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Deborah Margaret Gallagher, also popularly known as “Debbie” is a central figure in the story. She is the youngest of the Gallagher siblings. According to the sources, Debbie said that she is pregnant in a conversation with Fiona in Season 5 Episode 12, “Love Songs (In the Key of Gallagher)”.

‘Shameless’: Debbie Pregnant? — Season 5 Finale Recap | TVLine All of Fiona’s time away from home this season on Shameless comes back to bite her in the backside on Sunday night’s finale. With Carl in juvie, Ian on the lam with Monica, and Debbie having sex under her own roof, Fiona wonders if she could be failing any more at raising these kids.

Season 6 Fiona hates that Debbie is pregnant, so she tries to convince Debbie to get an abortion. Fiona soon finds out that she, too, is pregnant. Debbie is excited and says that they can raise them together.

In the final episode of the season, Debbie has an altercation with Fiona and she says she is pregnant. She tells Fiona she wanted to get pregnant, and she knows who she loves and she knows what she wants. Season 6 Fiona hates that Debbie is pregnant, so she tries to convince Debbie to get an abortion.

Anyways Debbie got pregnant in high school by this boy Derek. They met in a boxing class because Debbie wanted to learn how to fight because one of her friends told everyone Debbie raped her last boyfriend (I can’t remember his name on top of my head) but it was the 20 year old when she was like 13.

She seemed immature and selfish in the 6th season. Later, in the 7th-8th season, she grows out of it. Carl is like Debbie. Both are maturing figuratively and literally.

Why did Debbie take advantage of Matty?

Around the start of the fifth season, Debbie took advantage of an older friend named Matty because she was throwing a party and everyone drank Frank’s “milk of the gods” which was a heavily alcoholic beer he made in Sheila’s basement.

Laura Slade Wiggins as Karen Jackson is 23. Season two started airing the following year, making all of the characters one year older. Season three aired the very next year making the characters one year older. The fourth season started airing in 2014, three years after the first.

19-Terry Milkovich dies late in Season 11 when a nun caretaker puts a plastic bag over his head. Terry was paralyzed because Liam fired a bullet up in the air and it came down on the top of Terry’s head while he was returning from a fake Trump rally.

Shameless’s geography is goofy but two references they used that are true — when Fiona tries to get her day care business back up and her friend won’t trust her anymore due to Fiona going to jail, Fiona says “you’re kidding.

What happened to Debbie in Season 2?

She’s running a full-fledged daycare out of her home on her own, the money she earns going into the winter Squirrel Fund. She ends up with a stress rash, which she attributes to being from melamine-tainted laundry soap she bought at the Dollar Store.

Debbie delivers her baby on the kitchen table in the Gallagher house. Debbie named her child Frances Har riett, Franny for short, after her father Frank. After the birth, the EMT arrives and Debbie and Franny leave in the ambulance alone after Fiona tries to join.


Debbie and Carl are confused by this display before they intervened by telling Liam that he didn’t impregnate Sissy, due to the timing. Debbie goes to Fiona’s tenants and asks about lesbians’ acts. She is aroused by Mel kissing her and flashing her. Debbie leaves, amazed by the experience.

In Season 1 , Debbie is a humble person and is very persistent. She takes Liam to school with her in the pilot since nobody can take care of him, she uses him for show and tell, with a birthmark, and she looks really hard to find Frank when he’s missing in Canada in episode 2, Frank the Plank .

When Grammy Gallagher returns in Season 2 , Debbie is more than happy to keep her secrets after being handed a $100 bribe, and when Monica returns Debbie is more than happy to side with her. She even sneaks into the hospital to help Frank break her out of the psych ward when she signs herself in for a period of time.

Debbie tries to reconcile with Alex by inviting her to lunch. but sees Alex is no different from her with women. She leaves while letting Alex pay for the large bill. Debbie goes home and dines with her family and an actress Lip was watching as a sobriety watcher. and the latter even kisses Debbie.

Debbie also ends up obsessed with death after seeing the dead body of Aunt Ginger’s boyfriend Harry at the end of episode 2 , Summer Loving. After this traumatic event, she ends up thinking about it constantly for a whole episode and doing a hilarious rendition of “#1 Crush”, by Garbage.

What did Debbie steal from her mother?

Debbie then turns around and steals the mother’s luxury stroller and flips it on Craigslist, selling it for $1,500. With the money Debbie hires a night nurse to take care of Franny and begins to attend school again. This is short-lived after Debbie accidentally steals a stroller with a baby in it.

After her mother’s funeral, Neil begins to think Debbie has lack of interest in him, so he tries to make himself appeal to her but nothing works as she mostly leaves her daughter in his care. Debbie has one of her friends who is a nurse care for him. She is also confused by her father’s change, thinking he has lost his mind.

After a few successful rounds, Debbie is soon caught stealing and Fiona is called. Fiona gets Debbie out of the mess by saying that Debbie is “special”.

During Found, Debbie and Carl go out for revenge on Kelly and tell Fiona they’ll be out. The two vandalize Kelly’s truck and quickly flee the scene when she nearly spots them. She is later told by Fiona of Frank’s recovery, as well as Fiona’s assault being reduced to a misdemeanor.

She complies with his demands. The next day, Debbie gives her family money cards and Frank control of the house, as they are surprised with her. In A Little Gallagher Goes A Long Way, Debbie comes home and finds Frank passed out from the party.

During Hiraeth, a month has passed and Debbie nearly abandons her daughter but she has second thoughts. She takes her to a park and tries to talk to a fellow mother who sees that she’s a teen mom and ignores Debbie. Debbie then turns around and steals the mother’s luxury stroller and flips it on Craigslist, selling it for $1,500. With the money Debbie hires a night nurse to take care of Franny and begins to attend school again. This is short-lived after Debbie accidentally steals a stroller with a baby in it. Debbie goes home and is not too surprised to see that Frank is still alive after surviving the fall but voices her displeasure. Like her siblings, she wants nothing to do with her father and treats with him with disdain but still has care for him.

Now having two friends who glamorize sexual promiscuity, Debbie meets Matt, a 20 year old at an arcade who she attempts to seduce only to have him reject her. Although upset, she agrees to only become friends. She finds out Matty has started to date a girl who works with him. She become jealous and tries to make the girl stay away from Matty by threatening her and putting a snake in her car. Later, she is confronted by Matty’s apparent girlfriend who threatens her with a baseball bat to stay away from him. One day at school a boy in her class starts to show interest in her. He asks if they can dissect the frog together, she accepts but her friends who are interested in him want to work with him too. He shows her all the frog parts, Debbie is not grossed out but her friends are very disgusted. When he gets to the frogs heart he gives her it. Debbie is very flattered at this gesture. They hang out more that day at school and he even sketches a picture of her. He asks her if they can meet up after his basketball practice, she accepts. They then are making out and he takes off her shirt when suddenly a bunch of people pop up and laugh and take pictures of her. Matty’s girlfriend is there and says that the boy that has seemed interested in Debbie is actually her step-brother and she paid him to do this. Debbie is shocked and majorly heartbroken. Matty finds out and breaks up with his girlfriend, he asks Debbie to remain friends. She accepts but is secretly more devoted than ever to get him back as her boyfriend.


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