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OT stands for “One True”. When someone says “OT4”, “OT5”, “OT7” etc. that means they are referring to the total number of all the members of that specific Kpop group.

What does OT3 mean in shipping? OT3 – A play on OTP, and means “one true threesome“. OT4 – Means “one true foursome”

Simply so, What does ot9 mean 1D? the ot9 one direction. niall, louis, liam, harry, zayn, josh, sandy, dan, jon.

What is 0t5? What is ot5? Fans use the slang term to refer to the original members of One Direction. According to a One Direction fandom site, the slang abbreviation ot5 stands for “one true,” referring to the five original members of 1D: Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam.

What does OT2 mean?

OT2 is applicable for rendering OT on a normal workday or working on Off Day. OT3 is applicable for working on Rest Day. Based on the rate defined, the OT amount will then reflect accordingly. Below is an example for clarity: OT1 rate defined is 1.0; OT2 rate defined is 1.5; OT3 rate defined is 2.0.

Also What does BrOTP mean in shipping? Ships might also be referred to as pairings. OTPs and brotps. OTP stands for One True Pairing. This is your favourite ship – the couple you think are destined to be together forever, the couple you think are endgame, as some might put it. A brotp is a platonic, brotherly OTP, to which you might apply the word bromance.

What does it mean to ship Platonically? Platonic friendship specifically refers to friendship between two people who could, in theory, feel attracted to each other. … you’ll eventually desire a sexual relationship with any friend you could be attracted to.

What does OTP BrOTP and NOTP mean? OTP stands for “one true pairing.” This is the one couple in the show/movie/band or whatever it is that you want together more than anything. They are your absolute favorite! Then there’s the BrOTP, which are the people that you love together but just as friends, hence the bro part of it.

What does OT7 mean Kpop?

OT7. Meaning “one true seven,” derived from OTP (one true pairing) and is referred to 7 members as a whole.

What does OTS mean Kpop? Answered Feb 21, 2021. “OT” means One True, meaning the original or what someone believes to be the original number of members. OT7 is used for groups like BTS and GOT7.

What does ot mean in job?

What is an Occupational Therapist? Occupational therapy (OT) is an allied health profession that involves the therapeutic use of everyday activities, or occupations, to treat the physical, mental, developmental, and emotional ailments that impact a patient’s ability to perform day-to-day tasks.

What is OT5 txt? A lot of our friends who are getting into K-pop have been asking us what OT5 means. If youve been wondering the same thing its a variation of OTP (one true pairing) but instead of referring to the perfect couple it points to the perfect group of five members.

What does ot mean in Kpop?

If you’re talking specifically about Kpop, maybe you saw something like OT4, OT9 or OT12. OT stands for “one true” followed by the number of members of the group.

What’s OT4 and OT5?

Buckle in, kids. Anonymous asked: what does like ot4 or ot5 mean. They both come from otp which is old fandom speech that basically means your fave ship/a ship you really super love. It stands for (are you ready for this) one true pairing (I KNOW).

What is OT Kpop? Originally Answered: What is OT in Kpop? OT stands for ONE TRUE. Meaning when someone talk about BTS and say OT7 they are talking about the original number of members in the group.

What is OT1 and OT2? What is the difference between OT1 and OT2? Answer: OT1 represents straight time – e.g., if an employee has total hours over their 40 hour threshold and uses PTO time within that pay period. OT2 represents time and a half – e.g., if an employee actually works the entire time.

What does overtime 1.0 mean?

OTST-Overtime Paid @ 1.0 For part-time employees, any hours worked in excess of an employee’s regular work schedule but less than 40.1 hours should be entered as Overtime Paid at Straight Time.

What’s a rare pair? rarepair (plural rarepairs) (fandom slang) A ship that generally receives little attention from fans and has few associated fanworks.

What does OTP mean in wattpad?

“OTP doesn’t mean favorite pairing, it means ‘one true pairing‘. If you can’t argue the pairing as true based on the canon material, it is not an OTP.”

What does non canon ship mean? Non-canon pairings are by definition not based on the books. If you create a universe where your non-canon pairing gets together, then you aren’t an HP fan, you are a fan of your own universe, because your universe is not that of the Harry Potter books.

What does ship mean on Tiktok?

Of course, as far as internet jargon goes, we all know that “ship” is short for a relationship, and it’s used when fans are rooting for two people to start dating, usually because they seem really cute and happy together. And, if you watch one or two of their videos, it’s easy to see why everyone feels that way.

Why do fans ship characters? As seen on countless fan-created Tumblr pages, to “ship” is to express your passionate approval of someone else’s relationship, or your desire to see two (usually fictional or famous) individuals in a relationship with each other.

Does platonic come from Plato?

Platonic relationships are those characterized by friendship and lacking romantic or sexual aspects, in contrast with romantic relationships. They are named after Plato and reference his writings on different types of love.

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