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What’s the biggest amount ever won on The Chase? While Judith’s win as a solo contestant is very impressive, that’s not the biggest amount of money that’s ever been won on the show. That honour went to the team of Diane, Luca, Tim and Gayna, who collectively went away with £100,000 after their defeat of Anne, AKA The Governess.

Register won $75,000 plus an accumulating $1,720,000 jackpot, giving her the record for most winnings by a female contestant on a game show in U.S. television history and the record for the most money won by an American who has only ever appeared on one game show.

In the original U.S. version of The Chase, over the course of 51 games, the contestants won 16 of those games over The Beast. The highest winnings (until this year) actually went to the first team that beat The Beast, in The Chase ’s second episode.

In the very first episode of the new iteration of The Chase, contestants James and Kristen beat Ken, taking home $72,500 each, noticeably higher than any previous U.S. winnings. However, as The Chase continued on, the stakes grew higher and higher.

How many games did the Chase win?

People have won ‘The Chase’ in both U.S. versions. In the original U.S. version of The Chase, over the course of 51 games, the contestants won 16 of those games over The Beast. The highest winnings (until this year) actually went to the first team that beat The Beast, in The Chase ’s second episode. Heather, Cory, and Jonathan went head …

James took home $58,333, which was from a larger pot split with his co-contestants Jeff and Jamie. Although it was a team effort, The Beast actually tweeted that James was the best player to ever play The Chase, and the producers reportedly asked him to try out to be a Chaser, before he ever became a Jeopardy! champ.

The premise of the show is that three contestants need to out-trivia the Chaser, although the contestants are given several advantages over the Chasers. Source: ABC. Article continues below advertisement.

The Chase two-hour season finale airs March 4 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. Advertisement.

The Chase is also based on a British show of the same name , which has been running since 2009. The American version went from 2013 to 2015, and was just recently revived to feature Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer, and Brad Rutter as the Chasers. In its three years on American television, has anyone ever won and beat the Chaser?

Ken Jennings has actually never won ‘The Chase.’. Ken Jennings is considered *the* Jeopardy! GOAT, having won the GOAT tournament against Brad and James. However, in the world of The Chase, Ken is apparently not as hard to beat.

How many viewers did The Chase have?

The Chase became one of the highest-rated original programs in GSN’s history. The series debuted to 511,000 total viewers during its premiere while maintaining 90% of its audience with 461,000 total viewers during the second episode airing that night. On January 28, 2014, The Chase set a new series high for total viewers and adults 18–49, with 827,000 and 234,000 viewers respectively. Although the season three premiere fell in the ratings from its series high, earning 494,000 viewers with only 73,000 in the 18–49 demographic, the premiere of the fourth season saw a sizeable rise over the previous season’s premiere, earning 749,000 total viewers. With a strong lead-in from Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, the 2021 ABC version premiered to a 0.9/5 rating/share and 6.2 million viewers. The second season of the 2021 version premiered to 4.23 million viewers.


The Chase. (American game show) The Chase is an American television quiz show adapted from the British program of the same name. The show originally premiered on August 6, 2013 on Game Show Network (GSN). It was hosted by Brooke Burns and featured Mark Labbett as the “chaser” (referred to on-air exclusively by his nickname of “The Beast”).

On November 2, 2020, it was reported that ABC had ordered The Chase to series for a nine-episode run, with Sara Haines of ABC’s daytime talk show The View as host and Jennings, Holzhauer and Rutter each rotating as the Chaser.

After the contestants have completed their Final Chase round, the chaser then has two minutes to catch the team by answering questions from the unused set in the same manner. If he passes or misses a question, the clock is briefly stopped and the team is given a chance to discuss it and offer an answer.

The Chase originated in the United Kingdom, premiering on ITV in 2009. As the series became increasingly popular in the UK, Fox ordered two pilot episodes in April 2012 to be taped in London for consideration to be added to the network’s US programming lineup. Bradley Walsh, presenter of the British version, was featured as the show’s host, while UK chaser Mark “The Beast” Labbett and Jeopardy! champion Brad Rutter were the chasers. After Fox passed up the opportunity to add the series to its lineup, Game Show Network (GSN), in conjunction with ITV Studios America, picked up the series with an eight-episode order on April 9, 2013, and announced Brooke Burns as the show’s host and Labbett as the chaser on May 29, 2013. Dan Patrick had originally been considered as the host. The first season premiered on August 6, 2013. Even though the show had not yet premiered at the time, the network ordered a second season of eight episodes on July 1, 2013, which premiered on November 5, 2013. Citing the series’ status as a “ratings phenom,” GSN eventually announced plans to renew it for a third season, which premiered in the summer of 2014. During the third season, the series also premiered its first celebrity edition with celebrity contestants playing for charity. GSN proceeded to renew the series for a fourth season before the end of season three; this new season began airing January 27, 2015. After the seventh episode of the season, the series went on another hiatus; new episodes from the fourth season resumed airing July 16, 2015. The final episode of the fourth season aired on December 11, 2015, concluding the show’s original run after four seasons and 51 episodes. Episodes from the first two seasons are available on Netflix.

Three days later, Deadline Hollywood reported that the network was in talks to cast Rutter and fellow Jeopardy! champions Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer to serve as the chasers.

Any answer given by a contestant who has not rung in is automatically considered to be incorrect. Ringing in is not required if only one contestant is playing the Final Chase.

Who won the biggest prize in the Chase?

In July 2019, Judith, who was a standby contestant, made The Chase history by winning the largest sum of money as a solo contestant when she single handedly took on Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan and won a whopping £70,000.

Taking on Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer” Wallace, they managed to beat the Chaser with just 16 steps and went home with the huge amount which they donated to Soccer Aid.

Taking on the The Governess Anne Hegerty, the team made history by receiving the biggest payout ever on a daytime TV sho
w. They managed to get a comfortable 21 steps ahead of the chaser and pushed her back four times. Anne had only managed 14 steps when the time ran out, and the team went to receive £25,000 each.

Millions tune in daily to watch the hit ITV show The Chase where, at 5pm, four contestants take on a professional quizzer who will try to stop them from winning a cash prize.

The highest offer ever made was when Blue singer Duncan James appeared on the celebrity version of The Chase. He was offered the incredible sum of £139,000. He accepted the higher offer at the table and won – but unfortunately the team was beaten in the final chase by Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan. Promoted Stories.

With nothing to lose, plucky Judith accepted the offer and made it through to the final chase.

The Vixen had effortlessly wiped out the other three contestants on the team, and offered Judith £70,000 as the higher offer when she competed in the cash builder round.

Who is the presenter of the Chase?

Aidan Milan Wednesday 6 Mar 2019 4:50 pm. Bradley Walsh, presenter of The Chase (Picture: ITV) History was made in February this year, as a contestant on Bradley Walsh ’s popular game show The Chase made away with the biggest ever prize won by a solo player.

The Vixen, AKA Jenny Ryan, was defeated by Judith, a 58-year-old Charity Volunteer from Cambridgeshire. So how much did Judith win, and what is the biggest ever prize won on the show?

Judith, who had to face the quizzer all on her own after her teammates all failed to make it through to the final round, ended up giving 20 correct answers, to host Bradley Walsh’s amazement. In the end, she got nine opportunities to push back, of which she took eight, and went home with a staggering £70,000.


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