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Jim Varney got his big break in 1976 when he was cast in a variety TV show and went on to appear in several TV shows. In the early 1980s, he played his signature character Ernest P. Worrell in hundreds of commercials.

Simply so, What happened to the guy who played Ernest? GRINNING actor Jim Varney — who shot to fame as the goofy handyman Ernest and was the voice of Slinky Dog in the “Toy Story” movies — died yesterday. Varney, 50, died of lung cancer at his home in White House, Tenn.

Where is Ernest today? Jim Varney, 50, the rubbernecked comic best known for his hokey but adored character Ernest, died of lung cancer Thursday at his home in White House, Tenn., near Nashville.

How old was Ernest P. Worrell when he died?

Jim Varney
Died February 10, 2000 (aged 50 ) White House, Tennessee, U.S.
Resting place Lexington Cemetery
Occupation Actor comedian
Years active 1964–2000

Why did Ernest go to jail?

Ernest P. Worrell is a bank janitor sent to jail when people mistake his identity for a look-alike. Ernest P. Worrell is a bank janitor sent to jail when people mistake his identity for a look-alike.

Secondly Was Jim Varney smart? Varney was possibly too convincing; many people believed that he was Ernest, a country bumpkin, and not just an actor playing a role. But friends described Varney as the most intelligent man they had ever met.

Is Ernest dead? WHITE HOUSE, Tenn. (AP) _ Jim Varney, the rubbernecked comic who portrayed his rube character “Ernest″ from hundreds of television commercials to a series of hit movies, died Thursday at his home. He was 50.

How much money did the Ernest movies make? Summary

Release Date Title Worldwide Box Office
Nov 11, 1988 Ernest Saves Christmas $28,202,109
May 22, 1987 Ernest Goes to Camp $23,509,382
Averages $18,463,567
Totals 5 $92,317,836

What do you say Vern?

What did Ernest go to look for? Yes, the poet went to meet Ernest. They both sat together and Ernest tried to find great stone face in poet. What did the poet reply when he listened Ernest’s prophecy story?

What was Jim varneys IQ?

Jim Varney has a very high I.Q., almost genius. This is probably why he is such a great actor. I read somewhere that his I.Q. was over 200.

What was the last Ernest movie? We end our story with Stupid, the last Ernest film released by a major studio (Disney’s Touchstone division).


How old is Ernest Worrell?

Worrell in commercials, television shows and movies, died Thursday of lung cancer at his home in White House, Tenn. He was 50. Dressed in his trademark baseball cap, T-shirt, blue denim vest and jeans, the rubber-faced, nasal-twanged Varney offered an appearance of haplessness and harmlessness.

Who streams Ernest movies?

You can now watch all the full-length Ernest movies on YouTube.

Which Ernest movie made the most money? Franchise: Ernest

Rank Release Lifetime Gross
1 Ernest Saves Christmas $28,202,109
2 Ernest Goes to Jail $25,029,569
3 Ernest Goes to Camp $23,509,382
4 Ernest Scared Stupid $14,143,280

Was Jim Varney a genius? Despite his persona as Ernest P. Worrell, he reportedly had a near genius I.Q. level. He was said to be occasionally exasperated with fans who met him and assumed he was exactly like the Worrell character he portrayed.

Is Ernest a word?

Earnest may be used as an adjective or noun, related words are earnestness and earnestly. Ernest is a masculine name. The name Ernest is derived from the German names Ernst and Ernust. … Note that Ernest is capitalized, as it is a proper noun.

What was Ernest favorite saying? The commercials and the character had definite impact; children especially seemed to imitate Ernest and “KnoWhutimean?” became a catchphrase.

Why did the poet’s eyes fill with tears?

Why did the poet’s eyes fill with tears? Answer: … The poet felt that the life and character of Ernest were nobler strain of poetry that he had ever written. His eyes filled with tears and he said to himself that never was there so worthy a sage as that thoughtful face, with the glim of white hair diffused about it.

Did Ernest believe that the old prophecy had come true? No, Ernest did not believe that the old prophecy had come true. Even though everybody had agreed that he was the likeness of the Great Stone Face, he himself hoped that some wiser and better man than himself would appear, bearing a resemblance to the Great Stone Face.

Who proclaimed that Ernest himself was the Great Stone Face?

He doubted his own faith in his thoughts sometimes. 4. What made the poet proclaim Ernest was the Stone Face? Ans: The poet saw Ernest while he was talking to his audience and observed that his words were kind, powerful and came from the depth of his heart and mind.

What does the P stand for in Ernest P. Worrell? Characters information

Ernest Powertools Worrell is a character portrayed by the late Jim Varney in a series of television commercials, and later in a television series (Hey, Vern, It’s Ernest!) as well as a series of feature films.

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