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Is probably Dolur. As in, pronounced like “dollar”, the currency. You know, because he’s a gambler.

Simply so, Who is marluxia’s somebody? Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin (優雅なる凶刃, Yūga-naru Kyōjin?, lit. Graceful Assassin’s Blade), is the Nobody of Lauriam, Rank XI of Organization XIII, and Rank VII of the real Organization XIII. He is the lord of Castle Oblivion, and the main antagonist of Sora’s story in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

What is Xigbar real name?

Type Organization XIII
Title Number II, The Freeshooter
Orig. name Braig
Attribute Space (空間 Kūkan ? )

• Aug 23, 2021

Who is Larxene’s somebody? Elrena is a Keyblade wielder belonging to the same Union as Strelitzia in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. She is the human form of Larxene.

Who is Axel’s somebody?

Axel (アクセル, Akuseru), originally a Radiant Garden citizen named Lea (リア, Ria), is the Organization’s resident assassin who is entrusted with killing the group’s traitors and was the original Organization’s number eight.

Secondly Is Marluxia a Lauriam? Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin, is the N. XI within the original Organization XIII and Nobody of Lauriam. He is an antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts game series, being the Lord of Castle Oblivion and the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Why did Lauriam become Marluxia? After Kingdom Hearts Union χ

At some point, Lauriam’s heart fell to darkness, becoming a Heartless. Lauriam’s Nobody, Marluxia, came into being, where he was found by Xigbar and Xaldin, and brought before Xemnas, who was looking for ancient Keyblade wielders to fill slots in Organization XIII.

Who is Lea Kingdom Hearts? Lea is one of the major characters of the Kingdom Hearts series. … He was once Axel, a member of Organization XIII who served as its assassin, until the destruction of both Axel and his Heartless that allowed Lea to be reborn. Since then, Lea has become an ally of Sora and was revealed to be able to wield a Keyblade.

What is Axel’s weapon called?

As the Flurry of Dancing Flames, Axel uses two uniquely shaped weapons called Chakrams, and specializes in Fire manipulation. He can summon pillars of flame at will and strike with rapid combos using his Chakrams.

Where is yozora?

Rōmaji Yozora
Voice actors (Ja:) Tasuku Hatanaka (En:) Dylan Sprouse
Homeworld Quadratum
Game Kingdom Hearts III

• May 27, 2021


Who is the mysterious boy in kh3?

Kingdom Hearts III

A mysterious boy who reached out to Sora’s heart in a moment of crisis. “We’ll go together.” Ephemer is a Keyblade Master who appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. He seeks to discover the truth behind the gathering of Lux and the structure of the world.

How did Elrena become Larxene? After Kingdom Hearts Union χ

Elrena’s Nobody, Larxene, came into being, where she was found by Xigbar and brought before Xemnas, who was looking for ancient Keyblade wielders to fill slots in Organization XIII. … Larxene guessed that it was to use them for the power of their hearts.

Is Lea still a nobody?

Following the destruction of his Heartless and Axel’s suicide, Lea is reborn as an adult and awakens in Ansem the Wise’s computer room along with Ienzo, Aeleus, Dilan, and Even.

How did Lea lose his heart?

When Kairi was about to be attacked by Terra Xehanort, Lea threw himself between them and ended up unconscious then Kairi and Riku tended to him. However, a huge tide of Heartless swallows the group and a Heartless steal their hearts.

Is Axel still a nobody? Axel, the Flurry of Dancing Flames (おどる火の風, Odoru Hi no Kaze?), is the Nobody of Lea, and Rank VIII of Organization XIII. He wields fire and enhances his weapons, twin Chakrams, with his pyrokinesis to unleash powerful rapid attacks. The Assassin Nobodies are under his control.

How old is Ventus? Ventus is 16. This fits in with Eraqus’s comment that Terra and Aqua are the ‘youngest prospects in years’ to attempt the Mark of Mastery. These are the official ages for the Wayfinder Trio around the time of BBS. This comes from Nomura himself.

What happened to Ventus?

Unfortunately, the process left Ventus in a comatose state, with his broken heart of pure light slowly fading out of existence. Master Xehanort, disguised in a Black Coat, then took Ventus to Destiny Islands to allow him to live out his last days peacefully.

What union is Strelitzia in? Strelitzia was a Keyblade wielder who appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. She was a member of the Dandelions and was chosen by the Master of Masters to lead a Union after the First Keyblade War.

Who gave Axel a Keyblade?

A Keyblade wielder who was once a Nobody and member of Organization XIII, at which time he went by the name “Axel.” After regaining his humanity, Lea joined forces with Sora and the other guardians of light. Through difficult training, he learned to summon and wield a Keyblade.

What is Kairi Keyblade called? Destiny’s Embrace is the default form of Kairi’s Keyblade and a Keychain for Aqua’s and Riku’s Keyblades that is introduced in Kingdom Hearts II.

How old is Kairi in kh3?

Being around the same age as both Sora and Riku, Kairi is approximately 15-16 years old. Based on the pixel data shown in Kingdom Hearts 3, she is about an inch shorter than Sora. Being around 5 feet to 5 feet 2 inches.

How old is Lea Kingdom Hearts? As it’s not specified one can only go by age-spans. Vanitas: same as Ven (physically), chronologically he’s only 4 years old. Lea: same range as Ven. Eraqus: between 55 and 60.

Why did Axel kidnaps Kairi?

Axel kidnapped Kairi in order to use her as leverage to turn Sora into a Heartless.

What is Larxene’s weapon? Weapon. Larxene carries a set of eight throwing Knives between her fingers in battle. Her main set of knives are collectively called Foudre, meaning “Lightning” in French. Each knife appears as one of the Organization insignia’s spikes in yellow and blue.

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