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Where is Madonna from?

Place of Birth: Bay City, Michigan, U.S. Date of Birth: August 16, 1958. Ethnicity: *father – Italian. *mother – French-Canadian, with some remote Swiss-French and English. Madonna is an American pop idol, singer, songwriter, actress, and businessperson. Madonna is the daughter of Madonna Louise (Fortin) and Silvio Anthony “Tony” Ciccone.

Madonna’s paternal grandfather was Gaetano I./S. Ciccone (the son of Nicola Pietro Ciccone and Anna Maria Mancini). Gaetano was from Pacentro, Province of L’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy. Nicola was the son of Domenico Ciccone and Elenora/Eleonora Lucci.

Madonna’s paternal grandmother was Michelina Dijulio/Di Julio (the daughter of Raffaele Dijulio and Concetta or Giovanna Battista Laccone). Michelina was from Pacentro. Raffaele was the son of Costantino Donato DiIulio/DiJulio and Olympia Pantaleo.

Madonna is the daughter of Madonna Louise (Fortin) and Silvio Anthony “Tony” Ciccone. Her confirmation name is Veronica. She has six children, including Lourdes Leon, with her former partner, Cuban-born personal trainer Carlos Leòn; and Rocco Ritchie, with her former husband, English filmmaker Guy Ritchie.

Where was Madonna born?

Born and raised in Michigan, Madonna moved to New York City in 1978 to pursue a career in modern dance. After performing as a drummer, guitarist, and vocalist in the rock bands Breakfast Club and Emmy, she rose to solo stardom with her debut studio album, Madonna (1983).

Madonna Louise Ciccone ( / tʃɪˈkoʊni /; Italian: [tʃikˈkoːne]; born August 16, 1958) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Referred to as the ” Queen of Pop “, she is regarded as one of the most influential figures in popular culture.

It also featured the U.S. number-one song “ Vogue ” and “ Sooner or Later “. While shooting the film, Madonna began a relationship with Beatty, which dissolved by the end of 1990.

In June 1986, Madonna released her third studio album, True Blue, which was inspired by and dedicated to her husband Penn. Rolling Stone was impressed with the effort, writing that the album “sound [s] as if it comes from the heart”. Five singles were released—” Live to Tell “, ” Papa Don’t Preach “, “ True Blue “, ” Open Your Heart “, and ” La Isla Bonita “—all of which reached number one in the U.S. or the UK. The album topped the charts in 28 countries worldwide, an unprecedented achievement at the time, and remains Madonna’s best-selling studio album, with sales of 25 million copies. True Blue was featured in the 1992 edition of Guinness World Records as the best-selling album by a woman of all time.

In The Madonna Companion biographers Allen Metz and Carol Benson noted that Madonna had used MTV and music videos to establish her popularity and enhance her recorded work more than any other recent pop artist . According to them, many of her songs have the imagery of the music video in strong context, while referring to the music. Cultural critic Mark C. Taylor in his book Nots (1993) felt that the postmodern art form par excellence is video and the reigning “queen of video” is Madonna. He further asserted that “the most remarkable creation of MTV is Madonna. The responses to Madonna’s excessively provocative videos have been predictably contradictory.” The media and public reaction towards her most-discussed songs such as “Papa Don’t Preach”, “Like a Prayer”, or “Justify My Love” had to do with the music videos created to promote the songs and their impact, rather than the songs themselves. Morton felt that “artistically, Madonna’s songwriting is often overshadowed by her striking pop videos.” In 2003, MTV named her “The Greatest Music Video Star Ever” and said that “Madonna’s innovation, creativity and contribution to the music video art form is what won her the award.” In 2020, Billboard ranked her atop the 100 Greatest Music Video Artists of All Time.

Madonna’s popularity was enhanced by roles in films such as Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), Dick Tracy (1990), A League of Their Own (1992), and Evita (1996). While Evita won her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, many of her other films received poor reviews.

The next year Madonna and Maverick sued Warner Music Group and its former parent company Time Warner, claiming that mismanagement of resources and poor bookkeeping had cost the company millions of dollars. In return, Warner filed a countersuit alleging that Maverick had lost tens of millions of dollars on its own.

What is Madonna’s ancestry?

Ancestry of Madonna. Ethnic breakdown. From Perche (France) to Michigan… Famous cousins. Percheron ancestors. When Madonna came to Quebec in 1987 for the «Who’s That Girl Tour», she revealed that her mother was French-American. Suddenly, genealogists started researches.


Madonna Louise Ciccone (a.k.a. Madonna) was born on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan, located near the base of the Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron. She was the third of six children in a Catholic family. Her father, Silvio Anthony Ciccone (a.k.a. Tony), was an Italian American design engineer for Chrysler/General Dynamics.

The single patronym FORTIN of Madonna’s maternal grandparents covers two parallel adventures of French-Canadian immigrants to Michigan at the end of the 19th century. At that time, it was hard to find a job for the French-speaking Canadians and many tried their chance in the West.

Besides Julien Fortin dit Bellefontaine, the direct ancestor of Madonna born in Saint-Cosme-en-Vairais, (Sarthe, France), Madonna has many ancestors whose the origin is Perche. All immigrated in the 17th century.

Madonna’s grandmother, Elsie Fortin, has died on Wednesday, March 8, 2011. She was just three months away from turning 100 years old. Fortin lived in on North Dean Street in Bay City where she passed away. She was born in Standish, Michigan. She married a distant cousin William Fortin in November of 1929.

Willard and Elsie Fortin, the maternal grandparents of Madonna, are direct descendants of Julien Fortin dit Bellefontaine, the first Fortin who settled in New France in 1650. He was from the parish Notre-Dame-de-Vair, today part of the village Saint-Cosme-en-Vairais (Sarthe, France). 90% of the American Fortin descend from Julien Fortin.

According to Mrs. Montagne, he attended the wedding of his daughter Marguerite on May 1, 1644 in Quebec, but according to PRDH, he is not mentioned in the marriage record. Perche, region of emigration to Quebec in the 17th century – Google My Maps. Open full screen to view more. This map was created by a user.

Who is Madonna?

Full Article. Madonna, original name Madonna Louise Ciccone, (born August 16, 1958, Bay City, Michigan, U.S.), American singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur whose immense popularity in the 1980s and ’90s allowed her to achieve levels of power and control that were nearly unprecedented for a woman in the entertainment industry.

In 2005 she returned to her roots with Confessions on a Dance Floor, which took the Grammy for best electronic/dance album. Madonna performing in her last show of the “Sticky & Sweet” tour, Tel Aviv–Yafo, September 2, 2009.

Her first hit, “Holiday,” in 1983, provided the blueprint for her later material—an upbeat dance club sound with sharp production and an immediate appeal. Madonna’s melodic pop incorporated catchy choruses, and her lyrics concerned love, sex, and relationships—ranging from the breezy innocence of “True Blue” …

In 1998 Madonna released her first album of new material in four years, Ray of Light. A fusion of techno music and self-conscious lyrics, it was a commercial and critical success, earning the singer her first musical Grammy Awards, among them the award for best pop album (her previous win had been for a video).

In 1992 Madonna took her role as a sexual siren to its full extent when she published Sex, a soft-core pornographic coffee-table book featuring her in a variety of “erotic” poses. She was criticized for being exploitative and overcalculating, and writer Norman Mailer said she had become “secretary to herself.”.

Despite a marriage in the 1980s to actor Sean Penn and another to English director Guy Ritchie (married 2000; divorced 2008), with whom she had a son, Madonna remained resolutely independent. (She also later adopted four children from Malawi .)


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