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Robert Duvall net worth: Robert Duvall is an American actor, producer and director who has a net worth of $70 million.

Net Worth: $120 Million
Age: 81
Born: April 25, 1940
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor

Secondly, How much does Al Pacino get paid?

In the ’90s, Pacino was earning about $10 million per movie, and that period saw him star in films like Heat and Donnie Brasco. Most recently, it was reported that Pacino has a deal with HBO that guarantees him of $10 million for any movie he stars in on the network.Feb 21, 2020

Subsequently, How much did Al Pacino get paid for the Godfather?

Al Pacino’s net worth is $120 million. Five years later, Pacino’s career was forever changed when he starred in The Godfather. He got $35,000 for his role as Michael Corleone, which is about $215,000 today when you adjust for inflation.Feb 21, 2020

Likewise, How much is Al Pacino’s net worth?

Summary: Al Pacino has a net worth of $120 million. He is an American acting icon who for more than two decades has earned $10+ million per acting role, no matter how big or small.

Is Al Pacino a smoker?

Pacino was born in New York in 1940. His Italian-American parents divorced when he was two. He started smoking and drinking young and took menial jobs to fund his dream of becoming an actor.Jul 17, 2015

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How much did Al Pacino get paid for Scarface?

But he earned just $35,000 for a film that eventually earned over $200 million. The money would come soon after.Feb 23, 2019

What is Al Pacino’s religion?

Al Pacino has defended his role as a Jewish Nazi hunter in a new show on Amazon.Feb 15, 2020

What is Al Pacino’s full name?

Alfredo James Pacino

How old is Duvall?

89 yearsJanuary 5, 1931

How much money did Tony Montana have?

Rank Name Net Worth
13 Montana, Tony $1 billion
9Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria $2.8 billion
4 Rich, Richie$10.7 billion
8 Stark, Anthony $3.0 billion

How much did Marlon Brando get paid for the Godfather?

For his performance as Don Corleone, Brando won his second Best Actor Oscar and negotiated points on his contract. That savvy move ended up netting him $2 million, a fantastic sum at the time.Feb 25, 2019

How old is Robert Duvall’s wife?

Robert Duvall, 83, cradles baby in his arms at lunch with much younger wife Luciana Pedraza, 42.Nov 24, 2014

Who was the highest paid actor in The Godfather?

The highest-paid actor on “The Godfather,” in terms of straight salary, was Richard Castellano, who played the enforcer Clemenza (left, with Pacino). He had received Tony and Oscar nominations for his performance in “Lovers and Other Strangers.”

Where Al Pacino lives now?

Tucked away in Hollywood Hills, California, Pacino’s home has a price tag that sits around $34 million. While that’s certainly a lot to drop on a single residence, the actor definitely gets his money worth.Feb 10, 2020

Did Tony Montana have a crush on his sister?

in 1983’s Scarface was there some kind of incestuous thing going on between Tony and his sister? No. probably, on her end it seemed like genuine sibling love. on tony’s end it seemed a little too close, uncomfortably close.May 13, 2016

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