What was the rumor about Alex on Laguna Beach?

Casey and Alex M.’s fight.

Casey spread a rumor that Alex M. had a “bad hygiene problem,” which felt like teen-television code for something else—sort of like the way the Hills girls said they had “headaches” after long nights out.

Regarding this, Does Kristin still talk to Alex H?

Kristin is still friends with Laguna Beach alum Alex H., but she doesn’t keep in touch with Jessica. During Laguna Beach, you had two on-screen BFFs — Alex H.

Then What happened to Kristin and Alex H? On an episode of Laguna Beach Alex H said that she and Kristin living together didn’t work out well. Shortly after Alex H moved out, Alex stated that they weren’t getting along. They probably just got sick of being around each other all the time and they eventually grew apart.

Are Kristin and Alex from Laguna still friends?

During a March episode of Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin’s “Whine Down” podcast, the One Tree Hill actor revealed he’s still friends with Kristin and Lauren “LC” Conrad. As Laguna Beach fans may recall, Stephen, Kristin and LC, 34, practically invented the modern-day reality TV love triangle.

Subsequently, What is Stephen from Laguna Beach doing now? Stephen Colletti

Colletti focused on acting after Laguna Beach, landing a role in One Tree Hill from 2007 to 2012. He since starred in Lifetime Channel’s Hometown Christmas. In 2018, he wrote, produced and costarred in Everyone is Doing Great with James Lafferty. The series was picked up by Hulu in 2021.

Did Christina from Laguna Beach become an actress?

Christina Sinclair (née Schuller) was vocal about pursuing an acting career during her time on Laguna Beach, but she has switched her focus to healthy living. Following the show, Christina got married and now works as a certified fitness instructor in Laguna Beach.

How Much Does Lauren Conrad make?

Conrad came to prominence after being cast in the reality television series ‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County’, which documented her and her friends’ lives in their hometown of Laguna Beach, California. As of 2022, Lauren Conrad’s net worth is roughly $40 million .

Net Worth: $40 Million
Last Updated: 2021

• Apr 8, 2022

Where is Lo now?

Lo is one of the original cast members who won’t be returning to The Hills: New Beginnings, but in 2019, Lo Bosworth has plenty more to keep her busy. According to her website, Bosworth lives in New York City and spends her time working with Love Wellness, the women’s wellness company she founded back in 2016.

Where is Casey from Laguna Beach now?

Casey Reinhardt

Reinhardt got married to Sean Brown in 2016 and they share two children. She owns her own bakery, Casey’s Cupcakes, with locations in Riverside, California, and in Laguna Beach.

What happened to Kristina from Laguna Beach?

Christina Schuller

Schuller is married with two children and working as a certified nutritionist and barre instructor in Laguna Beach. As of April 2020, she was pregnant with her third child.

Is Morgan from Laguna Beach Mormon?

Morgan Olsen — now Morgan Smith — talked about her Mormon faith on the show, and ended up graduating from Brigham Young University and getting married to her husband, Joel Smith. The couple is now based in Charleston, South Carolina, and have three children together.

Who was at Lauren Conrad’s wedding?

And the celebration itself wowed the 230 guests (including bridesmaid Bosworth, Conrad’s former Laguna Beach love Stephen Colletti and The Hills star Frankie Delgado) from the moment they were handed their choice of a Ketel One-spiked lemonade or a brandy-and-hard cider Apple of My Eye libation upon arrival at Sunstone

Why did Lauren stop talking to Heidi?

It originally aired on MTV on August 13, 2007. In the episode, Lauren Conrad ends her friendship with former housemate Heidi Montag after suspecting that Heidi and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt fabricated rumors of a sex tape involving Lauren and her ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler.

Did Brody sleep with Lauren?

Fans of the 2006 MTV hit will remember Brody Jenner’s sweet romance with Lauren “LC” Conrad, but in a new interview with Yahoo! Style, he admits he never actually hooked up with the 29-year-old fashion entrepreneur. “A lot of that show was scripted,” Brody says. “We didn’t have an actual script.

Where is Steven from The Hills now?

After the reality show, Stephen Colletti turned to the land of make believe: Hollywood. Stephen starred on One Tree Hill from 2007 to 2012, and is currently working on a new series for Hulu that he also wrote and produced called Everyone is Doing Great.

Who is the most successful from Laguna Beach?

Lauren Conrad’s net worth is $40 million

Undoubtedly the biggest star from Laguna Beach and The Hills, Lauren Conrad has found major personal and professional success.

Are Heidi Montag and Lauren friends?

Heidi Montag certainly has mixed feelings when she reflects on her relationship with Lauren Conrad, her former costar on The Hills. Montag, 34, and Conrad, 35, were best friends during their time on the early 2000s MTV reality series until a feud over Montag’s then-boyfriend Spencer Pratt tore them apart.

How is Casey Reinhardt rich?

Business Ventures. She started her own lip gloss named “Kiss By Casey”, marketed on her website, in 2007. Brown is the owner of Casey’s Cupcakes, a boutique cupcake shop with store locations Riverside, California and Laguna Beach, California.

How did Casey Reinhardt meet Sean Brown?

“We are so excited to announce that we’re having a baby!” Casey tells E! News exclusively. “Our sweet little angel is already surrounded by so much love, we feel absolutely blessed and cannot wait to be parents!” This will be the first child for Casey and Sean, who met at as children at a skating rink in Aspen, Colo.

Are LC and Lo still friends?

Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth don’t seem as close anymore

Bosworth shared with Life & Style in 2019 that, after moving to New York City from Southern California, it became “more of a challenge” to keep in touch with friends. In 2020, Conrad also appeared on former co-star Whitney Port’s podcast, With Whit.

Where is Lo from The Hills now?

“I own and operate a women’s wellness business called Love Wellness, and we create total body care for women, so my focus is on women’s wellness. If you were to ever see me on television again, it would be in a wellness space.”

Where is Jason from The Hills now?

Jason has worked to raise awareness about addiction.

, and they welcomed their first child together in 2017. Later that year, he received the Voice of Recovery Award from Faces and Voices of Recovery. He has since appeared on episodes of “The Hills: New Beginnings,” and is now a father of two, as of June 2021.

Did Morgan from Laguna Beach get into BYU?

Morgan Olsen, one of Laguna Beach’s sweetest residents has led a very girl-next-door life since her departure from MTV. Even though she was denied from Brigham Young University on Laguna Beach, she did end up being accepted to attending Brigham Young University in Utah.

Was Laguna Beach real or scripted?

It’s addictive TV featuring rich American teenagers indulging in shopping, sunbathing and obsessing about who is into who. This is the series which changed the TV landscape forever, bringing scripted reality to our screens and countless larger-than-real-life stars into our homes.

Did Lauren go to Heidi’s wedding?

In the episode, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt prepare for their upcoming wedding, while Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth move out of their house. After much deliberation, Conrad decides to attend the nuptials, where she reconciles with Montag after being estranged with one another since the third season.

How did Lauren Conrad and William Tell meet?

The former star of The Hills and the former Something Corporate guitarist met on a blind date set up by friends on Valentine’s Day in 2012 and tied the knot two years later.

Are Lauren and Heidi still friends 2021?

Heidi and Lauren may no longer be friends, but there is no ill-will between them anymore, at least on Heidi’s side. The reality star has regrets about how their friendship ended, but the relationship was meant to come to an end.

How did Lauren and Heidi become friends?

After graduating from high school, Montag moved to California and attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for one semester. During freshman orientation, she befriended Lauren Conrad, who at the time was a primary cast member of the MTV reality television series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

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