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Is Freeridge a real place? Set within the city of Los Angeles, On My Block is established to be set in the neighborhood of Freeridge, located in the South Central area. This neighborhood is a fictional location, confirmed by the show to be populated by Hispanic and African-American residents.

Freeridge is a fictional neighbourhood which is ruled by two gangs: The Santos and The Prophets. Much of the drama takes place around Freeridge High School and explores themes of gang violence, love, race and poverty.

Washington, DC [needs new host!] The Chestnut freedge – Davis, CA [needs new host!] Davis Food Co-Op [coming soon!] The Solar freedge [now in Oakland!]

Same for roller world which has to be based on world on wheels in midtown. South central is too far. I heard South Central, but probably Inglewood. In 1 of the episodes I heard Brentwood was 10 miles away from Freeridge. Also, Cesar said the beach was 5 miles away from Freeridge in the beach episode.



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