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Considering he has appeared in all the episodes, Tom is among the actors whose salary and net worth is massive. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. Also, Tom makes approximately $15,000 per episode of Mountain Men. 2. Eustace Robinson Conway – $200,000

According to Distractify, Mountain Men salary per episode is around $3,500. However, the figure can be adjusted based on an actor’s input alongside other factors. So, how much do all actors earn, and what is their net worth? The Walking Dead cast salary 2022: Who is the highest-paid per episode? 1. Tom Oar – $200,000

Through his merchandise, Oar earns up to $4000. Tom experienced a boost in its sale after he became popular through the show Mountain Men. Oar has been married to Nancy for more than fifty years. They have a son named Chad, who has also made appearances in the show ‘Mountain Men.’

You may be wondering how much Tom earns from Mountain Men. Well, the star reportedly makes earns $15,000 per episode from the reality TV series. His salary is not the highest among the cast members, but it is surely a substantial and deserved amount.

How much does Sweeney make on Mountain Men?

Sweeney’s the narrator of Mountain Men and the show’s not his only gig. He gets around $20,000 per episode narrating the show. He’s got a home in Santa Monica, Calif., that’s worth $1.025 million. Plus, with a slew of other acting gigs, he’s probably sitting on a decent net worth.

Jason Hawk – $400,000. Jason joined the cast a few seasons in and has appeared in 44 episodes of the series. Despite that, it’s believed he’s managed to amass a $400,000 net worth from his time on Mountain Men, but his forgery business is also doing well, so he’s definitely got some income from that.

Marty Meierotto – $250,000 (probably way higher) Marty may have left the show, but he managed to reportedly net up to $30,000 each episode for the series. Although his net worth is at a reported $250,000, it’s probably much higher than that as he was in 103 episodes.

Rich Lewis – $300,000. When you think of a “Mountain Man,” someone who looks like Rich Lewis is probably among the first images that pop into your head. The man’s got a net worth of some $300,000, which might be higher depending on what he was getting paid per showing over his 83 episodes.

Why did Tom retire from mountain life?

He wasn’t as first and sharp as he used to be, and it left him vulnerable to dangerous wild animals. Because of this, Tom finally retired from mountain life, op ting for a less stressful existence with his wife in Florida.

Sources say that Oar’s salary on the show ranged from $3,000 to $5,000 per episode. Other than TV, he has also generated a significant amount of wealth from selling his knives online.

The episode first aired on May 31, 2012. Fans met Tom and his wife along the Yaak River in Montana, 100 miles off the nearest town. With 104 episodes in total, Tom Oar is one of the longest recurring cast members of the show. His last appearance came with the episode titled, ‘Hell or High Water.’.


Tom Oar’s Wife and Children. Tom and his wife Nancy have been together for over 40 years now. Because of their lifestyle choices, it is hard to find details about the early stages of their relationship. We were able to uncover that the two relied on each other constantly while working in the wilderness.

They life they live is a dangerous one, as they constantly had to contend with wild animals like wolves. Once old age began to set in, Tom switched to tanning to support his family. The family additionally supported themselves through their roles on television.

Caption: Tom Oar with wife Nancy. Tom and his wife previously lived four miles off of the British Colombia Border, and 15 miles off the Idaho Panhandle. This meant that it was easy for fans to find their home, and privacy quickly became a forgotten concept.

Tom Oar is now retired and settled in the less strenuous regions of Florida. Despite countless rumors regarding his death, we can confirm that he is still alive. He quit being a mountain man as his old age finally caught up with him. Caption: TV personality, Tom Oar is still alive. Tags: Mountain Men.


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