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Her gift is empathy and the love for her family that helps them all keep their magic alive. In a heartwarming end to the story, Encanto celebrates those who are labeled black sheep by families and society. It emphasizes uniqueness and togetherness that make the world a colorful place.

Encanto centers on Mirabel, the only Madrigal child who didn’t get a magical gift. But according to one theory, she may have received one after all. In Encanto, Mirabel is the lone Madrigal who isn’t magical.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Encanto. In Encanto , Abuela Alma’s descendants are blessed with supernatural gifts once they turned five years old, with each gift reflecting something about each character. The Madrigals’ special abilities elevated the family while also enabling them to better support their community.

Here’s every character’s gift in Encanto and why they had them. The Madrigal matriarch, Alma, technically didn’t have a power of her own, but without her, no one else would either. Alma was given the magical Encanto to raise her triplets and honor her late husband’s sacrifice to give them a better life.



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