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Michael-Leon Wooley (born March 29, 1971) is an American theatre, film, and television, voice actor and singer. Wooley was the voice of Louis the Alligator in Disney’s Oscar-nominated animated feature film, The Princess and the Frog and played Judge Grady on the radio station WKTT in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV.

Simply so, Whats a good name for a crocodile? These names range from funny to serious and can be great for your Croc pet.

  • Ali.
  • Allie.
  • Bodie.
  • Cranky.
  • Crocky.
  • Chomp.
  • Gus.
  • Jaws.

Is Louis a crocodile or alligator? Louis is a major character in Disney’s 2009 animated feature film The Princess and the Frog. He is a trumpet-playing alligator with dreams of becoming a human jazz musician.

What is the difference between alligator and crocodile? Crocodiles have longer, pointier snouts; alligators have shorter, more rounded snouts. When an alligator has its mouth shut, you won’t see any of its teeth. … Crocodiles are typically lighter in color, with tans and brown colors; alligators are darker, showing more gray and black colors.

Did Louis turn into a human?

At first, Louis is too scared to take them to the deepest, darkest part of the bayou where she lives because of the dangers there, but is convinced by Naveen that she could make Louis “smaller and less toothy,” so that he can play music for humans without scaring them; Louis decides to ask Mama Odie to turn him human.

Secondly What’s a baby crocodile called? Hatchlings: Baby crocodiles and alligators Juveniles: Young crocodiles and alligators Adults: Older crocodiles and alligators Hatch: when baby crocodiles first come out of their egg Mature: When a crocodile is old enough to reproduce. This is an egg from a saltwater crocodile.

What do you call a baby crocodile? Baby crocodiles are called hatchlings.

What is the female crocodile called? Animal names

Animal Female Male
Crocodile bull
Deer hind, doe buck, stag

Does Tiana turn back into a human?

Tiana and Naveen marry and turn back into humans as Tiana is now a princess by marrying Naveen and use the money Tiana’s saved to open the restaurant (with a little intimidation help from Louis).

Which Disney Princess has a frog? Tiana is a fictional character in Walt Disney Pictures’ 49th animated feature film The Princess and the Frog (2009).

Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

Species Human Frog (temporarily via incantation)
Title Princess of Maldonia
Affiliation Disney Princesses
Family James (father) Eudora (mother)

What animals are the Disney characters?

Disney Animals Who are Both Cute and Intimidating

  • Maximus, Tangled. …
  • Abu, Aladdin. …
  • Bucky the Squirrel, The Emperor’s New Groove. …
  • Pegasus, Hercules. …
  • Flit, Pocahontas. …
  • Young Simba, The Lion King. …
  • Bruce, Finding Nemo. …
  • Kenai/Bears, Brother Bear.

What does it mean when someone calls you alligator? An alligator is a very big reptile — a scaly, four-footed animal with a long tail. … Alligator comes from the Spanish el lagarto, or “lizard.” In the 1930s, if someone called you an alligator, they might have been referring to your love for swing music.


Do alligators eat people?

Alligators eating humans isn’t unheard of. Occasionally, an alligator has been found to have human remains in their stomachs. … To illustrate how rare they are across much of the alligators’ range, a fatal Texas alligator attack in 2015 was the first fatal alligator attack in the state since 1836.

How do you survive an alligator death roll?

Are Louis and Claudia lovers? Claudia and Louis pretty much live like husband and wife while in Paris, but present themselves to the outside world as father and daughter. Eventually, they meet Armand (Antonio Banderas), a vampire who runs a theater of vampires. Armand is quick to point out that Louis and Claudia are actually lovers.

What was Louis dark gift? Louis’s gift was his humanity, he retained his human soul – feelings emotions, and although very painful for him, empathy.

Does Molloy become a vampire?

After the interview (and Louis’s refusal to turn him into a vampire), he became absorbed in finding Lestat de Lioncourt and leaves San Francisco for New Orleans to search for him.

What is elephant Child Called? A baby elephant is called a calf. Calves stay close to their mothers. They drink their mother’s milk for at least two years.

What are sharks babies called?

We call baby sharks pups. Some sharks give birth to live pups and others lay eggs, much like a chicken!

What are monkey babies called? Like human babies, baby monkeys are called infants. A group of monkeys would be called a tribe or a troop.

What is giraffe baby called?

A baby giraffe is called a calf. Also note, that while people often refer to a tower of giraffe or a journey of giraffe (when they are walking), scientifically, we call it a herd of giraffe.

What animal is an ox? Put simply, an ox (or oxen if you’re talking about more than one), is any cattle over four years of age that has been trained to do work. Most often they are steers (castrated male cattle). Any breed of cattle can be trained to become an ox, although some breeds are better suited to it than others.

What animal is called a Jill?

sow (large) or jill (small) boar (large) or hob, jack (small) colony (large) or business (small)

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