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Jim Varney, the rubberfaced comic who portrayed his rube character ”Ernest” in hundreds of television commercials and a series of movies, died on Thursday at his home here. He was 50. The cause was lung cancer, said his lawyer, Hoot Gibson.

Then What happened to the actor who played Ernest? Varney publicly disclosed his battle with cancer in 1999, but continued to work, filming his last project, Daddy and Them (2001), starring and directed by Billy Bob Thornton. He died on February 10, 2000, in Nashville, Tennessee, at the age of 50.

Is Jim Varney dead? GRINNING actor Jim Varney u2014 who shot to fame as the goofy handyman Ernest and was the voice of Slinky Dog in the u201cToy Storyu201d movies u2014 died yesterday. Varney, 50, died of lung cancer at his home in White House, Tenn.

in the same way, Is Ernest from Ernest Saves Christmas still alive? WHITE HOUSE, Tenn. (AP) _ Jim Varney, the rubbernecked comic who portrayed his rube character “Ernest″ from hundreds of television commercials to a series of hit movies, died Thursday at his home. He was 50. Varney died of lung cancer, said his attorney Hoot Gibson.

How many packs of cigarettes did Jim Varney smoke?

Jim Varney was a chain smoker from his early teens until well into his adult life, when he was smoking two packs a day, and eventually died of lung cancer.

Is Punky Brewster in Ernest Saves Christmas? Ernest Saves Christmas came out in 1988, and I remember watching it on TV just about every year. In this movie Ernest is a taxi driver in Orlando when Santa comes to town looking for a replacement. … Claus and Mr. Worrell, and kind of reminds me of Punky Brewster.

How much did Ernest Saves Christmas make? Ernest Saves Christmas was the highest grossing Ernest movie, raking in upwards of $28 million upon its release.

Is Ernest Saves Christmas funny? While “Ernest Saves Christmas” hardly is a Christmas Classic, it is still a funny and entertaining movie. Especially if you like the kind of slapstick comedy used there. And yes, there are a lot of funny situations, and I did laugh often and enjoyed the silliness of the movie, for sure.

What movie star died from smoking?

Hollywood actors and actresses Lucille Ball, Arnoz Desi, Humphrey Bogart, Richard Boone, Yul Brynner, Rose Cipollone, Gary Cooper, and many others had succumbed to lung or throat cancer, mostly in their 5th to 7th decades of life. Walt Disney, the famous creator of animated characters and producer of Disney films had …

How many celebrities died from smoking? 227 famous people who died because they smoked… Look at this list of ‘famous’ people who died from smoking related illnesses, Look how old they all were as well.

What celebrities died from smoking?

The list of beloved celebrities killed by smokers’ diseases is huge, and growing: George Harrison, Johnny Carson, Dana Reeve, Yul Brynner, Lucille Ball, Walt Disney, Nat King Cole, Joe DiMaggio, Michael Landon, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Betty Grable, and Babe Ruth to name just a few.

What happened to Cherry from Punky Brewster? Cherie Johnson has appeared in numerous hit shows

Per her IMDb profile, she took her talents to films including Teaching Mrs. … She’ll be reprising her told as Punky Brewster’s best friend Cherie. Punky (Soleil Moon Fyre) is returning as a single mom of three kids who fosters a little girl herself.

Did Soleil sleep with Charlie Sheen?

Frye was 18 when she slept with Sheen, who was 29 at the time. The actress went on to describe her relationship with the Two and a Half Men alum, calling him a “kind and loving” person with whom she’s maintained a friendship with for years.

Why did Ernest go to jail?

Ernest P. Worrell is a bank janitor sent to jail when people mistake his identity for a look-alike. Ernest P. Worrell is a bank janitor sent to jail when people mistake his identity for a look-alike.

How old was Ernest in Ernest Saves Christmas? He begins to worry as he then discovers he left his sack in the taxi, and becomes more discouraged as he realizes he is becoming forgetful in his old age (he’s 151 years old, as his passport shows he was born in 1837). Joe does not believe Santa’s story and Marty has him arrested.

Who owns the rights to Ernest Saves Christmas?

Ernest Saves Christmas
Production companies Touchstone Pictures Silver Screen Partners III Emshell Producers Group
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Release date November 11, 1988
Running time 95 minutes

Where were the Ernest movies filmed?

History. The Ernest ads were shot with a handheld film camera at the Nashville-area home of producer John Cherry III and Jerry Carden, beginning in 1980. As their number of clients increased, Varney sometimes did upwards of 25 different versions of a spot in a single day.

How old is Santa in Ernest Saves Christmas? Santa begins to worry when he discovers his sack is missing, and becomes more discouraged because of his increasing forgetfulness, a result of being 151 years old.

Was Nancy Marchand a heavy smoker?

A chain smoker for many years, Marchand died on the day before what would have been her 72nd birthday from lung cancer and emphysema.

Can a smoker live to 100? But with others making it to 100 despite their smoking and drinking, scientists have long suspected it could be something in the genes that decides who lives long and who dies young. New research in Japan has found such a genetic link.

Can lungs heal after 40 years of smoking?

The mutations that lead to lung cancer had been considered to be permanent, and to persist even after quitting. But the surprise findings, published in Nature, show the few cells that escape damage can repair the lungs. The effect has been seen even in patients who had smoked a pack a day for 40 years before giving up.

Who is the longest living smoker? In early May, Fredie Blom’s celebrated his 114th birthday, a feat that may make him the world’s oldest living man — although official verification is still needed. In a recent interview with the BBC, Blom shared no particular secrets to his longevity and instead confessed to still be a lifetime daily smoker.

Are Cherie Johnson and Soleil Moon Frye friends?

Being Cherie is such a natural feeling for Johnson especially because Frye is her real lifelong friend.

Why did Cherie Johnson use her real name on Punky Brewster? “We moved to L
os Angeles from Pittsburgh when I was five or six,” Johnson recalls. “And we moved in with Uncle David and his family. Six months later, he wrote Punky.” Although Duclon named the character of Cherie after his niece, he had no intention of casting her in the pilot.

Who died from Family Matters?

Television actress Michelle Thomas, 30, a co-star on the sitcom “Family Matters,” died Dec. 22 after a struggle with stomach cancer. Television actress Michelle Thomas, 30, a co-star on the sitcom “Family Matters,” died Dec. 22 after a struggle with stomach cancer.

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