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Top 100 Disney Comic Books by Value

  • 1) Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #1. Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #1. …
  • 2) Four Color Comics #16. …
  • 3) Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #2. …
  • 4) Four Color Comics #9. …
  • 5) Four Color Comics #386. …
  • 6) Four Color Comics #4. …
  • 7) Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #3. …
  • 8) Mickey Mouse Magazine v5 #12.

Simply so, Does Disney still make comic books? Disney Comics is currently a label of Disney Publishing Worldwide and was a comic book publishing company operated by The Walt Disney Company from 1990 to 1993. It was connected with W. D. Publications, Inc., which was a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company that published “Disney Comics” during that time span.

When was the first Disney comic? Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories really hit the big time with the introduction of original 10-page comic scenarios starring leading man Donald Duck, starting in the April 1943 issue with the first story written and drawn by Disney Legend Carl Barks.

Did Disney have comics? Disney comics are comic books and comic strips featuring characters created by the Walt Disney Company, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge. The first Disney comics were newspaper strips appearing from 1930 on, starting with the Mickey Mouse comic strip.

Are old Disney figurines worth anything?

The Value of Disney Figurines

Still, vintage examples can fetch an amazing price at auction, and the sum increases with the quality of the figurine’s preservation. … Over on the Etsy marketplace, a vintage Lladro porcelain Peter Pan figurine is available for $1000. It’s in mint condition, which is valuable.

Secondly What are Dr Seuss books worth? Values for Dr. Seuss First Edition Books

Year Book Title VG-
1955 On Beyond Zebra $800
1956 If I Ran The Circus $800
1957 The Cat In The Hat $2,400
1957 How The Grinch Stole Christmas $1,200

Where is the best place to sell Disney collectibles? Best Places To Sell Your Disney Collectibles For Fast Cash

  • Neatstuff Collectibles. …
  • Local Collectibles Store. …
  • Local Pawn Shop. …
  • Local Collectors Group. …
  • eBay, Craigslist & Facebook Marketplace.

What is the most valuable Disney collectible? Topping the value of Disney comics at $250,000, the “Mickey and Goofy” 1956 edition and it’s original printing plates continue to be one of the highest valued comic books ever sold at auction. Any comic book collector would love to get their hands on this pristine edition for their collection.

Are Disney mugs worth anything?

Out-of-production Disney mugs.

Anything Disney is likely to be collectible, though, of course, old and rare items tend to be worth the most. Examples: A set of six black mugs, each featuring a Disney villain, recently sold for $175. A mug from Disney’s Epcot Center in the shape of a purple dragon head sold for $139.50.

What did you see on Mulberry Street? Plot. And see what you can see. However, the only thing Marco has seen on his walk is a horse pulling a wagon on Mulberry Street. … He imagines the horse is first a zebra, then a reindeer, then an elephant, and finally, an elephant helped by two giraffes.

How do you identify a first edition book?


Identifying the First Edition of a Book

The publisher may actually state the words ‘first edition’ or ‘first printing’ on the copyright page. Another common method of identification is the number line – that’s a line of numbers on the copyright page. Usually, if a one is present in the line then it’s a first edition.

How much is Scrambled Eggs Super worth? The Reading Warehouse

Retail: $16.99 OUR PRICE: $11.89
Buy 25 or more: OUR PRICE: $11.38 Save More!
Buy 100 or more: OUR PRICE: $10.87 Save More!

How do I sell Disney VHS movies?

3 Places To sell Disney VHS Tapes

  1. eBay. With around 160 million active users, eBay has the customer base you need to sell just about anything. …
  2. Mercari. If you’re new to the online selling world (or you’re one of those people who refuse to sign up for eBay’s Managed Payments) then Mercari is a very good option. …
  3. Locally.

How do I sell Disney collectibles online?

Buyers Online

Just to name a few, you can consider selling your Disney collectibles on Facebook Marketplace, on eBay and on Craigslist.

Where can I sell collectibles? Here are the top ways to sell antiques and collectibles online:

  • Ebay. Selling antiques on eBay has been one of the go-to ways for dealers to put their collections in front of thousands of people for over two decades. …
  • Etsy. …
  • Ruby Lane. …
  • Other Online Marketplaces. …
  • Online Dealers. …
  • Social Media. …
  • Specialty Sites. …
  • Build a Website.

What’s the rarest Disney pin? In terms of rarity, the Dream Jeweled Mickey is one of the rarest Disney pins ever made and a collector’s dream item. It’s packed full of special features that add to the pin’s value. Each of the three pins has 130 precious gems including garnets, black sapphires and real diamonds.

What is Mickey Mouse’s net worth?

Mickey Mouse brought Walt Disney great fame and a fortune valued at $5 billion, according to CelebrityNetWorth, but he was almost never created.

What is the most expensive Disney toy? Bottom Line: Mickey Mouse Mad Doctor Poster

This is the granddaddy of all Mickey Mouse posters and the most expensive Disney collectible that isn’t a movie prop or a 100-pound Mickey statue made out of solid gold.

What’s the rarest Starbucks cup?

The Seattle mistake mug is the rarest Starbucks mug.

What is the most expensive Starbucks mug? And people aren’t put off by the hefty price tag: In fact, the $150 hot bevvy tumbler is officially SOLD OUT on Starbucks’s website.

Is Starbucks still making the been there Series mugs?

More. Starbucks designed Disney “Been There” mugs exclusively for the parks, and now, the ever-popular mugs are not available anymore. These mugs have been released 2018 & 2019 and was sold out quickly. … Welcome to Starbucks Been There Collector (SBTC) Fanpage.

Why is Mulberry Street famous? Mulberry Street is a principal thoroughfare in Lower Manhattan, New York City. It is historically associated with Italian-American culture and history, and in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was the heart of Manhattan’s Little Italy. The street was listed on maps of the area since at least 1755.

How old was Dr Seuss when he died?

Geisel, who lived and worked in an old observatory in La Jolla, California, known as “The Tower,” died September 24, 1991, at age 87.

What comes after Z Dr Seuss? Seuss. In this take on the genre of alphabet book, Seuss presents, instead of the twenty-six letters of the conventional English alphabet, twenty additional letters that purportedly follow them.

On Beyond Zebra!

Author Dr. Seuss
OCLC 7715159
Preceded by Horton Hears a Who!
Followed by If I Ran the Circus

What does 001 mean in a book?

That’s because “first edition” means different things to collectors and to publishers. To collectors, it refers to the very first version of the physical book to be printed. For publishers, “first edition” may just mean the first version of the text, without significant revisions.

How do I know if my book is worth money? To check the value of your books, go abebooks.com or bookfinder.com. You can also sell on these sites or on eBay. Dealers pay immediately, usually about one-third of the retail price.

What does ISBN stand for? International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a national and international standard identification number for uniquely identifying books, i.e., publications that are not intended to continue indefinitely. The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a national and international standard for serial publications.

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