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The movie is set in Mexico and follows 12-year-old Miguel Rivera, whose family is against music and believes they’ve been cursed by it. But Miguel has a passion for music and accidentally ends up in the Land of the Dead after imitating his favorite singer, the late Ernesto de la Cruz.

Simply so, What is the saddest Pixar movie? 10 Saddest Pixar Movies, Ranked

  1. 1 A Sad And Tragic Love Story Fueled The Whole Adventure In Up.
  2. 2 Toy Story 2 & 3 Had Some Of The Saddest Moments In The Franchise. …
  3. 3 Coco Followed A Musical Child As He Traveled In The Land Of The Dead. …
  4. 4 Finding Nemo Opened With The Tragic Destruction Of An Aquatic Family. …

Who is Coco’s husband? Julio (Alfonso Arau), also known as Papá Julio, was the husband of Mamá Coco, and the father of Elena and Victoria. He gets very frantic easily, but he has his family’s best interests at heart. Due to her advancing age, Coco tends to mistake her great-grandson Miguel for Julio.

Why does Hector have a limp? Because he is being forgotten so his bones are breaking down, your can see part of his leg is cracked and bound up. Later in the movie when he is remembered by his family once again he is all polished and his clothes and bones are no longer torn/broken.

Is Miguel related to de la Cruz?

Miguel declares himself as de la Cruz’s great-great-grandson.

Secondly What is the saddest Disney death? 15 Saddest Disney Deaths, Ranked

  1. 1 Ellie. So many times, audiences see a character die fighting a terrible foe, or risking their lives for someone else.
  2. 2 Mufasa. …
  3. 3 Bambi’s Mom. …
  4. 4 Bing Bong. …
  5. 5 Ray. …
  6. 6 Tadashi. …
  7. 7 Kerchak. …
  8. 8 Coral. …

Will there be a Coco 2 movie? A Sequel To Coco Has Not Yet Been Announced

So far, there has been no official statement from Disney and Pixar confirming that a “Coco” sequel is in the works. The film was released way back in 2017, and if a second film was in the works, one might assume the studio would have announced it by now.

Is Coco the saddest Disney movie? For their 19th movie, Disney and Pixar have combined their powers over our emotions to create a scene that seems singularly designed to be one of the saddest moments in animated movie history. … And that is wholly represented by the tear-duct workout that comes with Coco’s most powerfully emotional few minutes.

How old was Coco when Héctor left?

“Héctor was 18 when he had Coco. Coco was 3 – 4 when Héctor left.

Why is Miguel’s last name Rivera? According to Miguel’s footprints and his late relatives, his right foot is pronated. It remains unknown whether the same applies to his left foot. The name “Miguel” is the Spanish variant of the English name “Michael”, so in a way, Miguel’s name in American tongue would be “Michael Rivera”.

What is Mamá Coco’s daughters name?

Renée Victor as Abuelita, Coco’s daughter and Miguel’s grandmother who strictly enforces the Rivera family’s music ban.


How old was Coco when Hector left? “Héctor was 18 when he had Coco. Coco was 3 – 4 when Héctor left.

How did Ernesto poisons Hector?

In 1921, Héctor began getting homesick and missed his wife and daughter and attempted to get back home to them. However, Ernesto poisoned Héctor by slipping it in his tequila. As he made his way to the train station, Héctor felt a pain in his stomach. Succumbing to the poison, Héctor then woke up dead.

Why can’t Mama Imelda cross the bridge in Coco?

The Riveras find Imelda angrily trying to figure out why she can’t cross over. They meet with a clerk (Gabriel Iglesias) as they figure out that Miguel kept Imelda’s picture from the ofrenda, which is why she can’t cross over. They also need to get Miguel back home before sunrise, or else he will be stuck there.

Why does Héctor have a gold tooth? 1 Héctor Didn’t Have His Gold Tooth While Alive

When Héctor was alive he didn’t have a gold tooth, but in the Land of the Dead, he does have a gold tooth which means that something happened to him in the afterlife and he had to get some dentistry work done.

What is the darkest Disney movie? Arguably the darkest film in the entire Disney animated canon is the 1996 film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The movie opens with Frollo killing Quasimodo’s mother and attempting to kill an infant Quasimodo before he is forced to stop.

What is the most violent Disney movie?

Disney’s 2000 film Dinosaur takes the top spot as the deadliest film, with 307,148 deaths! …

What is the hardest Disney song to sing? Top 10 Hardest Disney Songs to Sing

  • #8: “The Bells of Notre Dame” …
  • #7: “Almost There” …
  • #6: “Reflection” …
  • #5: “Be Our Guest” …
  • #4: “How Far I’ll Go” “Moana” (2016) …
  • #3: “Into the Unknown” “Frozen II” (2019) …
  • #2: “Let It Go” “Frozen” (2013) …
  • #1: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” “Mary Poppins” (1964)

Are they making a frozen 3?

Frozen star Josh Gad has said there is “no need” for a third instalment of the award-winning animated film. Addressing the possibility of a further film in the franchise, Gad, who voices Olaf the snowman, said: “Frozen 3 won’t happen unless there’s a reason for Frozen 3 to exist.” … But right now, no Frozen 3.”

Is there a frozen 3 coming out? The third section of Frozen is expected to be released in theaters around 2023 or 2024, according to Disney.

Is there a Moana 2?

Moana 2 Release Date

At Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, the release was made available in the United States on Blu-ray (both 2D and 3D) and DVD on March 7, 2017. An e-book version was made available on February 21st, 2017. The sequel to Disney’s Moana has received less publicity.

What Disney movie isnt sad? Bambi (1942), The Lion King (1994), The Fox and the Hound (1981), and Dumbo (1941) show children losing their parents, whereas Coco (2017) and The Little Mermaid (1989) throw their protagonists’ souls into dire peril. And few viewers, if any, have been able to watch the first ten minutes of Up (2009) without crying.

Is Hector Miguel’s grandfather?

It comes from you! Héctor Rivera (November 30, 1900—December 24, 1921, aged 21) was the husband of Imelda, the father of Coco Rivera, Miguel’s long-lost great-great-grandfather and the deuteragonist of Coco. An aspiring musician, Héctor left his family to travel the world with his childhood friend, Ernesto de la Cruz.

< p style="text-align:justify">Did Walt Disney lose his parents? His father was sick and went to the hospital, but his mother died. … Walt’s mother, Flora, died on Nov. 26, 1938, after the success of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” and during the production of “Pinocchio,” which was a theatrical failure. Hahn suggested that Disney was haunted by his mother’s loss.

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