What was the first wand Harry held at ollivanders?

When, at 11 years old, Harry first visits Ollivander’s he tests many, many wands until he finds the one that performs for him (the wand chooses the wizard and whatnot): an 11-inch holly and with a phoenix feather core. Ollivander pronounces it curiously.

What was the first wand Harry Potter tried? Harry obtained his wand from Ollivander, at a price of seven Galleons, just before his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had tried out many other wands first with little success, but felt a warm feeling upon being handed the holly wand.

Simply so, How did Malfoy trick Harry? How did Malfoy trick Harry after challenging him to a wizard’s duel? He cast a spell on him. … He brought a master wizard to the duel. He said to meet him in the trophy room and then told Filch that he would be there.

How many wands did Harry try? 1. Daniel Radcliffe wore out 60-70 wands during the making of the Harry Potter films. 2. Every wand that you see in any of the Harry Potter films is created on-site.

Who was Harry’s first kiss?

In “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” the latest in the megahit series based on J.K. Rowling’s books, Harry comes of age and has his first on-screen kiss with longtime crush Cho Chang, played by Katie Leung. It was a big moment for Harry — if not for Radcliffe.

Also What happened to the first wand Harry holds at ollivanders? Harry took the wand and (feeling foolish) waved it around a bit, but Mr Ollivander snatched it out of his hand almost at once. Harry tried – but he had hardly raised the wand when it, too, was snatched back by Mr Ollivander.

Is there any kissing scene in Harry Potter? And in one kissing scene, Ron Weasley finds himself in a pretty unique situation thanks to some magical juice. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Ron drinks some Polyjuice Potion to disguise himself so he doesn’t get caught at the Ministry of Magic. … So, she kisses him.

Who is Draco’s first kiss? “Goodnight Draco,” Harry said, blushing as he awkwardly patted him on the head. Draco turned over and gave him a little smirk. “Goodnight Potter.” He leaned forward and kissed Harry gently.

Why did Cho betray Harry?

Cho was not fond of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger however; she did not trust Harry’s closeness and friendship with Hermione, generally suspicious that Harry had feelings for her as well. This was one of the reasons that Cho and Harry fell apart.

Who is Voldemort’s brother? Voldemort doesn’t have a brother. But Snape is loyal to both Voldemort and Dumbledore.

Who has the coolest wand in Harry Potter?

These Are the Coolest Wands in the Harry Potter Franchise

  • 2 Elder Wand.
  • 3 Draco Malfoy’s Wand. …
  • 4 Ginny Weasley’s Wand. …
  • 5 Luna Lovegood’s Wands. …
  • 6 Sirius Black’s Wand. …
  • 7 Minerva McGonagall’s Wand. …
  • 8 Harry Potter’s Wand. …
  • 9 Bellatrix Lestrange’s Wand. …

Which wands did Harry try in ollivanders? Harry tried dozens of wands before he was chosen by a wand of Holly and Phoenix Feather. Mr Ollivander said that he had remembered every wand he had ever sold, and he found it curious that Harry should be destined for a wand that was brother to the one that had killed Harry’s parents, and had almost killed him.

Who was Ginny’s first kiss?

Ginny and Harry’s first kiss in the film was miles away from the spontaneous, passionate moment in the book. The movie’s scene is quiet and secretive. Ginny kisses Harry with his eyes closed in an attempt to be coy and disappears into the Room of Requirement.

What happens Cho Chang?

His death greatly upset Cho and made her determined to fight against the recently returned Dark Lord. … Cho remained loyal to her school and to the D.A., returning after she had graduated to participate in the Battle of Hogwarts. She survived the war and eventually married a Muggle.

Who was Hermione’s first kiss? Ron and Hermione’s First Kiss

There was a clatter as the basilisk fangs cascaded out of Hermione’s arms. Running at Ron, she flung them around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth” (Deathly Hallows 625). Ron’s change in attitude concerning house-elves shows how much he had grown over the series.

How did Draco know Harry was on the train? Draco must have learned from the death eaters that Harry has such a cloak and when he saw signs of someone hidden in the train compartment he guessed it was Harry.

Who was Blaise zabini first crush?

Blaise’s first crush was on Professor Snape. He never acted on it. The man was too noble—Blaise knew he would never stoop to sleeping with a student. But after the events of Seventh Year, he wishes he’d tried, at least once.

Who did Draco have a crush on? No. The books and the movies never hinted, that Draco had a crush on Hermione.

Who told Umbridge about Dumbledore’s Army?

Betrayal and discovery

Shortly before Easter, one D.A. member, Marietta Edgecombe, betrayed them to Umbridge. She was a reluctant member of the D.A., having been brought to the meetings by her friend, Cho Chang.

Does Cho Chang marry Dudley?

When did Ginny start liking Harry?

At age eleven Harry saw Ginny for the first time at King’s Cross Station in 1991. However, they did not formally meet until the summer of 1992, at which point it became blatantly clear that Ginny had a huge crush on Harry.

Is Tom Riddle Half Blood? He does not deny his half-blood status, but he is clear that Muggles are inferior, including his own father. His viciousness to Muggle-borns is connected: Riddle may be half-blood, but Muggle-borns can claim no wizarding heritage, therefore to him they are as low as Muggles themselves.

Why does Voldemort have no nose?

He lost his nose gradually throughout the years as he sunk deeper and deeper into evil, and lost more parts of his soul. As his soul went, it also affected his physical features. His face became waxy, distorted. This is a metaphor for him losing his humanity.

How did Voldemort get his baby body? His Child-Form When Resurrected

Pettigrew mixed up a potion for Voldemort using unicorn blood and the venom of Nagini. With this potion, they were able to create a new body for Lord Voldemort to finally return to.

What is the weakest wand in Harry Potter?

Only the most insidious of witches co
uld have thought of something so twisted. Umbridge’s magical object overall is definitely one of the weakest wands in Harry Potter.

Which Death Eater has the swirl wand? This replica of the Death Eater wand is very beautiful. The handle represents the mark of darkness and this resin replica very well imitates a black and shiny wood.

Which wand core is the best? Wand Cores

  • Unicorn. Unicorn hair generally produces the most consistent magic, and is least subject to fluctuations and blockages. …
  • Dragon. As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, and which are capable of the most flamboyant spells. …
  • Phoenix. This is the rarest core type.

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