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The Raneys have been living in Alaska since 1974, when Marty moved to Southeast Alaska. In fact, the Raneys still reside in the area to this day. That’s 45 years of being part of the Alaskan wilderness. Marty and Mollee settled in the area of Haines, a remote area in the state.

After decades of living on the Raney Homestead, Marty finally decided to work towards fulfilling his life-long dream of having a multi-generational cabin on a cliff. Primarily, Marty Raney has been living on his 40-acre plot in Haines, located in Haines Borough, Alaska.

The children grew up in the family business: Alaska Stone and Log. They peeled logs, quarried stone, and learned the value of hard work. Together, they build beautiful cabins, homes, and structures with the simplest of tools. Get to know more about the Raneys below!

The Raneys are kicking off 2019 with season 4 of Homestead Rescue, which premiered on January 2. Misty Raney, together with her father Marty and brother Matt, help people aspiring to live the off-the-grid life survive the homestead experience.

Where is Marty Raney’s home?

When he’s not traveling around the country helping homesteaders, Marty lives on a remote piece of land in Haines, Alaska. Before setting up residence in the 1,700-person town, the skilled hunter spent time in a floating logging camp on Prince of Wales Island.

Unconfirmed reports state that Marty, who’s also a singer/songwriter, is worth approximately $1 million. But the craftsman certainly doesn’t flaunt his wealth. He’s more interested in what people can do with their hands than their money.

Every time we watch Discovery Channel’s Homestead Rescue, we find ourselves asking: how does Marty Raney do it? The gifted builder somehow manages to construct beautiful and practical homes while also teaching aspiring settlers wilderness survival skills.

Where does Marty Raney live?

Primarily, Marty Raney has been living on his 40-acre plot in Haines, located in Haines Borough, Alaska. The census-designated place is in the northern part of the Alaska Panhandle, not far from Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

In ‘Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch,’ the Raney family works together to build their cabin on a “previously inaccessible” part of their own property, situated on a cliff that is 300-feet above the ground.

Homesteading is synonymous with self-sustainability, provided the people living off-the-grid have the proficient skill set needed to lead a life in the wilderness.


Where did Marty Raney live?

Marty Raney — Homestead Builder, Master Stone Mason, Hunter, and Mountain Guide. Marty’s outdoor adventures began in 1974 in the logging camps of Southeast Alaska. His very first home was not only off-grid — it was off-land! (He owned a floating logging camp on Prince of Wales Island).

On Homestead Rescue, struggling homesteaders across the country are turning expert homesteader Marty Raney — along with his daughter Misty Raney, a farmer, and son Matt Raney, a hunter and fisherman — to teach them the necessary skills to survive the wilderness.”.

When he’s not helping his father build the business, he’s hunting to keep the family’s freezers full of meat, while teaching others to do the same.

Living off the grid certainly isn’t for everyone, but for the cast of Homestead Rescue, it’s a way of life. The Raneys may look like your average family, but these folks know how to live off the land — and are helping other families do the same on the hit show.


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