was a keen advocate for Lucifer’s revival when it was initially …

This season paid tribute to Arthur Melbourne Hooper who is the late grandfather of actor Tom Ellis, who plays the role of Lucifer. The series finale included a tribute card to Merritt Yohnka (1958 – 2020), who worked as a stunt co-ordinator on the third and fourth seasons of the show. Merritt Yohnka passed away in 2020 at the age …


Why do they put a title card on Lucifer?

Title cards such as this are not unique, often the cast and crew of a project will use the film or show to honour the passing of someone close to them. Tom Ellis is also a producer on Lucifer, first getting the producer credit for season five of the show, this would have allowed him to place the title card in memory of his grandfather.

Fans should expect Lucifer to get in front of a piano again to kick off the return of the show in style. Recently series co-showrunner Joe Henderson spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what to expect in season five part two and what Lucifer is dealing with in the season.


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