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New member. Marluxia’s true name is Lauriam.

Simply so, Who is marluxia’s somebody? Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin (優雅なる凶刃, Yūga-naru Kyōjin?, lit. Graceful Assassin’s Blade), is the Nobody of Lauriam, Rank XI of Organization XIII, and Rank VII of the real Organization XIII. He is the lord of Castle Oblivion, and the main antagonist of Sora’s story in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Is Marluxia a Lauriam? Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin, is the N. XI within the original Organization XIII and Nobody of Lauriam. He is an antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts game series, being the Lord of Castle Oblivion and the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Is Elrena a Larxene? Elrena is a Keyblade wielder belonging to the same Union as Strelitzia in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. She is the human form of Larxene.

What is demyx real name?

Demyx called Sora “Roxas.” Organization XIII’s Number IX. He used a type of instrument called a “sitar” to control water…but he wasn’t very good at fighting.

Secondly Is Laurium a Marluxia? Lauriam is a Keyblade wielder who appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. He is a member of the Dandelions, the older brother of Strelitzia, and the human form of Marluxia.

Who is the mysterious boy in kh3? Kingdom Hearts III

A mysterious boy who reached out to Sora’s heart in a moment of crisis. “We’ll go together.” Ephemer is a Keyblade Master who appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. He seeks to discover the truth behind the gathering of Lux and the structure of the world.

Is Xion Aqua nobody? Xion is an imperfect replica of Sora derived from his memories of Kairi, Rank XIV of Organization XIII, and Rank XIII of the real Organization XIII. Unlike the other members of Organization XIII, Xion is not a proper Nobody, nor does she have a title or breed of Nobody to control.

How old is Ventus?

Ventus is 16. This fits in with Eraqus’s comment that Terra and Aqua are the ‘youngest prospects in years’ to attempt the Mark of Mastery. These are the official ages for the Wayfinder Trio around the time of BBS. This comes from Nomura himself.

Who is Axel’s somebody? Axel (アクセル, Akuseru), originally a Radiant Garden citizen named Lea (リア, Ria), is the Organization’s resident assassin who is entrusted with killing the group’s traitors and was the original Organization’s number eight.

How old is Larxene kh?

Larxene seems around 18 to me.


Who is Marluxia the nobody of? Originally discovered by senior Organization member Xigbar, Marluxia is the mastermind of an internal rebellion in the Organization against Xemnas, putting him at odds with fellow members Axel and Zexion. Marluxia makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and is a playable character in Mission Mode.

Is Luxord a yozora driver?

Luxord Knows Yozora, Somehow

Impressive, is it not?” to get his attention, as Yozora stares out the window. The actor behind this driver’s muffled voice is none other than Robin Atkin Downes. For those who don’t know, Downes is also the actor behind Luxord.

What is Luxord’s real name?

Is probably Dolur. As in, pronounced like “dollar”, the currency. You know, because he’s a gambler.

How old is Xemnas? Also, Xemnas around 30 is confirmed by Nomura.

Is Marluxia dead? Marluxia was ultimately destroyed by Sora. Formerly Organization XIII’s Number XI. He has been eliminated. He plotted an Organization rebellion and tried to seize the power of the Keyblade, but Axel’s betrayal led to his destruction.

Was Marluxia a keyblade wielder?

Ok so despite the fact that Lauriam has Divine Rose, Marluxia is a scythe wielder that very clearly doesn’t know how to use a keyblade this really dumb plot hole could have been easily avoided by just not giving Lauriam a keyblade.

Why is Ventus in Union Cross? Kingdom Hearts Union χ, set many years before Birth by Sleep, reveals Ventus to have been a member of the Dandelions and one of the five Union leaders chosen after the end of the Keyblade War. Together with the other leaders, he forms Union Cross to prevent history from repeating itself.

Is yozora a Ephemer?

I’m not going to write it out, because it is quite long and because it is good for people to do some thinking themselves, but I’ll give you the result I got: Yozora is partially Ephemer, partially Vanitas, and probably partially Riku. This is the minimal set of characters that explains everything we know about him.

Why did Ephemer help Sora? As a Keyblade wielder, he can wield a Keyblade in combat. As the spirit within the Keyblade Graveyard, Ephemer was capable of manifesting in Sora’s vision and command the fallen Keyblades to assist the group in battle against the whirlpool of Heartless.

Is Axel Riku’s nobody?

Axel, the Flurry of Dancing Flames (おどる火の風, Odoru Hi no Kaze?), is the Nobody of Lea, and Rank VIII of Organization XIII. He wields fire and enhances his weapons, twin Chakrams, with his pyrokinesis to unleash powerful rapid attacks. The Assassin Nobodies are under his control.

Is Ventus A Roxas? Nomura commented that, despite how similar they are, Roxas and Ventus are not the same character. Additionally, he stated that by playing Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, players will be able to distinguish Roxas from Ventus and that the game explores his true personality.

Is Kairi from Hollow Bastion?

she came at the age of 5. and in KH1 they said 9 years ago. AND she did come from hollow Bastion Sora saw her in like a vision with her grandmoter in hollow bastion.

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